Afghan Girls Bring Drinking Water to Their School

Posted by Anna P. Mussman
March 31, 2010
Students Drink Water at Jalalabad High School

About the Author: Anna Mussman serves in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs' Youth Programs Division.

Students in Jalalabad involved with the Department of State's Global Connections and Exchange (GCE) program were recently offered $150 to create and implement a small project to benefit their communities. This small grant project was facilitated by the La Jolla Golden Triangle Rotary Club Foundation, a Department of State grantee organization which implements GCE in Jalalabad. Nagina Shafiqi and her team at the Bi Bi Aisha Girls High School were the first to complete their project. Nagina wrote that the girls decided to tackle the lack of drinking water at their school: "We spent all day without drinking water in school, although some students brought drinking water from their houses, but when they reached school, the water bottle was too hot, so we thought that we have to solve this problem for the coming summer."

When their application was accepted, a group of male students helped the girls negotiate costs at the market and talked with masons to get the most reasonable prices. The girls and the school community watched the laborers build the water tank brick by brick and in just two weeks they were able to fill the tank with water. Nagina described the project on the GCE website and received more than 150 responses!

Sami Misbah wrote, "Congratulations to all Bi Bi Aisha high school students. Today we start with our schools, and then we will remake our country, Inshallah." Mahreen Salih added that through the project, "Women, especially young girls, showed their talent and how they are a success in society."

When asked how she felt when the project was completed, Nagina wrote, "When I and my team discussed and searched and started the work till when it got finished, by the Grace of Allah, we knew that although we are females, we can do everything if we dare... I now know that I am able to do such more work as this project and it will be my pleasure to serve my society and county's people so I advise to all people to be active and serve their country and struggle hard for reconstruction."

Read more about the GCE program in Afghanistan here.

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April 3, 2010

Zakirullah in Afghanistan writes:

Hello To all

Hope all is well

This is Zakirullah H. Student of Shaheed Mohammad Arif high school, cetc computer lab

Nice discussion

Yes I know that the student of Bi Bi Aisha high school did a good job they rebuilt water store for his school to be honest they are very intelligent and workaholic students they are admirable

Kind Regard
Zakirullah H.

April 3, 2010

Manizha in Afghanistan writes:

Hello to all dear readers

this is Manizha popalzai student of Bi Bi Aisha high school in 10th class. I hope you all of fine and doing well with your whole family members. It so good and nice facility that girls and boys do somthing for their community I am really happy that I took part in small grant project and we solved the problem lack of drinking water.

because without water life is nothing.

I hope in future we can do something for our school and community.


April 3, 2010

Faid in Afghanistan writes:


My name is FAID K. DANISH and I am one of the participant of GCE (Global Exchange & Connections).

I am really thankful the GCE who started the project for the first time to the female students and I am really happy from the female students that they did a very good job. The completed the small grants very well. We completed the small grant too. We did very well specially our teacher struggled too much. Our teacher invited the leaders of every class and advised them to tell all the class to keep the school and their home clean. The second day was for plantation. We planted a lot of plants. And also we bought the large garbage cans the we can clean our school clean on that.

Best regards,
Faid (Danish) From Abdul Wakil high school.

April 3, 2010

Nagina in Afghanistan writes:

Hello dear Anna.

Hope to be fine
Thank you so much dear Anna that heartening us.

And give us good opportunity to share my opinion and activities.

I am so happy that I am team leader of Bi Bi Aisha small grant project and I and my team accomplished our job successfully by Grace of Almighty Allah and now see plenty water in school so feel so happy and hope to take part in other projects to service for community and country's people in the future as well.

Thanks from all facilitators who provided us the chance to show our activities.

Best wishes
Nagina S. Student of Bi Bi Aisha also team leader of small grant project

April 5, 2010

Khalid K. in Afghanistan writes:


This is Khalid K. from rotary high school Jalalabad Afghanistan.

We are so happy that our girls school didn’t have any water stock, now they made some water stock for them selves they use clean water for them selves ,their problem solved by them selves , and helping by other persons money ,we also made some dust Ben for our school, now our school is clean . and we feel good and nice .

Thank you

Imranullah w.
April 5, 2010

Imranullah W. in Afghanistan writes:

Hello Anna!

This is Imranullah W. from Rotary High school Jalalabad Afghanistan.

Hope to be fine and have a nice and beautifully time.

Thanks from adding a nice and fantastic comment.

This is really important and a good issue.

I am glade to read your comment.

