Secretary Clinton Hosts Reception in Honor of U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue

Posted by Robert O. Blake
June 4, 2010

About the Author: Robert O. Blake serves as Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs.

The President's participation in the State Department reception for Indian External Affairs Minister Krishna demonstrated the importance that he places on the U.S.-India partnership, marking his typically gracious and courteous respect for our Indian friends. The President immediately put everyone at ease. After Minister Krishna noted that a restaurant in Delhi has named a dish after Secretary Clinton, the President joked that when he travels to India in early November, he hopes to establish an "Obama platter." He also quipped that a third of his Cabinet has traveled to India already, "and not just for the chappatis." In his remarks, Minister Krishna suggested that the scope of the U.S.-India partnership would further the betterment of humankind. Secretary Clinton echoed the sentiment by reviewing the close partnership that the Strategic Dialogue has deepened.

The reception itself, held in the elegant Eighth Floor of the State Department, featured more than chappatis. Guests munched on samosas, lamb and corn fritters, and Argentinian pulled chicken, while sipping from glasses of champagne garnished with hibiscus flowers. Our great protocol team strikes again! A harpist greeted guests getting off the elevator, and inside the elegant Ben Franklin Room, a trio of musicians played. The guest list included luminaries from the Indian American community, strategic thinkers who have supported the U.S.-India partnership -- including several from the previous Administration -- as well as the many officials, desk officers, and India hands who put the Strategic Dialogue together.

After the meeting, planning already has started on the President's visit to India in November, which will mark the next exciting milestone in this indispensable partnership.

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California, USA
June 4, 2010

Masood in California writes:

Chappatis and Somosas are all good! However, India should allow access to US businesses in expanding Indian consumer market.

Illinois, USA
June 4, 2010

Khadija writes:

I respectfuly ask state dept that on what basis are we accepting Indian passports for visas to our homeland when india does not accepts US passports from our citizens? What is our policy for that when some country profiles our citizens based on their origin or ethnicity? The question is not about Visa issuance or denial. It is that every US citizen should be allowed to APPLY and use his/her US passport at all embassies of countries whose citizens can use their Passports openly at our embassies without any discrimination. 


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