Secretary Clinton Congratulates Joan E. Donoghue on Nomination to International Court of Justice

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June 18, 2010
Judges of ICJ Listen To Court Hearing

Secretary Clinton congratulated Joan E. Donoghue on her nomination to serve as a Judge on the International Court of Justice. The Secretary said:

"I congratulate Joan E. Donoghue, the State Department's Principal Deputy Legal Adviser, on her nomination by the U.S. National Group to serve as a Judge on the International Court of Justice. She is judicious, fair, an extraordinary international legal counsel, and an excellent choice for the Court.

"The ICJ plays a vital role in the development of international law and dispute resolution, and Joan has long experience in both areas. She has won the confidence of senior officials in both Democratic and Republican Administrations. And as the State Department's Acting Legal Adviser in 2009 and now as the Principal Deputy Legal Adviser, Joan has provided me with the very best legal advice on the complex and challenging issues we confront on a daily basis. She sees the hardest issues, and asks the toughest questions. Joan will be sorely missed, but our country and our world would be well served with her advancing the causes of international law and justice at the ICJ."


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