U.S., Vietnam Commemorate 15 Years of Diplomatic Relations

Posted by Angela Wyse
July 17, 2010
Assistant Secretary Campbell With Vietnamese Officials in Washington

About the Author: Angela Wyse serves on the Vietnam Desk in the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs.

In July 1995, President Bill Clinton announced the normalization of U.S.-Vietnam diplomatic relations. Wednesday night, the former President joined Senator John Kerry, Senator John McCain, and Representative Eni Faleomavaega -- three Vietnam veterans and key players in the normalization process -- at a reception to celebrate fifteen years of deepening cooperation between the United States and Vietnam. The event, which was co-hosted by Vietnamese Ambassador Le Cong Phung and Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Kurt Campbell, drew over three hundred people, including senior U.S. and Vietnamese officials, local businesspeople, and citizens of both countries.

As a Pickering Fellow working on the Vietnam Desk this summer, I helped organize this reception. Planning the event was both educational and satisfying. I learned about event planning and State Department protocol (for example, I can now tell you -- in precise terms -- how to book a military band, and exactly when and how it is acceptable to use the State Department seal), and I practiced cross-cultural communication while coordinating with my Vietnam Embassy counterparts. As the culmination of weeks of hard work, Wednesday's ceremony was a highlight of my summer experience.

As I settled down that night to enjoy the speeches, I finally had a moment to reflect on the significance of this 15th anniversary, and the remarkable story that is the history of U.S.-Vietnam relations. When I tell people from my parents' and grandparents' generations that I am working on Vietnam issues, the conversation often travels back to the 1960's and 70's. As Vietnam veterans, Senators Kerry and McCain and Congressman Faleomavaega spent a few moments at the reception reflecting on their own wartime experiences. In spite of the painful memories associated with that conflict, the Senators, Congressman, and former President all emphasized the importance of moving forward together towards the opportunities and challenges of the future.

As Senator Kerry noted, many Americans and Vietnamese living today have never known a day when our countries weren't at peace. He added, "For Americans today, Vietnam is not just a war. But it's not just a country, either. Thanks to your efforts, Vietnam, this former enemy is now a friend." I was six years old when the United States and Vietnam normalized relations. The only U.S.-Vietnam relationship I have ever known is one of increasing cooperation on number of forward-looking issues, such as nonproliferation, health, security, and climate change, as well as frank and constructive dialogue of issues where we disagree, such as human rights.

In my opinion, one of the most important areas of growing U.S.-Vietnam cooperation is education. Ambassador Michalak in Vietnam has placed high priority on this area, and the number of students from Vietnam in the United States has grown from 800 to over 13,000 in the last fifteen years. The number of American students in Vietnam is increasing, too. As a former exchange student, I strongly believe in the value of such programs for promoting mutual understanding, and I believe that our cooperation in this area is laying the foundation for even stronger ties between future generations of Americans and Vietnamese.

Because of my fellowship, I will join the Foreign Service after graduate school. As a future Foreign Service Officer -- and a member of the post-normalization generation -- I look forward to watching the U.S.-Vietnam relationship continue to grow and deepen in the coming years. As Senator McCain said on Wednesday night: "If you live long enough, almost anything is possible."



South Korea
July 18, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Dear to Secretary Hillary Clinton.

Korea would like to congratulate you for visiting. However, the direct view is difficult to see. (Actually, this is too difficult to live like you think it difficult to remain anonymous.)

need help, me and "Mr. President BHO"

did not even start to think the severity of reaction. After I win, you win the scratch younggwangman which others are likely suspect. Closer to the November election, do you expect to exert some influence. Is straightforward. Some numbers to fix the stock market and bond market and the price of gold affects the employment market and the consumer market julgeogo and foreign economic ...
rather than evil,
In a society of democracy and capitalism, for anyone to hurt their pride, if any area bangsikeurodeon to express their intention to exist I think everyone should know.

The story has been increased. I'm sorry. The point of my story without the lips or gums, easy to get hurt even more to the story I wanted to. I need more time 4 years I think.


yes, true
but, not enough to believe.

