How Can the Olympic Games Help Us Perceive Peace Amidst Existing Obstacles?

Posted by DipNote Bloggers
February 12, 2010
Cross-Country Skiers Prepare for Olympics in Whistler, Canada

From February 12 to 28, 2010, over 80 countries and more than 5,500 athletes will gather in Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. The Olympic Games seek to forge friendships among athletes and promote peace among nations.

How can the Olympic Games help us perceive peace amidst existing obstacles?



South Korea
February 13, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Dear to..

Thank you,
The thing thanks which gives the chance which will express me gives.

Seeks the method which will induce the participation which more enterprises is substantial and active is a cold night, thinks. The volunteer workers or the watching person to waiting the help of the same patrons, thinks the environment changed too quickly plentifully. The disregard flaw hangs their effort or an passion. But,

The conclusion thinks passion of woman euro fortune funds and the patrons. When provides what kind of chance to the enterprises, thinks the thing where the participation will be more active. When and, CEO wants solves a personal interest.

Is sorry. So far is in the process of endeavoring.

thank you.

prevent terror.

New Mexico, USA
February 13, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

MMmmm, Interesting question there Dipnote Bloggers!

(contemplating this as folks dig out from "Snowmaggeddon")

Well, I think the tradition of the Olympics being an alternative to competing on the battlefield is sort of the operative concept involved here.

But I got other ideas...dangerous as they very well may be to have.

See, Nature just gave folks all the ammunition one could ever ask for (and then some), were the current residents at 1600 Pennsylvania to host WW3 on the south lawn, and invite all the diplomats from all the embassies in DC.

I think that would be an Olympian way to conduct the most massive snowball fight ever recorded in mankind's history.

And a fine way to reduce international tensions.

Aye then, if the President would only make it so in his field of dreams...they will come.

But if anyone thinks their dignity be a percieved obstacle to peace in this snow-blivious process of mutually assured destruction, that's why it's called fun by the rest of us.

We can always thaw out the diplomats in the aftermath.

Carry on...

New York, USA
February 13, 2010

Ron in New York writes:

IOC and Women's Rights...

U.S. should support Women Ski events in Olympics. Barring them is a violation of human rights; and is particularly onerous in an internationally supported event.

Virginia, USA
February 13, 2010

Jack in Virginia writes:

The State Department and USOC should create opportunities (both public and private) for American athletes to have meaningful interactions with athletes from countries like Iran and North Korea. With all the political hurdles that exist between our respective governments, encouraging athletes to interact with one another is a small but meaningful way to create connections between nations.

Slightly off the subject of world peace, but still on the subject of the Olympics, I wanted to say that I am deeply disappointed in CNN and NBC for airing footage of the crash of the Georgian luge athlete. It was inappropriate and showed a lack of judgement. If that had been an American athlete, I believe these networks would have been far more sensitive. Shame on NBC and CNN.


United Kingdom
February 13, 2010

Armstrong in U.K. writes:

For starters, thank you for the simple straight forward question.

The answer I would give is that of "I don't know". You see, here is the problem, speak for myself. When the Olympic Games was held in China, I boycotted it, never watched it. Why? because of China's terrible human rights record. However, I do wish the people of China a Happy New Year.

I read that Vice President Biden was at the Winter Olympics Games. Actually The Vice Pres would be well suited in the Curling event, I would not exactly call him a speed skater that's for sure!! Bless his cotton socks..does he get help putting on his socks in the morning?

Anyway, glad to read that your hubby Bill is on the mend.

Virginia, USA
February 14, 2010

Donald in Virginia writes:

The East Coast has 100 tons of snow and the Olympics in Canada could use some snow. My suggestion is why doesn't the U.S. send the snow to Canada to help with the games. This might make a bit of change selling our snow to the Canadians.

California, USA
February 15, 2010

Normita in California writes:

In my opinion, the Olympics was intended to bring nations and their people close together through sportsmanship and camaraderie. However, with the inclusion of countries with problematic human rights issues, we are torn between watching or boycotting.

I am so happy about Canada hosting the Winter Olympics. They are great neighbors, generous and hospitable people. I wish them great success in this tremendous undertaking. Yes, we should ship them some snow, they could use it.

