Engaging the Business Community Through Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy

April 21, 2010

About the Author: Jose W. Fernandez serves as Assistant Secretary of State for Economic, Energy and Business Affairs.

Last Thursday, I participated in my first meeting of the Advisory Committee on International Economic Policy (ACIEP). ACIEP is an advisory body for the State Department on matters related to international economic policy, and it helps keep the Department in touch with current international economic issues and challenges of concern to the private sector. I was excited to host the meeting, because it was a great opportunity to interact with representatives from the business, labor and academic communities and have them serve as a sounding board as we plan and develop our economic priorities and initiatives.

We had a lively discussion about current international economic and commercial priorities including the National Export Initiative (NEI), the promotion of U.S. businesses and the intersection of the private sector and development. My bureau's primary mission is to promote U.S. business, trade, and create jobs. I pointed out that the scope of the NEI is ambitious -- President Obama has instructed all federal agencies, including the Departments of State and Commerce, to forge a government-wide export-promotion strategy. We will be applying all available resources to reach the goal of getting people into jobs that provide security and prospects for increased earnings. With government and businesses working together, I am confident that the NEI goals are achievable.

The participants raised a number of other issues related to their view of current priorities and challenges in international economic policy, including the need to address U.S.-China trade relations, encouraging a reduction in consumption spending in U.S. households and using this opportunity to address concerns in labor and environmental practices.

Finally, the highlight of the meeting came when Secretary Clinton stopped by to engage in discussion with ACIEP members. Secretary Clinton made it clear that international economic issues are central to the work of the State Department, and her presence at the ACIEP meeting underscored this commitment.

Secretary Clinton and I both envision the State Department as a leader in establishing and sustaining new patterns of international economic cooperation, and ACIEP is vital in providing an on-the-ground perspective for our work. Ultimately, we all agree that supporting open markets and generating economic opportunities is a vital way to support political and social freedom around the world.

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United States
April 21, 2010

Oyster C. in U.S.A. writes:

In the absence of money, America needs to get busy. Getting massive teams of people mobilised like worker bees could really help the economy. Security should be priority #1. Our borders need to be secure and people on drugs should be marginalised. Interdiction is wasted money that could go to education. If America turns its mindset to work and study and emotional health then a lot of the craziness would dissipate. Drug dealing does not make an economy because the price it takes in unhappy, unfullfilled lives is untenable and hurts American children,our hope for a better future.

T. L.
California, USA
April 26, 2010

Captain T. L. in California writes:

I think our country is moving foward. My marines and navay seals in the company k task force in marja do a fine job maintaing order in a town full of opium, suicide bombers, and i.e.d's. we lost 1,035 men this past year due to the afghan war its self. if we dethron the karzai brothers, execute dirty, lieing, murders that dress up in suites and pretend to be leaders. those crooked men destroy afghan, there is a afghan taliban and pakistan taliban, both have leaders and 600 million to back them up. this war is bigger then life

Maryland, USA
April 22, 2010

Patrick in Maryland writes:

I thought it was a good discussion, and they had a lot of good ideas . I thought their plan on helping small businesses find contacts in the world market, sounded like it would help a lot of new businesses get started. I think the advisory committee is a good start on helping the economy. :)

Nice work...:)

California, USA
April 22, 2010

Masood in California writes:

Good Suggestions.

April 22, 2010

U. writes:

please please please do, act and act now...Just work be productive do something for yrself and for others. do what makes you happy and follow yr. interest with a southern spirit of way to work...and so economy shall be restored


Donald M.
Virginia, USA
April 26, 2010

Donald M. in Virginia writes:

4 22 10

I think in the 2012 upcoming Presidential Election, a front runner will be Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton. The biggest competition to President Barack Obama will come from their own party. Since this Adminstration is all about setting historical events, a Madam President most likely will happen in the USA one day!

It should be interesting to watch :)

Godbless and Happy Days!!!

South Korea
April 23, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Uses from the United States, thinks that the function which is suitable is many too. To big difficult environment suitableness but to delicate work a little difficult….also, Grand Bargain?

California, USA
April 26, 2010

Balasha in California writes:

I love you to death


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