What Issue Is Critical To Building a 21st Century U.S.-India Partnership?

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June 1, 2010
President Obama With Indian Prime Minister Singh at the White House

The inaugural U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue occurs in Washington, DC June 1-4. On June 3, Secretary Clinton and Indian Minister of External Affairs Sri S.M. Krishna co-chair high-level interagency discussions at the State Department.

Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs Robert O. Blake previewed the meeting. He said, "President Obama has called India an indispensable partner…one of the defining partnerships for the United States in the 21st century. India matters to the United States because it's the world's largest democracy. It has the world's second fastest growing economy…[and] it is an increasingly important partner for the United States in addressing common global concerns."

What issue is most critical to building a 21st century U.S.-India partnership?



South Korea
June 2, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Afghanistan, Pakistan the influence is strong, also thinks also the servo about the nations which, are classified with the 3rd world. By the way, now the accident occurs repeatedly and thinks that. So, simply, China and comparison tries, does.

The race and the religion which are various, in compliance with the quality which is geographic every culture and the area where is unique occurs occurred to integrate the small nations, the historical background which develops in the nation which is unified thinks that is similar. (Caste system of India and custom which is patriarchal thinks. China more irrational)

Point of sameness of present time the ardent wish very grows thinks that, about the success of economic that is, the citizens.

One in big difference China passed by a cultural revolution( and to an economic development afterwords that and to make the integration which is internal concentrated maintained came a setup and the thing and(Approving but the result thinks that is fine. After making a revolution is uniform in the citizens but exacted the policy which is unified and thinks arrived to the location of now.) Implanted the ideology which is unified the position of the nation which is turned over and the citizens, to present one kind aim obeyed thinks. Rubbing was but,

India loses the chance which will make the integration which is ideological throws away and a capitalism from like that condition and accepts the system which is irrational and the difference of poor and rich with philosophic conception maintains understands to do, the most of the citizen is poor continuously maintains the location which is unique from the world where the themselves belongs to do, will solve the problem the inside lost the chance which is time and space and thinks threw away. A bigger problem width of the country which India has and the many population, about circumference country the strong influence is exposed to international investment capital, the small result the estrangement feeling between of the citizens who does not throw away wants are common a high-level layer and the rise of economic position does not overcome not to be able, loses the position of the themselves whom accomplishes and thanks the investment of outside world to not to be and thinks with the fact that is natural, Widens the productivity and a consuming level of the citizens with the profit which earns and the time when is more one which raises in magnification of influence of the themselves invests refuses an indigenous and a compromise the method which to make surprise occasionally and adopts thinks that the investors does. Thinks that many exposure the counterpart are excited suitably also is good to hide, when is too independent and philosophic and pursues the territory of the themselves, the different nations are hard. Must present a new rule ideology in map layer, stimulates the accomplishing motive which is economic in the citizens who are common and thinks that must seek the method to remove the disadvantage of identity.

The United States recognizes a rule circle about the specific area of India and is about the reason which why the external investors invest in India and the geometry to forget the thing throws away and stands and thinks. The nation which the history and tradition and philosophy govern leads fight and the nation which becomes accomplished thinks accomplishes an economic development the thing which will be many estrangement feeling. Issue? i don`t know but just my`s Thinks in talk and the former times when anyone knows all spoke about development of India. (microcredit the energy which is necessary to an economic development exacts a new and renewable energy and thinks. that must magnify the self-employed which leads)

Recognizes a humanity with subject of area economic development and thinks that must recognize in the independent state to accomplish a military balance. Recognizes only their method (the song which is my way rings on a large scale from the speaker.)Thinks that the interference which is indirect is suitable.

When propagates the opening up spirit of the United States, Indians' life becomes equal anger plentifully and thinks from the thing where the economic development will be easy. India thinks that the yet many part is coming to be subordinate to a past. The philosophy learns from humanity and the technique and opening up spirit think that India must accept.

