Travel Diary: U.S., Poland Sign Ballistic Missile Defense Agreement Amendment

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July 3, 2010

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On July 3, 2010, Secretary Clinton and Polish Foreign Minister Sikorski observed the signing of an amendment to the Ballistic Missile Defense Agreement (BMDA) in Krakow, Poland. In a joint statement, they said:

"Today, our governments signed a Protocol amending the 2008 Ballistic Missile Defense Agreement. This agreement marks an important step in our countries' efforts to protect our NATO allies from the threat posed by the proliferation of ballistic missiles and weapons of mass destruction. This is the first agreement that implements the U.S. European-based Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA) for ballistic missile defense and enables the stationing of a U.S. land-based SM-3 missile defense interceptor system in the Republic of Poland."



July 7, 2010

Sam B. in Iran writes:

It's not a disturbing system for region. Certainly this treaty is a shield for the U.S, NATO, and the eastern Europe and in the other side has many spears; It doesn't suffice, rather this system needs to update.

Thank You


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