Public Diplomacy: Strengthening U.S. Engagement With the World

Posted by Judith McHale
March 11, 2010

About the Author: Judith McHale serves as Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs.

Today, I had the honor of testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to tell the American people about our strategy for communicating and engaging with the people of the world. This approach acknowledges that people are connected to one another like never before and, at the same time, are becoming increasingly empowered to affect change in their own lives and in their own societies.

Diplomacy doesn't just happen between government diplomats. Diplomacy happens when a foreign student learns a new English saying from an American friend at one of our universities. Diplomacy happens when scientists from different cultures work together to discover solutions for common, global problems. Diplomacy happens when ordinary people around the world go online to urge their friends and acquaintances to donate to disaster relief to selflessly help strangers in a far-off country.

This is the work of public diplomacy. In the 21st century, we need to expand and strengthen our traditional public diplomacy tools -- and develop new ones -- to increase our influence on the world stage and, in turn, advance our national priorities.

I invite you to read my remarks to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.



New Mexico, USA
March 11, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

@ Under Secretary Judith McHale,

Somewhere in the pile of rules and regs. and values we adhere to as citizens regarding our rules of engagement with our government, is the notion of a "loyal minority" that often seems anything but inside the halls of Congress.

So, just to make someone's day, I thought you might (just for grins and giggles), hand a copy of this official "subversive registration" form to the next person with a gripe that comes into your office without solution attached.

I bet you'll see an immediate attitude adjustment(chuckle).

Anticipate those precious moments as the absurdity of it all sinks in.

Given the American people's genetic dispensation to question authority, I would think everyone would be tempted to fill it out and send it in. I can just see ol' Sen. Joe McCarthy rolling over in his grave.

Do this right, we may just be able to eliminate the federal deficit with a slight modification of addressee.

Think of all those folks around the world who share our inherent genetic "flaw in character", and look to us for example.

Personally I don't have the extra five bucks to spare, and I'm not in any big hurry anyway to incriminate myself. Dipnote already knows they invited the insurgent to tea and didn't even charge me a fee to post this(chuckle).

The inkwell's dry for now, so I'll sheath the sword of humor, seek to slumber soundly, and fight on another day.

A smile is the best diplomat there is.

Best regards,

March 15, 2010

Giles in Canada writes:

"Diplomacy happens when a foreign student learns a new English saying from an American friend at one of our universities."

Diplomacy is also about cooperating with cultures on common goals instead of always trying to increase U.S. influence.

South Korea
March 15, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

About Greece the Europe inside there is a many different view about support and thinks that in the situation where the political leaders are difficult is confronting.Health Care Reform, United States Congress passages most talk about the Greece support which is issue where is important they think the conduct which is not the division which hangs. BUT, Health Care Reform the biggest victim(?) is wealthy classes or thinks the people where the interest is many in banking industry. Their investment field thinks that is spreading out widely in whole world.

When their properties become dangerously in them, that (the law or there is not a problem which is moral, when assuming,) the nation provides a support, if to defend a property recognition, to plant a recognition, A little is but them facility the thing which will think thought tries. And, the wavelength which causes in the whole world which Greece crises reach in compliance with a some changing mind practice(?) already thinks was proven. In order will make them with our friends to the first when stands listens their stories and thinks that to widen an influence little by little. The result thinks if abandons influence quarrel because of domestic, the thing which will become more terribly.

Thinks will make the citizen with the victor was a fight for. As the thing which is the possibility I doing is only writing update, but there is always to a side.

The women where probably, the economic enemy capability is weak specially, thinks the unwed mother from alone the thing where becomes the many help in the family which raises the child.

In order to pass thinks that must endeavor all.

P.S. May be Greece is? yes?

South Korea
March 15, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Welcomes the Chinese visit plan of the North Korea leader. Thinks the thing where in cancellation of nuclear armament and opening of North Korea becomes the many help in solution and food problem solving of question affecting human rights.but, believes that Korea spontaneous and is a method which will participate actively to North Korea problem. Minimum specific enterprise(Hyundai Group?)
(Not the Hyundai Group`s staff. That does not deliver their talk, bothers from actuality. Making laughter, but sometimes is annoying. The method and the time when speaks with me are the same something else. There is not also support)

The influence of China thinks the thing which will become larger more. By the way, knows and Oh from thinks that there is not an influence which will hold. Currently…. Military power and economic power.

There is India, but after economic developing the race and religion, thinks the thing which will undergo the passage courtesy which is considerable with an area problem. That is like that, negates affirmative the development of China influences.

Thinks that there is a possibility of dividing the heavy load the power of Korea which is unified.

Provides the food and the help of with the expand of Gaeseong Industrial Complex (with Nam-po),the reopening of Kum Gang Mt. sightseeing and North Korea piting, has self-control and thinks that to seeks the new dialogue ways.

North Korea thinks approached a limit situation.thinks.

NOT the restraint and symbiosis ways, thinks BUT the symbiosis and restraint ways.


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