Susan B.
Colorado, USA
February 16, 2010

Susan B. in Colorado writes:

Not War, Just compete.

February 16, 2010

Fred writes:

Drop guns! Pick up skis! Go downhill for world peace! First one at bottom wins! Gets all the oil!

Land fighter plane! Put on skates! Dance on ice! Do spins! Twirls! Leaps! Best performance (as decided by an impartial panel of judges) wins! Gets water rights to Jordan River!

Dismantle roadside bomb! Pick up broom! Try to figure out game! Who knows who wins? Get drunk!

Maryland, USA
February 17, 2010

Patrick in Maryland writes:

Hello, Olympic Games Watcher's ...

I have to say the Chinese Pair Skaters were
great. Shen/Zhao were extraordinary ,i enjoyed their skating & the music they picked.
I liked the "Live For Ever Music", and their
skating was Awesome ,but i liked the Highlander Movie too. :)

Nice team work team China....:)

I really liked the thunbs up they gave everyone.


Donald M.
Virginia, USA
February 18, 2010

Donald M. in Virginia writes:

It certain is a method for Nation building allowing teams from around the world to join and compete for the GOLD. I think we all enjoy watching the Olympics and it adds spoonful of sugar of sportsmanship. I notice the winter olympics has already received casualities, we can give them a prayer and remember the effort and training it took to get their. I salute our American Teams but equally salute all teams for competing showing good Sportman Like Conduct for the Games.

Idaho, USA
February 18, 2010

Otto in Idaho writes:

Proclaim throughout the land:

There will be no peace on Earth until women are allowed to ski jump in the Olympics!

Tennessee, USA
February 19, 2010

Joe in Tennessee writes:

It is amazing how in the field of Entertainment, Music and Sports as well as most professional fields of Science: Everyone gets along well. So what is the problem?

Money/greed, RELIGION/Culture and POLITICS…which equal POWER. Makes you wonder how the minority of leaderships created all the problems the world now has; especially given, they all have been endowed by so many blessings in life.

South Korea
February 19, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Help, ?

Death from hunger, saw a news in North Korea. There will not be what kind of method and peels? Six Party Talk with nuclear problem thinks that there is a method which will approach a little different.

In former times about Kum Gang Mt. sightseeing and the Gaeseong Industrial Complex restraint(?) of the ROK Government which talks but With there was an enemy who is dispersed, but thinks Hyundai Group that there is a method which leads. When only restraint is not…

now`s lunch time,

North Korea a winter Olympics is immaturely good condition, thinks that the restriction which is economic is many. In now near place?

South Korea
February 22, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Dear to m,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

501days left,
PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games`s choice from IOC.

Was pardoned
- Lee Kun-Hee
Former Chairman of Samsung (Korea)
a winter Olympics infancy under conditions, when does not detain, thinks two people all the thing which will become with difficult. The person who has a pardon circle thinks the thing which will do more.

Respects the natives and from public information to do wants. And, keeps the natural like that features whose is not artificial so far, the snow flower which tries to operate the freight car in former times the bow pair defendant person calmly, is faithful to the secret intention sentiment which opposes in features of that place nature which made and from public information does.

The help needs. Thinks that earnestly is necessary. What kind of there will be a method which is negotiate and epoch-making and if many sides helping staring, will not forget personally absolutely.

Frankly received a support and donate did and speaks, but is difficult. Thinks that the reaction is a little.(Thinks that the daughters do too.)

and Heal the support when the bill is complete being passed until, thinks about Care Reform that must be continued. Thinks us abandons one in the reason which made, destruction of the mental, made our, us one. Assist. The help which is earnest needs. please.
If mobilizes the enterprise whole, assisted? Still is a conception phase, I lack force plentifully. Frankly, thinks that also the enterprise is small.

Puerto Rico
February 22, 2010

Ilia in Puerto Rico writes:

Is very obvious that young men and women of over 80 counries gather to compete in one the most important games and competition of the world with one goal: Unity. The Olympic Games has always been the best and most manifestation of peace and democracy.

What a wonderful way to show peace among nations! Those countries that encourage their people to live in harmony and understanding in the world we live in.

