U.S., Russia Hold "Civil Society to Civil Society" Summit

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June 25, 2010

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Secretary Clinton visited the U.S.-Russia "Civil Society to Civil Society" (C2C) Summit Innovation Marketplace June 24 in Washington, DC. The C2C Summit was launched shortly after the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission was announced in July 2009 by Presidents Obama and Medvedev as a way to improve communication and cooperation between the governments of Russia and the United States. The second annual C2C Summit addressed the role of peer-to-peer collaboration between U.S. and Russian civil society organizations and was organized on the sidelines of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's visit to Washington, DC.

Secretary Clinton said, "I am very pleased to be here to thank you and to celebrate the work that you and colleagues do every single day to create and sustain strong civil societies in Russia and the United States. We also had a very important summit today between Presidents Medvedev and Obama. Mike McFaul from the National Security Council is here. And Mike, as you know, is a very longtime supporter of a vibrant civil society in Russia. And, as President Obama said when he met with many of you in Moscow last summer, we recognize the critical nature of civil society to a vibrant democracy, and we want to create those relationships between our two countries and between civil society in each country that can assist in answering questions and solving problems."

Read the Secretary's full remarks here.



New York, USA
June 25, 2010

Carina in New York writes:

Hillary, you're the smartest woman in the world! Run for President again! We got your back Hillary!

South Korea
June 27, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Dear to..

-I think, before speak, thank you for the link. In Korea, it was hard to find a way. One of the few relatively clean politician, i thought.(www.hanms.net)

While several have a lot to be misunderstood, that I think we should run. I almost ended the financial crisis and revive the economy as it takes to fit a number of problems to a vague speculation. Without a unified monetary policy continues to maintain this state when operating in a different way by each of the countries that due to monetary policy, we have built so far is working, even thought it might disappear. Dare to have a very extreme expression can be modified in one direction is wrong, but simultaneously applying several methods of thought impossible to modify later.

So far, Asia has gone through the economy while maintaining the innovative approach to other regions by setting the economic development of the subject has to go I think. Perhaps work starts before the progressive economists now economic crisis coming back predicted, but, some are facing some of the wrong thought, by now, to reform certain parts to finish the new consumption and production of the principal countries by specifying the development of Should be thought.

Perhaps, the story was easy to do that manually if you just accept you the story was totally impossible. (But, actually reflections ..)

13(14)- think the number of fatalities since he left, but he left behind in the remaining 13 stories are told by people still in the birth of the world think the only one in the bestseller. We learn in writing that they think the record is left. To the fact that the story is not to accept it. Dynamics of the public faith to think like a drug.

(I created my own theory. Do not think too much attention. Damn right it is theory. Gradually realized that the part of someone having a warning ,,,,,)

Thank You.

In Korea, the severe censorship of websites I think are hard to create. One day when the freedom of the Internet will be created.
That is my excuse.


The focus of the national economy rather than business or the consumer who now think they should focus toward the individual citizens. Regeneration takes a lot of money to states and businesses, but the subject of consumer spending, one of its citizens have the ability to think more fell. If we go on with this state and the neo-liberal economic policies will not be any different at all to think. The end of neoliberalism has been the collapse.

-Rich and for businesses to break away from the policy I think. Consumption is thought to be impossible without a strong economy.

New Mexico, USA
June 29, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

"In one of my early discussions with Minister Lavrov, he said, well, you know, we don’t like it when you have so many NGOs coming to Russia. And I said, well, send Russian NGOs to the United States. (Laughter.) We’ll be happy to have them. And I really mean that. I think the more exchange and the more – (applause) – cross-fertilization the better."

-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

An Open Pause for Thought to Russian Foriegn Minister Lavrov, and anyone @ State that might appreciate the perspective.

You know...we've had translation problems in the past,...the "overcharged" reset button being one of the more amusing.
But I'm under the impression that in Russian, the designation "NGO" equates with an agent of espionage, so here we are once again wondering what to do with Russian spies in America.

I mean, I can only wonder at the amazement when someone back home in Mother Russia asked Foreign Minister Lavrov, "She said to send them What?!? She wants us to spy on America...really?!?


Like I said, folks may be dealing with an incredibly dysfunctional language barrier.

I would suggest that if the Russian Government have any more floating about that we know about or not, that Spies RU INC. needs to do a mandatory recall on those cold-war era cash-for-clunkers and trade the notion in for a real relationship.

And folks ask why we've taken our time on the WTO thing...well you gotta earn it Mr. Lavrov! Apparently my President thinks you folks are up to it despite previously knowing you don't know the difference between a spy and an NGO.

That's cutting some proverbial slack on his part, for the sake of better relations.

Let's see you'all reciprocate now and earn our trust.

I think the American Public would very much appreciate that right about now.

Look we all know how to figure out what folks are thinkin'...all you gotta do is ask, you're going to get the same answers creaping around our backs at a much greater expense for absolutly nada (nothing, zilch) in return.
So now that you know what the definition of "transparent" is Mr. Lavrov, do be mindful of its implementation in our treaties.

Word to the wise Mr. Lavrov, Attitude is everything, and that's what will get you folks over the trust issues with us.

Good luck with it,



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