Multilateral Engagement Benefits America

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March 4, 2010
Assistant Secretary Brimmer at Chicago Council on Global Affairs

On Tuesday, March 2, Assistant Secretary Esther Brimmer traveled to Chicago to speak at the Chicago Council of Global Affairs and Northwestern Law School on the importance of multilateral engagement. This trip is the third in a series of trips she is taking around the United States to discuss U.S engagement at the United Nations and other international organizations, and to elaborate on the benefits to American citizens of multilateral engagement.

In Chicago, Assistant Secretary Brimmer said, "It is precisely a policy of broader deeper engagement -- the implementation of smart power that President Obama and this Administration have pursued for the last year -- that has renewed America's global leadership and ushered in a new era of American engagement. Advocating a vision of a common security, on the basis of mutual respect, bolstered by investments in our common humanity, this President, along with Secretary Clinton, have advanced our security interests, and sought the 'cooperative effort of the entire world.' Over five months ago, President Obama spoke about the need for a 'cooperative world effort' during the last UN General Assembly and about America re-engaging the United Nations. At the UN, the President, Secretary Clinton and the Administration have built new bridges, strengthened existing ties and have fully embraced the fact that the United States does not and cannot stand separate from the world, but rather is embedded in it -- economically, politically, and culturally."

The full text of the speech is available as is an audio recording including a question and answer session following her remarks.


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