Tennessee, USA
February 22, 2010

Joe in Tennessee writes:

@ Palgye:
North Koreas only chance is one of commercial development or rebellion which is doubtful.

Prior to the International Economic crisis, there was much new industrial development along the Southern borders with South Korean investors. An economic strategic buffer so to speak and the environment did seem to lesson fears from South Korea.

Every method has been tried by the United States and others to bring food to the people. Clinton’s administration provided almost 4 billion in aid for food aid, with the agreement of non production of military products from missiles to nuclear uranium grade production. That being violated with little or NO AID going to the people, the Bush administration cut aid off. This is what brought about Kim’s illogical reaction and vein threats. He is not of stable character to begin with and probably represents evil incarnate more than most leaders on earth. His feelings are within his own family unit and do not exceed past that.

The intersection of Russia in enabling NK to produce the liquid technology and China providing a third stage gyro system have presented NK with a new political hard-line and understated support mechanism.

Bottom line, they don’t care about anyone but themselves and maintaining control. It is a sad state of affairs for the people. They are a miniature military old line regime, no more- no less and humanistic values are for only those in control.

This same process is now taking place in Iran, which Sec. of State Clinton has made reference to. The people are losing ground to the few in power.

I suggest you contact YOUR government and see how they can take in refugees...they are your brothers, sisters, cousins and bloodline genitically.

New Mexico, USA
February 22, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

Joe in Tenn. wrote;

"...the Bush administration cut aid off."


The US gov. has never used food aid as a political lever or weapon.

Thus, it has only been when the food isn't getting to the intended recipients that we've had to halt shipment and try a different means to get it through, and holding nations accountable is part of that when they refuse to accept aid for their starving proletariate.

I suggest we give the "dear leader" a birthday present and carpet bomb his people with food, letting him know in advance we're going to be violating NK airspace for a long time to come...despite any temper tantrums.

This is a facet of a certain philosophy expressed by the former president, then adapted by your's truly to fit the times, and the need here on Dipnote.

"" It's not "You're with us or against us.", it's more, "You're with us, or get out of the way.".""

It is said "policy never changes." as the press corps examines minutia in every briefing to discover whether it does or not.

Some call it "nuance."

We'll it sure as heck adapts in an evolutionary manner,

As winds of change grind down mountains of resistance in a process of political wetherization...or is that called erosion? (chuckle).

Joe, dear leader is not long for this world and there's change 'a comin'.

I certainly hope it's change people can live with.

Tennessee, USA
February 22, 2010

Joe in Tennessee writes:

No, you are quite wrong. Since the money did NOT GO to food, IT WAS CANCELED. JUST LIKE THE DEA funds to Venezuela. WE offered to send food instead of money, which ended up being rationed off and used by NK as a lever within thier ranks, some sold on the Black market there. PERIOD...

China and SK should be taking up that issue anyway. why does everyone want the US to do their work for them?

I don't want to seem contrite, but you have taken things out of perspective...and unfortunately also do not realize the full extent of what has transpired.

It would do no good to eliminate Kim at this junction. ITS TOO LATE... NK is just being used as a proxy power now and it is completely military premised. Elimination of a few leaders would serve no purpose. Re-development of commerce will.

The real issue is: Iran will become the same way; but, there revolt is still possible.

There is no Walden’s pond and yes, America feeds over 70% of the world while some of our own people suffer. We are an amazing country, regardless of our faults, but why don't other countries support their neighbors to the exent we do?

John P.
February 23, 2010

John P. in Greece writes:

Joe underlines a great component:
“America feeds over 70% of the world”
“but why don't other countries support their neighbors to the extent we do?”

I agree with him! It’s a serious question. The worst is that, when “exsel” time comes, everybody accuse USA for the national debt, although the answer is simple: “When I feed over 70% of the planet, this debt is virtual. Actually a global debt. Certainly not only an American one”.
Of course, they don’t accept this powerful argument.

Joe, you have made me think of this point for many months. Unfortunately, not only I got no idea that could offer some help, but also I think that it’s a one-way course.

- If USA stops feeding 70% of the planet, most people (of this 70%) will die.
- When we say to other countries “support your neighbors”, they do not do it, especially when it comes to money.
- If you ask them to contribute, they just play the fools

So, USA continues supporting all these humanitarian projects.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on what can be done, without “pulling the triger” for this 70%.

