Making Real Progress Against Modern Slavery

Posted by Talley Sergent
May 10, 2010

About the Author: Talley Sergent is a Public Affairs Officer in the State Department's Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons.

Every day, in every country and culture in the world, someone suffers from the human rights abuse of trafficking in persons. What is this scourge and why should it matter to you, your community, and the world?

Well, that's why the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons is utilizing a 21st Century Statecraft tool to reach audiences around the globe to highlight what Secretary Clinton calls a modern form of slavery. These online videos are a way for you to learn more about human trafficking as well as provide ways for you to get involved.

Building on key partnerships, the United States looks to lead by example and make real progress against modern slavery. Weaving together the power of government entities, non-governmental organizations, and concerned citizens alike will help us reach a day when every person, no matter national origin or standing in society, may pursue -- and achieve -- his or her God-given potential.

So tune in and join the movement to end modern slavery once and for all.

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United States
May 10, 2010

O.C. in USA writes:

If that really were the case the government would be going after traffickers with a vengeance but they're not. As drug dealing and human trafficking seem to go hand in hand its puzzling how the government is unable to stem the flow of large scale drug Narco traffickers. Why aren't you beating down the doors of strip clubs? Surely you'll find underaged sex slaves in a brothel. This is a national disgrace. If the government wants respect from the American people then they need to stop speaking from both sides of their mouth.

Pamela G.
West Virginia, USA
May 11, 2010

Pamela G. in Charleston, W.V. writes:

Human trafficking should be an embarrassment to all societies at this time. It is wonderful to see Hillary keeping it yo the forefront so we never forget this scourge on society and give hope to those who are enslaved

West Virginia, USA
May 11, 2010

Dr. G. in West Virginia writes:

Human traffickers and pirates should be made to walk the plank -- like the Russians took care of their pirates recently.

Virginia, USA
May 11, 2010

Flavius in Virginia writes:

The first thing the U.S. government can do is to stop referring to its employees as capital and start calling them persons. Labor would do if you need a broader term.

New York, USA
May 12, 2010

Ron in New York writes:

What's in a name?....

Office (not Bureau. Dept. or Division....quite small actually).

Monitor (to watch, look over... track...quite passive actually).

Combat....(to battle...quite anachronistic actually).

Trafficking....(to ship, direct...quite cold actually).

Persons....(human beings, generic actually).

Slavery is the product of privatization, globalization and corruption.

Kishore K.
Wyoming, USA
May 13, 2010

Kishore K. in Wyoming writes:

Hello Sir,

The header of this blog has made me write this comment. Modern slavery is no where but also in America, where we are working for green card sponsored employers for years and years with no pay raise / no freedom / no security to buy or invest here to live peacefully. THis is not my american dream or why i came to this country. Things were different at that time.. Please make our dates CURRENT.

U.S Consulate in Mumbai has posted visa bulletin with EB-2 Current for INDIA and I WAS SO EXCITED (WHICH LASTED FOR A DAY)... they made a typo... Please make it current one time like you did in 2007 July, we can improve our situation with only that. There are more than 100,000 people waiting for this. Please make this happen and let our trust not disappear that we have in this country.

I am a master's graduate and been in this country for 8+ years still on H-1 and my wife is a bachelors on H-4 visa cannot do anything for 3 years. Please change our live's situation..... It can only happen with your will and support.

West Virginia, USA
August 1, 2010

Cyndi in West Virginia writes:

In comparison to the war on drugs, our American Congress has allowed law enforcement little budget to combat modern slavery. As voters we need to ask them, and ourselves WHY... And DEMAND change - drug enforcement mostly jails middle class and poor citizens- slavery tends to be a RICH man's crime- and the victims poor. Over 1.2 million women and children are estimated to be sex slaves, & are a 10th of all slaves. Stop the repeated raping of children for wealthy men who are nothing more than pedophiles with bank accounts. Write your congressmen. Tell everyone.


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