Behind the Scenes at the Haiti Donors' Conference

Posted by Kurtis Cooper
April 2, 2010
Secretary Clinton at Haiti Donors Conference
Assistant Secretary Brimmer at Haiti Donors' Conference
Assistant Secretary Valenzuela at Haiti Donors' Conference
State Department Counselor Cheryl D. Mills at Haiti Donors' Conference
Reporters at the Haiti Donor's Conference

About the Author: Kurtis Cooper serves as a Press and Public Diplomacy Officer for the Bureau of International Organization Affairs.

On March 31, Secretary Clinton participated in the International Donors' Conference Towards a New Future for Haiti at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, where 48 countries, multilateral institutions, and a coalition of NGOs, pledged nearly $10 billion for Haiti's long-term recovery and reconstruction. Secretary Clinton acknowledged the tremendous support and team effort the conference represented, the work of hundreds of people in the UN, in Haiti, in Brazil, Canada, France, Spain and the United States, in the EU and other countries and multilateral institutions.

I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to travel to New York in support of the conference. At such a big and complex conferences as this, with many donor nations, cosponsors and contributing organizations, you really have to be prepared to be asked to do just about anything from drafting talking points to running across town to deliver UN credentials to working until nearly midnight to make sure your delegation had DVD copies of the video prepared in advance of the conference.

I also took the opportunity to snap some photos throughout the day to give you a sense of what it was like on the ground. Let me know what you think.

Read more about the earthquake in Haiti and the international response here.



District Of Columbia, USA
April 6, 2010

Amanda in Washington, DC writes:

Great photos, Kurtis! Thanks for taking us behind the scenes.

DipNote Blogger Kurtis Cooper writes:

@ Amanda in Washington, DC -- Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your kind words.

New Mexico, USA
April 3, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

I just read that a young lady from Canada doing research for her doctoral thesis on Hatian history has come upon the only known printed Haitian Declaration of Independance, gathering dust in Britain's National Archives.

News item;

"Duke University student Julia Gaffield found the eight-page pamphlet, dated January 1, 1804, while researching Haiti's early independence, Duke said in a statement Thursday.""To bring this document to light in Haiti's darkest hour may be seen as a symbol of renewal and rejuvenation, helping Haiti rebuild its national spirit following the recent earthquake," said Ian Wilson, president of the International Council on Archives. "Julia's achievement in recognizing the significance of this printed document deserves high recognition."

Oliver Morley, the acting chief executive of the National Archives, said they were pleased to play a role in the discovery.

"It's incredible that the long search for this important document should finally end at the National Archives," Morley said. "This declaration sent to the British government by Haiti's first independent leader is of great historical importance to both Haiti and the British people, and provides unique insight into the first successful slave rebellion of modern times."



The other day I posed a thought "that herein this donor's conference the international community has the perfect opportunity to prove it can stand together to protect and nuture a nation's soverign independance, economicly and politically, as well as in the legal framework of rebuilding Haiti by all nations involved."

Now it may be completed with the proper documentation.

Gotta love the timing of her discovery. So I figured it was at least Dipnote-worthy.

She's just made a lot of friends in Haiti that's for sure.

And proved one person can indeed make a difference in bringing a country full-circle.


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