We are congratulating to bi bi Aisha girls high school they solved their huge problems Hope to solve all problems in Afghanistan and around the world. I feel really happiness by this report.

Best wishes,
Be happy,
Allah hafiz,
Imranullah W. from Rotary high school.

Obaidullah K.
April 5, 2010

Obaidullah K. in Afghanistan writes:

Hi to all!

This is Obaidullah K. from Rotary high school Jalalabad.

That is very good this is the big problem in Afghanistan that some schools don't have the place for water and they did a great job that they made a tank for them in their school and we wish from other schools to make more tanks in the school. And one thing that 22nd march was the international day of water and many people and doctors take part in that. And this is big problem in Afghanistan not in Afghanistan but also in other countries that some people don't have in their schools and homes and I am thanks full from them and male students that help them at the marketing that they solve a big problem of their school. And showed their activities to others..

Rotary high school.

Muzammil S.
April 5, 2010

Muzammil S. in Afghanistan writes:

Hi Anna!

This is Muzammil from Rotary High School.

Thanks for adding nice comments.

This project is very important and fantastic for us.

And we are very happy for this project.

Ofter complete this project they solve there problems easily.

Thanks Anna.

Form Rotary High School.

April 5, 2010

Amjad S. in Afghanistan writes:

This is Amjad S. from Rotary High School.

Thanks from your nice comment.

It is nice for all of Bibi Aisha High School students to complete their small grant project. We are happy about this project.

Wish you best of luck
Rotary High school

Ikramullah ".
April 5, 2010

Noori in Afghanistan writes:

Hello Dear Anna!

I hope to be fine and doing well

This is Ikramullah “noori” from Rotary High school

I am very happy and would like to say that is very good for Bi Bi Aisha high school

Completed by Bi Bi asha H.S girls this project solves their all students problem and women have effort to solve their problems and their women in the society can be promoted.

On behalf of GCEP Bi Bi Aisga member I thank from your voluble comments and feelings.


wali h.
April 5, 2010

Wali H. in Afghanistan writes:

Hello dear Anna!

This is wali h. from rotary high school I hope you are fine I read your comments it was very interesting.

It is very nice to complete the small grant project of bi bi Aisha high school. And hope that the all students of bi bi Aisha high school get advantage from this projects.
And solve their problems Thanks

Hamidullah M.
April 6, 2010

Hamidullah M. in Afghanistan writes:

Hello dear and respected Anna.

have nice times with job.

this is Hamidullah M. from Education faculty.

thanks so much from your good discussion.

According to your Question.dear Anna i become very happy when i hear something about promotion because we are youngs we have power ,we can do more thing to our country than our know better that country is like mother and the land of country is like the skirt of mother we should respect our other way i am very happy from my dear sister Nagina Shafiqi that encouragement students that to do something for their own selves i praise Nagina and hope that in the future she will do something else for society and i am also thankfull from you that give this moment to us to write something about Naginas

Best regard
Hamidullah M.

New Mexico, USA
April 6, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

@ Hamiidullah M.,

After reading all the student's thoughts posted, I just wanted to say to them and to you that the reason America supports bringing Afghanistan full-circle, whole, free and at peace is because we as a people have faith in the Afghan people to create that in their own vision of how you want it to be.

To paraphrase a fellow on reaching his destination, "That's one small step for a student, one giant leap for Afghanistan."

If your students ever wonder why it was that we put a man on the moon, it was because we didn't listen to those that said it was not possible.

Because we believed we could do what seemed impossible.

Nagina Shafiqi and Neil Armstrong have that in common.

Well done!

April 7, 2010

Samim in Afghanistan writes:

that is so best work that they have done it

saul k.
Nevada, USA
April 10, 2010

Saul K. in Nevada writes:

The only way to achieve real progress. Water power not military power.

April 13, 2010

Hamidullah in Afghanistan writes:

Hello Respected Anna.

Best times.

Self done is well means that we afghans do more works for our selves.

Ta Ta for now

April 16, 2010

Asmatullahfani in Afghanistan writes:


GCEP/MIC:-Fareed ".
April 20, 2010

Fareed A. in Afghanistan writes:

Hello to all dear and respectable reader

It's due to award for Bibi Aishia High School in Jalalabad that preformed such greatest activities for their community and for their school, I wish to all of them success and good luck, they did very great job. We have also bring a drinking water tank to our school (Tajrobawee High school) in our school there was lack of water and we make a water tank to school that our Sisters and Brothers are taking advantage of that.



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