Secretary Clinton Travels to Russia

Posted by Mark Toner
March 17, 2010
Secretary Clinton Waves Near Plane in Guatemala City

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Today, Secretary Clinton travels to Russia for a two-day visit accompanied by Senator Mitchell. In Moscow, the pair will discuss efforts to promote Middle East peace in a meeting of the Quartet with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and European Union High Representative Catherine Ashton, as well as Quartet Representative Tony Blair.

The Secretary will also meet with senior Russian officials to discuss progress on a successor agreement to START, cooperation on nonproliferation, counterterrorism, regional security issues, and the work of the Bilateral Presidential Commission. During an interview with Yevgenia Albats of The New Times, Secretary Clinton said, "I'm optimistic that we'll be able to complete this agreement soon. It's a technically very complex treaty to accomplish. We share an interest in making real reductions in our strategic arsenals, and that is the most important point."

Before landing in Moscow, however, Secretary Clinton will make a stop in Shannon, Ireland, where for the first time she will mark St. Patrick's Day in Ireland. In addition to commemorating St. Patrick's Day this year, the Secretary said, “[W]e are also celebrating the historic Hillsborough Agreement in Northern Ireland on the devolution of policing and justice. This was a key step toward realizing the promise of the Good Friday Agreement and the St. Andrews Agreement, and achieving a full and lasting peace in Northern Ireland. The people and government of the Republic of Ireland can be proud of the role they played in supporting the peace process and producing this progress.”

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Texas, USA
March 18, 2010

Sal G. in Texas writes:

Best wishes for a successful trip. I visited the then Soviet Union in 1976. One day I will perhaps visit Russia to see how things differ.

South Korea
March 18, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Dear to..

Finishes the business which is successful from south United States of America and again gives a respect in Secretary of State who goes with Russia.(Thinks that me the flattery is serious too. Seeks the place which will hide.) Want to travel, to Tuaisceart Éireann?
Loves a literature and the play and reminiscence makes sink and makes make and if cold weather loves, thinks quite fine place. But, There is not memory about the advanced industrial system which is developed. Thinks the thing which I do not know well.

With secret intention thought direct investment to description below about Europe thinks the industry which feels a burden feeling with bypassing investment and department thinks detaining an investment method. Bypassing investment department-
The effort thinks did. The history forgets and short time throws away, quite to borrow the name only of moment and the area and the flag of the area, thinks from inducing an investment method. Thinks the place where the skillful degree of the human resource is high. Thinks that the place where the young people will work lacks quite a little.

from supporter, not compared?...

Russia? Forgets the method which depends in the underground resources and throws away and thinks from self-sufficiency problem of the food the method whose also is good to solve, When gets, Participation of citizens,thinks that one becomes small motive. the solve of Russia scarcity of the food.

The thing to make blog makes thank and is making think. If to the material person is accompanied, the thought is doing that will be better.

thank you.

Tennessee, USA
March 18, 2010

Joe in Tennessee writes:

Good luck. Russia is the premiere player world wide; to invalidate their amazing recovery and capabilities would be a grave mistake.

While there: Why not ask Putin about the world’s Economic dilemma? It is his forte.

Does he still wear his watch on his right hand, though not left-handed?


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