Secretary Clinton Discusses Obama Administration's National Security Strategy

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May 27, 2010

National Security Strategy

Secretary Clinton participates in a conversation with Brookings Institution President Strobe Talbott at Brookings on Thursday, May 27 at 1:30 p.m. They discuss the major points of the Obama Administration's National Security Strategy (NSS), and Secretary Clinton takes questions from the audience. Watch the broadcast here on DipNote and



California, USA
May 28, 2010

Vcal in California writes:

Hillary, you're extraordinary, the smartest woman un the world! How do you do to know everything about everything, you have an amazing intellect and beauty inside and outside.GO HILLARY!

Florida, USA
May 28, 2010

Laura in Florida writes:

Hillary, you're the best leader in the world! Please run again x Pres in 2012 or 2016! We need you so badly!

Colorado, USA
May 28, 2010

Raul in Colorado writes:

Hillary, you're so beautiful and smart! take care of yourself because we need your leadership in this country and in the world.HILLARY 2016!

Søren S.
May 28, 2010

Soren S. in Denmark writes:

Thank you on the very kind words of the "group of experts" on new Nato strategic concept CMSGT never got around to finish his diploma but never mind life is a school right?

a few thoughts on the agenda though on a "national security budget" i think is a daring but also a way forward but lets start small and see how it goes, always were a sucker for the unconventional, but a guy running such an office might wanna go study a corporation called "oticon" and there manement culture no? cuz to really tribe this would call for a sense of common purpose more than sense of i get more..therefore i am

no reason why you cant go stealing soft power when that is whats required no? its all about what does the single department or entity bring to the table in crisis management.

And we need to drill them into a team so whats a State dep. prioryti is also a NSA/CIA/DOD/DHS priority no?

Not saying that this is not without its Problems fare from it but i strongly recommend both in crisis manegement as in coin/surge/azymetric warfare to be aple to define the right question for your counterpart, more than telling him what the answer is thereby enabling him to self realize what the real problem is? (small soldies nicked that bit from schoolteachers motivation handbook"

Also being able to active listning "nicked that bit from origial indian culture"

And to a first amendment issue, do we percieve being frank and to the point as a liability or a or an advantage...i think i normaly refer to them as "presswranglers" but under the correct supervision, moral & ethical guidance they sure do know how to get a point acros both in terms of (picture speaks a 1000 words) but also in terms of communicating within fast and to the point, both in terms of capabilities or if they got a problem they need solving and dont know how to. (and that need constant communication BTW the "strategic SG-lt-cpt" i think CO CENTCOM called it, and last time i checked his a smart we listen on active when he speaks,but also bc he knows that in order to succed in an azymetric battlefield (witch state dep, DHS, DOD, DOJ is very much a part of) he knows that "backpadding is acadimic un healthy. let me leave you with a ABC reporters impresions on how such an commication on the "battlefield" takes place and the notion that the actions and restraints of the officers and men in question in the long run does more to the war effort than any GN's well prepared battleplan aka the ability to discuss as pro' how this is done in the "spirit" of the GN's bigger plan no?

As always a plessure MOCHA HAGADTI too4r

Naelcio C.
May 28, 2010

Naelcio C. in Brazil writes:

@ Ms. Clinton,

I am Brazilian and I fully agree with you. President Lula and Foreign Minister Amorim, supporters of the Bolivarian revolutionary ideologies pro-Iran, acted willfully against Obama and the UN Security Council, in order to give time for Iran to develop nuclear warheads that are sure to fuel stockpiles Arab extremists of both left-wing extremists as South American and Caribbean countries. Unfortunately, due to lack many Brazilians, especially the poorest, they think that Lula, the PT his party and its candidate Dilma, acting for the good of democracy, when it is not true! Congratulations on their positions and to remain firm against these undemocratic spirits that haunt our fragile planet. And do not be surprised if President Lula declared support for North Korea, along with Chavez, Evo, Correa, the Castros and all others who are part of the Bolivarian revolutionary organization.

May 31, 2010

Marcelo in Brazil writes:

The arrogance continues in the speech.

New Mexico, USA
June 8, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

@ Marcelo in Brazil,

I suppose one might call it "arrogent" to think we can solve the problems of the world with a little help from our friends, and I suppose it would serve our critics well if we we as a nation were ever to declare that we just flat don't give a damn about what happens to the rest of the world, and if anyone crosses us, we'd just as soon nuke them back into the stone age as negotiate a peaceful solution.

What kind of arrogence would you prefer we employ in international relations, Marcelo?

I recongnize the fact that folks often complain when the US throws its weight around in international fora and in more kinetic applications, but do those critics recongnize how the world would go immediately to hell without our efforts and those who support bringing a little sanity to the nuclear stupidity running rampant in the world today?

And that includes working with Brazil to see a better day.

I suppose the perspective of arrogence is all relative to how arrogent you think it is to do nothing, and let the world blow itself up. I mean to say that our "arrogence" has prevented nuclear war between India and Pakistan once already this century, is in process of trying to prevent another one on the Korean peninsula today, and the last thing folks need is Iran nuking Israel anytime soon. So without being arrogent in saying this Marcelo, the US is going to do what it takes to prevent that, regardless of what you may think about it personally, because that is what our people demand of our government.

Let me just boil this all down to something I think everyone can understand. If someone is outside your home on the street chanting "death to Marcelo", how long would you put up with it sir? How arrogent would you consider that fool to be as you took action to deal with his threats?

So, I hope this gives you a greater understanding of what the people in my nation face, and this opportunity to reassess your characterization of US methodology in creating a global approach to dealing with these common problems. We can only be successful if the attitude we generate is supportive of liberty, solidarity and fraternity among the family of nations. And maybe it is arrogent to think we can work with others, but the alternative really stinks, since the diapers of ethical infants badly need changing as of yesterday.

Best regards,


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