Travel Diary: Behind the Scenes on Secretary Clinton's Plane

Posted by DipNote Bloggers
May 22, 2010

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Katie Stanton gave us a glimpse of what was happening on the ground in the lead up to Secretary Clinton's arrival to Shanghai, China. In this video, Foreign Service Officer Lew Lukens takes us behind the scenes on the Secretary's plane.



Kristine L.
Tennessee, USA
May 22, 2010

Kristine L. in Tennessee writes:

I very much appreciate the openess that the Obama administration provides regarding the behind the scenes workings and events. I believe the educational aspects of the workings of our government aids in the understanding of the difficulty and nuances that often are required. I especially enjoy the video blogs the WH puts out every week. The more unbiased information and videos the administration publishes on the internet the better. My best wishes for success to Sec. Clinton in all she does on behalf of the U.S.


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