The companies announced in a fairly gloomy economic indicators, it is true. Accept I think. However, two personal opinion, the passage of reform legislation that was in any way that provides opportunities for companies, but
Wall Street Reform, rather than a chance that they lose a lot of vested interests is likely to be big. While advocating liberal economic laws and legal system that knows how to violate them, get rid of extra space beorimyeon their eyes on a vacation to Europe award and think that you think that is possible.
Six months I heard the word in vogue these days, maybe 6 months after the companies' earnings to worry about the situation of things it's not a barrier to installation. Of course, I believe levels of earnings. All of our investors believing that the figures I think. However,

Gently firms and investors to meet a beer Why do not you mind? I'm not gonna promise to allay their fears, to create reform is always the victim, but they're not convinced that the new investment opportunities for them to give confidence,
Personal opinion, but the fact that earnings have confidence, but I think that part is a little difficult.

If I have a chance,
the Democratic Party of Japan, and "www.ozawa-ichiro.jp" had an interest in whether I could have the opportunity to talk about. And, "www.hatoyama.gr.jp"

Yet democracy in Asia and the social, economic and cultural systems of Japan's influence is suspect. British colonial state, except ...

thank you.

South Korea
July 19, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Dear to,,,

Be a large company or organization to call me I do not see any relationship to discredit those who give directions to any activity in that area, I have yet to becoming a target for no reason is just to fool people. Violating the law, but also survive
If the goal of regional cartels can not do anything. So I think we should yokyirado. Furthermore, I wish they promote here, if you've persecuted for personal reasons, and, workers' rights to be protected I think. Korea's labor rights rather than protecting the environment is still difficult for them to consider the situation. All the circumstances to say that my knowledge or lack of experience, but South Korea's economic growth is still a balance, rather than growing inclined to not bring it, and the victim's claim to the competition without the help of their stories have yet for them to keep their target happen, I'm human. Absolutely mad to pay that I think. You did not even steal their property,. i did not steal their property,

The first nor given the chance to promote their difficulties, but here, even though interest may have had, but that did not even wanted us to pay for it, because he's weak and the poor being the target of bullying, the rage ....... ... About the difficulties of their times, or even prevent access to trying to help when you need was bothering me, if this situation for anyone to see them look real aggressive I think. Again I tried to avoid this story, is two years away and sent in vain.

The weather is very hot in Korea. Encourage health significance.

Thank You.

was writing this post here, someone to listen to their voices, I think. They do not get unconditional right, a few days, but that possibility exists in my experience, I think. To be honest, Korea's industrial environment in the field of contingent work is very poor. It's still developing and developed countries is not one I think. The introduction of advanced working environment for the surviving company does not feel that. And, do not want to bother to find it should not have.

Korea's labor environment, I think you have a certain level, it's just a job and lived life to think.

And she rejected the offer. Why?


South Korea
July 19, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

First, an apology and I think that is the denuclearization.

Patients discharged to the North hwanggangdaem is considered aberrant behavior. It's a coincidence that so easily discard hand starting at the right time I think. North Korea is still the key to China I think. South Korea and North Korea to resolve its own, the reality in China, I think. Jeoljeokhan to China and South Korea and North Korea presented an alternative solution to solve this directly if you have a good result I think is coming. South Korea is interested in the progressive forces in the unification talks. With the ruling party.

-As an example of one, and won one of China's shipbuilding sector of the labor cost advantage will be big. Technology developed slowly, but still a special ship sector. Comparative advantage, but with the industry in all countries, certain countries all To dominate, I think is a little dangerous. If, for "Nampo" in North Korea's technology and capital and labor, the construction of the shipyard when combined, a very good complementary nature of re-think the salaries of the shipyard. Checks and balances rather than accelerate the development of new markets, generating possible role,

The problem for the industry to guarantee someone's immediate consideration. Decency that, but for investment guarantees.

So my first pass through the High Speed Rail and Road to the North China and Russia are going to think. Interaction and investment to strengthen the communist regime in North Korea unique possibility does not work, but now this new new cold war on the Korean peninsula became a stick is supposed to make a lot of side effects.

Welcome to China's economic giant. However, the unexpected occurs, the variables, it also held the power to exist yeoreogoseng I think. In a country the size of the stop to think have already exceeded. Precautions must also be good, but I think. Perhaps, in certain areas considered to be the best place in Korea.

thinking from some woman`s e-mail


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