Intern’s Reflections on U.S. Department of State and National Export Initiative

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February 22, 2010
Export Initiative

About the Author: Jennifer Bergh serves as an intern in the Bureau of Economic, Energy and Business' Office of Commercial and Business Affairs.

My first full day as an intern in the Office of Commercial and Business Affairs was a blur of new information, new people and a new language used here at the Department of State comprised solely of acronyms. By the end of the day I was feeling a bit overwhelmed about what I would be doing in days to come.

That evening as I sat at home, feeling a little uneasy about the internship and what my role would be in the department, I watched the State of the Union Address. Within the first few minutes of his speech, President Obama discussed the National Export Initiative (NEI) that I knew the Economic, Energy and Business Bureau, including my office would be working to rollout.

The NEI calls for increasing U.S. exports of goods and services with the goal of doubling exports in five years. These efforts will include increased government support and assistance to small- and medium-sized enterprises, the effective use of trade missions and commercial advocacy, the increased implementation of credit and incentives, the breaking down of trade barriers and the vehicles into new markets.

The bottom line is that a means to increase U.S. exports is a means to increase the number of U.S. jobs through the stimulation of the economy. The recession has meant millions of lost jobs for Americans. Many still are facing unemployment or the prospect of it. As a senior at Florida State University, I can tell you it is a scary time to be graduating. Our economy does not foster a welcoming job market for new graduates. I have seen many friends end up living off of their parents after graduation or even though being highly qualified, settling for a job that barely pays the bills because that was all they could find.

Graduating college is supposed to be an exciting time; a time to set the world on fire and go after your dreams. However, many dreams have been limited to what the economy can offer. This is why the NEI has really hit home with me. What a great opportunity for me to be part of the organization that is working towards this initiative.

After watching the State of the Union Address, I could rest a little easier. The acronym-based language of the Department may be foreign to me, but the principles and goals that it fosters are not. I feel privileged to be the new intern in the U.S. Department of State's Office of Commercial and Business Affairs and look forward to working on this export initiative.



Cathrina P.
February 23, 2010

Cathrina P. in Guam writes:

I am pleased to want to learn how the world connects with other countries however I have noticed a great deal of people who are just as curious on what is happening around them. My primary goal is to network and provide a service to families that promote education, health and safety issues. Very much a part of my community networking life style on Guam. I am into leadership and training support. Prevention and Intervention specifically with young adults and parents who are looking for support. The model of how we reach other programs is through network and profit sharing and in kind support for charity and non-profit organizations on Guam. We have to generate links to keep people fully aware of the BIG PICTURE but at the same time know who and where people can trust and go to for help. What role we must do we are contributing in way or another. I am a single mother caring for two children and it's a major challenge to me, however not giving up is my solution. It is with a value to inform people that they are not alone in this economic change, and structure of cultural diverse interactions with other people. In close want to wish everyone a prosperous new year of 2010 and may the lord be with you.


Maryland, USA
February 23, 2010

Patrick in Maryland writes:

Hi, Jennifer Bergh..&..DipNote People..:)

It sounds like you have a very good outlook, on your future at the States Department. I hope you enjoy your time learning about, how things work and the weird half words they like to make up there. :)

Anyway, i liked your posting and your enthusiasm, about our country's economic future.

..See..Ya..Jennifer ..:)

Florida, USA
February 24, 2010

Rachel in Florida writes:

The NEI sounds very promising and I hope that it can stimulate the economy sometime soon! I'm graduating very soon and the job market looks very dismal. Great blog!

Mott K.
United States
February 24, 2010

Mott K. in USA writes:

Jennifer . I am glad to see that young people like yourself so concerned about this great nation. Thank you for your patriotism and lending your talents to the greater good. God Bless America and you.

Donald M.
Virginia, USA
February 25, 2010

Donald M. in Virginia writes:

If the United States ever wants to regain its number one positon.

- Manufacturing
- Suppliers
- Jobs
- Goods
- Products that sell

Ammend the North Atlantic Free Trade Act and start putting tariffs back on goods coming into the USA. Too many of our businesses have gone south of the border. Besides, with the illegal alien situation, a Mexican that crosses the border illegally, works in the USA, and sends there money back home. In short of taking American jobs away from Americans but also what is being done to prevent illegals from paying Income Tax if they work and live in the USA? My opinion is they should have to pay if they live in our country.

New Mexico, USA
February 25, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:


Protectionism ain't the way to prosperity.

Better ideas are.

Donald M.
Virginia, USA
February 26, 2010

Donald M in Virginia writes:

@Eric in New Mexico

I just wanted to say thanks for NOT going Global Nuclear on my comments. The ironic thing I heard how the US Navy will have women onboard Submarines so instead of 150 sailors go down, and 300 sailors come up, it will be 150 dive and 600 sailors with two day care centers. Ha Ha Ha!!!


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