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June 29, 2010
Moon Visible In View of Earth Horizon

The President's Statement|White House Fact Sheet

On June 28, President Obama announced the administration's new National Space Policy. The policy articulates the President's commitment to reinvigorating U.S. leadership in space for the purposes of maintaining space as a stable and productive environment for the peaceful use of all nations. Secretary Clinton said:

"Enhancing international cooperation and collaboration in space, both today and in the future, is a critical mission of the Department of State. The U.S. National Space Policy calls on countries around the world to work together to adopt approaches for responsible activity in space in order to preserve this right for the benefit of future generations. Nations and organizations are increasingly using space to create wealth and prosperity, monitor the Earth's environment, maintain peace and security, and explore the mysteries of the furthest unknown reaches of the universe. The world's growing dependence on information collected from and transmitted through outer space means that irresponsible acts can have damaging and potentially long-term consequences for all.

"Along with other U.S. departments and agencies, the Department of State will support this policy's call for cooperative action in several ways. We will expand our work in the United Nations and with other organizations to address the growing problem of orbital debris and to promote 'best practices' for its sustainable use. The United States will also pursue pragmatic transparency and confidence-building measures to mitigate the risk of mishaps, misperceptions, and miscalculations. This policy reaffirms the longstanding and bipartisan U.S. policy that we are open to space-related confidence building and arms control concepts and proposals, provided they meet the rigorous criteria of equitability, effective verifiability, and consistency with our national security interests.

"We intend to promote suitable commercial space regulations, international standards that promote fair market competition, and the international use of U.S. capabilities such as launch vehicles, commercial remote sensing services, and the civil services of the Global Positioning System. Finally, we will pursue enhanced cooperative programs with other space faring nations in space science, human and robotic space exploration, and in the use of Earth observation satellites to support weather forecasting, environmental monitoring, and sustainable development worldwide.

"As long as humankind has dreamed, we have looked to the heavens. For millennia, the planets and stars have been our signposts and inspirations, our irresistible call to exploration and the spark to human creativity. Today, they help us to unlock the potential of our planet and the universe. As a young girl growing up fascinated by the beginnings of space exploration, I imagined not only a career as an astronaut, but also a world in which anything was possible. We must do all we can to preserve space's limitless promise for future generations who gaze skyward."

Read the Secretary's full statement here.



Al-Gassim A.
June 29, 2010

Al-Gassim S.A. in Yemen writes:

Hillary Clinton says, "promise for future generations who gaze skyward." (National Space Policy) If future generations will be gazing skyward without current issues being solved such as Human Rights violations, oppression, poverty, and wars then they would be gazing not ambitiously, but desperately with hope to get out of this scandalous situation the world is in - for those who don't have their rights, or suffer because they don't have access to water, food, and shelter it is a bad place, worldwide. I wouldn't take out the fact that there are individuals who work for a better world, however, big corporations are not of such great aid. Let us work on earth together, of course prepare for the advancement in space and have precautions about vital changes that could occur, but we need to "stand up for each other." (World Voices Project) We people have one common humanity that is not separated by religions, perspectives, lifestyles, borders, countries, governments, or media. There should be a time and place where every individual is independent just enough by having their Human Rights enforced. In the end, how many policies do we make everyday in one's own life, family, and world, but how many wars and issues occur? We need more focus and efforts on revealing the truth and respecting everyone's "mutual rights." Let us not let greed take away the beauty of love, peace, and understanding that is simpler than drinking a cup of water.

Virginia, USA
June 29, 2010

Flavius in Virginia writes:

I suggest we get Bob Weir involved in our National Space Policy. He has more experience with space than anyone alive, now that Jerry's gone.

After space, I suggest we have a China Cat Sunflower Policy.


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