In London, Winfield House Celebrates Masterworks by Americans Abroad

Posted by Virginia Shore
July 2, 2010
Brice Marden Painting Untitled No. 3 as Featured in Winfield House

About the Author: Virginia Shore serves as Chief Curator for ART in EMBASSIES.

In celebration of America's Independence, we turn the spotlight on England where one of America's revolutionary painters has a bold presence in the U.S. Ambassador's residence in London. The highly formal State Dining Room features a dynamic, abstract painting by Brice Marden called Untitled No. 3 (1999-2000) strategically placed as a backdrop for the head of the table. It's striking blend of green, white and black form a geometric maze that invites further exploration.

During the 1960s, Marden's work challenged the principles of color theory and Abstract Expressionism. He focused on rectangles and searched for color combinations that reflected freedom of expression and the very joy of painting. As his works evolved, he started to move away from solid areas of color to a more open and calligraphic style.

One observer described Marden's Untitled #3 this way: "Here, Marden is continuing with his preoccupation of placing color in unique spatial combinations, but he was now drawing in space rather than painting in space as his marks become more gestural. What is still evident is his ability to make different colors look as if they really belong with one another, and more than ever he seems to be channeling the thinking of Mondrian."Americans Abroad: Masterworks by Modern and Contemporary Artists at the Winfield House also features works by Louise Bourgeois, John Chamberlain, Willem de Kooning, Philip Guston, David Hockney, Jasper Johns, Alex Katz, Ellsworth Kelly, Roy Lichtenstein, Bryce Marden, Agnes Martin, Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen, Robert Mangold, Martin Puryear, Ad Reinhardt, Mark Rothko, Robert Ryman, David Smith, and Cy Twombly, among others.



dont 1.
Texas, USA
July 2, 2010

L.P. in Texas writes:

But why in celebration of independence? What does this painting have to do with America.

Patrick W.
Maryland, USA
July 2, 2010

Patrick W. in Maryland writes:

I like the painting by Brice Marden,called
Untitled No. 3.It reminds me of a spider web, were the red webbing is there too catch your eye, instead of a fly...:)

Nice posting, Virginia Shore..:)

John D.
Virginia, USA
July 7, 2010

John D. in Virginia writes:

I wonder where the bust of Churchhill is located that our President returned. I wonder why he did that?


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