Join a Discussion With Ambassador Holbrooke on Afghanistan and Pakistan

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April 15, 2010
Conversations With America Discussion With Ambassador Holbrooke Replay

Update: Watch the broadcast here.

On Monday, April 19, 2010, Marc Grossman, Chairman of the World Affairs Councils of America, will hold a conversation with Ambassador Richard Holbrooke, Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, on the Obama Administration's work in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The discussion will be moderated by Philip J. Crowley, Assistant Secretary of State, Bureau of Public Affairs. The event will be streamed live on DipNote at 12:30 p.m. (EDT). You will have the opportunity to participate through the submission of questions, some of which will be selected for response during the live broadcast. Submit your questions now here on DipNote.

This event is the first in a new video series launched by the Bureau of Public Affairs in which the State Department's senior leadership will hold conversations live, online with leaders of prominent non-governmental organizations from the international affairs field. Discussion topics will include foreign policy and global issues. These forums will provide a view of how leaders from the foreign affairs community engage the Department on pressing foreign policy issues and how both the U.S. government and civil society are working across the globe on issues that concern Americans most.



muhammad f.
April 19, 2010

Muhammad F. in Pakistan writes:

Pakistan faceing power crises ,what is about civil nuclear deal for pakistan, r u (America) ready for this .

Winston J.
April 21, 2010

Winston J. in Canada writes:

My name is Winston. I am from Montreal, QC Canada:

I would like to know with the violence over the world concerning Al Queda and their hate for western people and people like bin Laden and his hate for Americans, Canadians and any other Countries that are in Afghanistan it disturbs and concerns me Are the Americans going to get the people responsible for the World Trade bombing and bring them to justice.

Abdul A.
April 22, 2010

Almas in Afghanistan writes:

Hello, Greetings from Jalalabad. I have two question:

1) Why U.S does not take serious action to arrest big drug dealers in Afghanistan who are in good power in Government and Parliament?

2) Why U.S does not arrest Afghan warlord who are even known internationally as criminal? The black lists of Afghan drug dealers and criminal can be received from Human rights commision and UNAMA.


May 26, 2010

Amir in Afghanistan writes:

Why USA wants to keep Pakistan united with injecting billions of dollars and military support? It is time to divide Pakistan like Former Yugoslavia and it will help bring a new dynamism to the region which is good for regional and international trade and economy.



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