Observing Elections in Iraq

Posted by Mike Lavallee
March 7, 2010
Woman Casts Vote in Iraq's Parliamentary Election

Secretary Clinton's Statement on Iraqi National Elections | Joint Statement By Ambassador Hill and General Odierno on Iraq's ElectionAbout the Author: Mike Lavallee, an Embassy Baghdad observer for Iraq's March 7 national elections, provides an update from southern Iraq's Dhi Qar province. The embassy has fielded 26 four-person teams nationwide to observe the vote.

We started out about 7:30 a.m. and just completed visiting our fourth polling site. All four were in Sukashyuk, a town about 20 kilometers east of Nasiriyah or about 40 minutes from the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT). There have been no signs of fraud on any level. There have been a number of names not found on lists but overall a minimal problem. One woman in her seventies said her name could not be found but was determined to vote, so she walked to two other sites until she finally found her name. She proudly displayed her inked finger for us to see.

Polling sites had an average of seven stations at each site. The last one we visited also had three stations designated for internally displaced persons. The general mood is enthusiastic. People from their twenties to eighties are out voting and many are bringing their whole families along and dressed in Sunday best. Parents with kids are beaming with smiles as the children follow their lead dipping their fingers in the ink.



South Korea
March 8, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Partnership With Iraq.

When intervenes deeply, thinks that principle of self-determination of nation the extremism Islam with character the mortar there is a possibility which will do with counter result.

With high position 1-3% degree maintains an interchange and thinks letting alone method. Thinks election after end difficulty soccer (basketball) of national dimension condition method.

Thinks yet the craving is considerable about the society and a sports of masculin putting first the strong thing. With warfare the warfare kind society insecurely, (the department of pedagogy medical treatment and food is to priority, thinks.)

The reading thinks that there is a possibility of doing. Religion depends in the area faction and integrates the citizens to, thinks that the charge feeling which, is considerable exists. Develops again and the national integration which does is necessary thinks that.



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