Travel.State.Gov Launches New Design

Posted by Karen Martin
May 25, 2010
Consular Website Travel.State.Gov

About the Author: Karen Martin serves as the Deputy Director of the Office of Policy Coordination and Public Affairs in the Bureau of Consular Affairs.

Interested in traveling abroad this summer? Need a passport? The Bureau of Consular Affairs invites you to find out more about how to get a passport and other important travel information by checking out our newly redesigned website,

Our web team redesigned the site so that you can more easily find information about passports, visas and our other consular services. They changed the site based on feedback and comments we received from over 32,000 people who participated in an independent customer satisfaction survey we have been collecting since May 14, 2009. is the State Department's main source of information for you to learn about the travel safety situation in other countries, and to let us know your travel plans so that consular officers in our embassies and consulates around the world can serve you and your loved ones better when you're abroad.

The site is particularly useful for people traveling or living abroad during times of crises because it serves as the official source of information for U.S. citizens during emergency situations abroad. For example, during the recent earthquake in Haiti, thousands of American citizens visited for information on how to report loved ones missing in Haiti or to check on their status, and for guidance on the evacuation process or other safety and security issues. received over 370 million visits last year, and we expect even more this year. Please visit, and let us know what you think of the site by taking the customer satisfaction survey. We are always seeking ways to improve and will be making more changes to the site throughout the year, so we welcome your feedback!



North Carolina, USA
May 26, 2010

Papu in North Carolina writes:

Dear State department /USCIS Director & Team -

I am writing this to you with a deep frustration. Your answers are not at all a great news for us. It is well known rules to every one of us. It took more than 10 days for USCIS to find out the rules (I suppose you are following). Well Done !

Do you mean, Indian's and Chinese need to wait 15 to 20 years for getting their permanent residency?

If you say, nothing is going to improve in getting permanent resident in less than 3 years of an application, shouldn't you consider to stop accepting I-140 application from Indian's and Chinese until all the backlog are cleared? If you cannot commit some one when a person can get his RB green card, why are you accepting application?


(1) You haven't answered about the law (specifically) that is preventing from accepting AOS application who have got approval of I-140.

(2) Also, which law prevents USCIS from counting only primary applicant of I-140 towards EB green card visa number.

(3) You didn't mention about the estimated time for any one to get permanent residency (EB based green card). Is that hard to derive a logic and implement into your system and inform the applicant about tentative time to get his/her permanent residency (assuming if all the bureaucratic process clears everything). It is hard to digest if America's federal agency cannot implement such a simple logic in their system.

North Carolina, USA
May 26, 2010

Ram in North Carolina writes:

visa bulletin issue Please read and kindly take action and work with USCIS to reduce backlog for EB categories .WE NEED CLARITY, WE NEED INFORMATION, WE NEED C-H-A-N-G-E!! USCIS, please provide us with more useful information than stating what we are already aware of. We have read your immigration laws, your by-laws, your rules, your regulations and we COMPLETELY understand ALL OF THAT INFORMATION. What we are seeking is how many visas are being issued each month, each quarter, and specifically how many are used in this Fiscal Year. We need to know how long we have to wait even to get our GC's/file for AOS since our careers are stuck, our families are suffering, we are on the edge of foreclosing our homes, which will only add to the mess that already exists. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE provide us more details on what we are asking for than just providing the same rules & regulations. WE NEED TO KNOW how USCIS/DOS interprets/implements these rules. GOOD BLESS YOU ALL, PEACE!

Alaska, USA
May 27, 2010

Daniel in Alaska writes:

I used in a travel resources class for my library on May 25th. I was pleasantly surprised by the redesign and so were my students.

Keep up the good thinking!

income r.
Texas, USA
June 11, 2010

ITR in Texas writes:

Pretty cool post.It's really very nice and useful post. Thanks for sharing these great post.....


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