P.S. Issue if sees and the leader which is mental to lead the integration which India is ideological and the new ideological system comes to equip, thinks the thing where the dialogue of the United States and will be easy. Secret intention to foolish thought 1000 intention to fight king and President of today meet each other citizens and thinks conceitedly that makes do as a favor they endeavor.

Thank You.

Virginia, USA
June 2, 2010

Flavius in Virginia writes:


What do I win?

South Korea
June 3, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

BP`s oil spill place is sunny place and resting place for patient

1. sunny
BP `s oil spill place think that from former times agrees with the area where the sun is hot. The many people does making this region leave founds a new and renewable energy industry in that area and thinks providing a job method.

2. for patient
the increase of medical treatment medical treatment industry is forecast with health care reform passages. In BP, thinks the thing where constructing the facility which `s oil spill place unites a recreation and a medical treatment becomes the help in the area. California was included, justly.

2-3 years provides a for job, and next thing and Chicago is good place.

June 3, 2010

Ashim K.C. in India writes:

Ambassador Mulford is indeed right in highlighting defense deals and cooperation in education in the January/February 2009 issue of SPAN. But post the Indo-U.S. civil nuclear agreement, one is convinced the content and tenor of India’s strategic relationship has reached a new level. One’s sense is that our relationship now is very comprehensive in its scope.

India is still predominantly an agricultural economy and there is desire for a second green revolution where scientific cooperation has vast scope. In fact, nothing less than industrial grade agriculture is required for this. Possibly, India could be a huge market for U.S. agricultural surplus, provided agronomy of both countries are adjusted to accommodate each other. Similarly, rural housing and infrastructure with semi-automatic labor intensive technology as well as urban infrastructure development offer scope for U.S. private sector participation in India in a commercially viable/profitable manner. Integration of U.S. private sector in these, shall one say, less glamorous sectors of economy which touch the common man in India, is important but is not talked about much in the media. Though, one is sure that some
useful work must be going on through government agencies like USAID. Visibility of Indo-U.S. cooperation must go beyond Silicon Valley and Gurgaon, Hyderabad and Pune to small towns and villages in USA and India through not only USAID but also the U.S. India Business Council.


June 7, 2010

Jonathan in China writes:

Certainly, the U.S. must be a part of the China-India communications/alliance to ensure the peaceful coexistence of these two neighboring rising powers. India an China share many similar interests but some challenges exist in the relationship and Obama would be wise to be involved in that to ensure that the US interests are guaranteed.

Puerto Rico
June 9, 2010

Ilia in Puerto Rico writes:

India and United States are a profile of sucessful diplomacy. India with its history is a model of unity, religious tolerance, peace,democracy and freedom that considers an honor to welcome guest. A mystical and beautiful land.

Despite their friendly approach to other nations, the 21st Century will be a challenge in a troubled world. Safety and homeland security will still be most important. There is still much to be done. Science, newer technologies, innovation and academic research could find solutions to the problems. Lockerbie disaster should had been considered with precaution for other threats, yet at that time it was overlooked. It is encouraging that India and United States share the same goals.

Moreover, despite the advancement in technology , it has not escaped critism about what has been achieved without human endurance. For example, aerodynamics.

The horrors of 9-11 never will be forgotten. Therefore, every country and nations has a right to defend themselves against enemies. The continuing threat of rebels without a cause is serious. The accelerating loss of lives is terrifying. Ironically, there are innocent lives lost in the struggle for defence. The world still faces a security crisis. It is sad that people are brutalized because of religion. I think there is only one God with different names. The same Creator of all.

Instead of reverting to the wrong path of the 20th Century, step out of the cave and into the dawn of a new age: 21st Century.

United Kingdom
June 10, 2010

Mike in the United Kingdom writes:

i think terrorism is the most critical issue between these thow country. US is not giving much support to india. Both the countries need to make a similar dicision over terrorism. it will help both to build a good relationship..


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