Lifting of YouTube Ban Gives New Hope to Young Pakistani Filmmaker

Posted by Rick Snelsire
May 28, 2010
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About the Author: Rick Snelsire serves as the Spokesperson for U.S. Embassy Islamabad in Pakistan.

The decision to lift the YouTube website ban in Pakistan has given new hope to Pakistani filmmaker Faraz Siddiqui, a finalist in the U.S. Department of State's "2010 Democracy Video Challenge." Now through June 15, Internet users across Pakistan and around the world can view the finalists' films and vote for the film of their choice. The films, including Siddiqui's submission "Democracy Is the Message by People," are posted here.

The "Democracy Video Challenge," in its second year, drew nearly 700 entries. Contestants from 83 countries created short films that complete the phrase "Democracy is…" The winning filmmakers will receive all-expenses-paid trips to Washington, DC, New York and Hollywood, where they will meet with film and government leaders, and attend gala screenings of their films.

More information on the contest and all 18 finalists is available on the "Democracy Video Challenge" YouTube page. Top vote-getters in each region will be the grand prize winner.

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Oliver M.
Minnesota, USA
June 1, 2010

Oliver M. in Minnesota writes:

Democracy is not greedy, selfish, defensive or political violence. That is why undemocractic leaders can not be trusted for they are a mad Dog !


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