Secretary Clinton Meets With British Foreign Secretary Hague

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May 16, 2010
Secretary Clinton Meets With British Foreign Secretary Hague in Treaty Room

On May 14, 2010, Secretary Clinton met with British Foreign Secretary William Hague. After their meeting, Secretary Clinton said:

"The election of a new government in the United Kingdom and the smooth transfer of power this week were two powerful symbols of the enduring democratic traditions that our two nations share. And we're very intrigued by and will follow closely the latest incarnation of this long democratic tradition. We're reminded again that our common values are the foundation of an historic alliance that really undergirds our common aspirations and our common concerns. The Obama Administration looks forward to working with the new British Government. We will continue to build on the deep and abiding trust that has existed between the British and American people for a very long time.

"The foreign secretary and I had a lot to talk about today. We discussed our shared mission in Afghanistan, and he reaffirmed his government's commitment to working with the international community and the Afghans to achieve long-term stability there. The United States is deeply appreciative of the British contributions in Afghanistan, and we honor the sacrifices of the British service members who serve their country with such distinction overseas. The United States and the United Kingdom are also firmly committed to the NATO mission in Afghanistan and we support the efforts by the Afghan Government to fight corruption and build a stable and secure government and country. We will continue our very close consultations on these matters going forward.

"We also remain united in our insistence that Iran fulfill its international obligations and prove that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only. Contrary to recent suggestions, Iran has not indicated any interest in or accepted the standing offer of the P-5+1 to discuss international concerns over its nuclear program. Rather, Iran's senior officials continue to say they will not talk about their nuclear program with us. So we are working closely with our UK and other partners on a new Security Council resolution affirming that there are serious consequences should Iran continue to flout its international obligations and fail to comply with both IAEA decisions and UN Security Council resolutions.

"The foreign secretary and I also discussed the importance of finding a way forward in the Middle East peace process. Our countries will continue working together to encourage all parties to resume direct negotiations. We seek a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with an overall goal of securing a comprehensive peace in the Middle East that requires everyone at the table.

"And of course, there are so many other issues that we touched on. We share a mutual interest in restoring confidence in the financial sector in Europe and in the Eurozone, as well as the global economy. We will continue working together to restore economic stability."

Read the Secretary's full remarks here.



Marasoiu P.
June 17, 2010

Marasoiu M.P. in Romania writes:

Heloo! Excellency embasador Hillary Clinton, I wreitte today 17.06.2010 a message with event very paintfull for aor country ROMANIA.FRom now after your ante-ambasador of United State miss Codolennce Raise who was a excellency briliant mind for United State you Ambassador Hillary Cilnton you are a prestation much good with more rafinament in disscusion.I don't know if you know wat I do for citizen American for your companys and not in the ultimate facts for suport in permanence the election of mister president Barack Obama and I have a special consideration for all he done much more like maqny presidents who governament this big and prosperity country.Now I say prosperity because here in Romania hapende thinks very badly from aor governament from cut the pension of old man,fathers,mothers,grandmothers grandfathers with 15 % for do grow up economy and cut from the peoples who working in administration 25% and they thing in neear future to cut much more.In romania a the smoll salary is the 150-180$ per months and pensions arrive of 200 n$ dollars.We entry in the Europe Union in 2007 aqnd we gled because we do contented because aor country from many years of dictature Ceausescu aor country going from democracy.But wat democracy is this wen nobady from this world taken and cut money from the pensions man 15% who this right is santucs and cut the salary,smool, mizerabille recived with more less 25 %.In majority, peoples who working for example my family win a salary toghether 400$.The price of the foods is like in the Union Europe we have the more taxes and bills from the buget national from all the world ,we must to do enscribe in the Guiness Book for this performance.The peoples arrive subway of the limit of pooor and from this methods aor governance loook to take monet from the FMI for to share between them.I want to check all this information from news papers,television,magazine your Embassy from Bucharest to discover the more genocid who is prepare from aor country in history.I intention to put a signal alarm in all the papers and television from many corners of world with wat hapend in ROMANIA with peoples goods but very docile not to do like the peoples Of France because the boths state are the latin languece of base.Personal I want to seel all my thinks of valuble to emigration of work in the ather country because Is not exist another country in E.U much pooor like Romania.I want to save my family kids,grandmothers,grandfaters,My mother in the first to not death from hungry.The situation is very badly you do in the past a visit in aor country last months but I am shure that nobady inform with thinks hapen in Romania.I don't want to see a new revolution or much bad a dictature military in my country and another think who is extremly of dangerous aparition of horizont of red Army ,russia who have in present ocasion to ocupation in more less of 24 hours.If you not belive all I writte here beghing a in vstigation and you find that al is wr5itte here is in totalty true. The God to bless all the peopls who livig from this Earth.


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