You got a serious point!

New Mexico, USA
February 23, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:


I'm fully aware of the context as well what's transpired, and here's some of that as reading material, just because I did take this in context to your statement overall.

There's some interesting testimony and about 10 years worth of DoS briefings I could pour through and post elaboration if you like, but the policy is the policy and I got it right.

Ngo's get funded based on their ability to deliver. There's aspects of their difficulty in doing so that was reflective in their funding, and that's where you are making the assumption food aid was "cancelled", "cut off", rather than the reality that the NGO's had problems meeting program guidelines through no fault of their own, or US policies, but by the actions of the North Koreans setting unsustainable conditions upon the NGO's involved that interfered with delivery of food.

So they didn't qualify for funding in that next fiscal year.

China and S. Korea are the largest donors of aid, have been for awhile.

They have different criteria for handing it out.

Food is not fuel oil nor included in US sanctioned commodities in general for the reason cited that food is not viewed as political lever or weapon.

Cited by many a previous and currently serving spokesmen and officials as US policy.

I don't know why you think I don't know what I'm talking about here, but your contriteness can be insulting at times.

So don't go there, just stick to the facts.

If you want to do a comparitive analysis between this admin's policy and the last one's....the press is still trying to identify any subtle nuance they can find.

But left scratching their heads trying to find any significant change, North Korea being only one of many example in the post-review process.

Little Kim will more than likely kick the bucket before the year is out of natural causes, if his faithful following don't try and hurry it along some.

But then stupid is as stupid does, and with Kim or without Kim, all bets are off.

But there are options to getting proper food distribution...I was just tossing one out there.

One of those "unrealistic" visions I get sometimes...this one pictured in mind went like this;

Visualize hundreds of thousands of MRE's spread over hill and dale each attached to it's own 2" inch high little green plastic paratrooper w/ 10" plastic parachute and the presidential seal printed on it so folks can spot them and get a free lunch on our "dear leader".

Let's let the North Korean people know who their friends are.

Not interfering in internal affairs here Joe, I'm entertaining a full scale invasion.

Based on the responsibility to protect populations.

And right about now we're short on manpower, so pardon me for getting creative.(chuckle).

If the intel community is falling off their chairs ROFLMAO reading this, well and good if they come up with something better.

They haven't yet.

So it's up to us to offer alternative if you're in a collaborative mood, or is it mearly combative?


United States
February 23, 2010

Zharkov in USA writes:

The Olympic Games had not prevented any of the many wars since it began. So why bother trying to use it for political purposes?

Can't we leave the Olympics alone?

Is our foreign policy in such a mess that you need to use the Olympic Games to advance your agenda?

Peace is the absence of war.
Maybe you could start with that?

Brad B.
February 24, 2010

Brad B. in Canada writes:

It's instructive to consider the 1972 Olympics when a Palestinian gang dared to attack the event itself. One might have expected their cause to be set back by this effrontery but they calculated correctly:

Peter Jennings refused to call them terrorists.

Two years later Arafat got to address the UN with a holster on his hip.

The next year the UN voted that Zionism was Racism.

Today peace in that region and everywhere else, is still elusive.

Perhaps we need to punish evil instead of rewarding it.

New Mexico, USA
February 24, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

John in Greece,

The answer my friend could be found for all I know.

Could be a plan if Congress could dance on the head of a pin.

But one can only anticipate miracles,

Is 6 medals in one day enough fun in the snow for America, I don't think so...

It's our nature to go for broke.

While the world watches in shock and awe.

Poetry in motion, well that's life, you know..

Walkin' down that street of dreams.

Keeping hope alive in the minds of men,

We'll do it all over again if we need to.

But do we want to?

Just name the day of the week.

Tuesday's child builds a snowman, sun comes out to melt it.

That is the way of things.

Dali Lama asked America to remain calm, walk easy and remember to breath.

"Don't get stuck on extremes" said he.

To attain balance, wise man on ladder keep center of gravity in belly button window, never to fall out of perspective with the world he's reaching out to attain.

All these things will make a little sense if you read...

Wonders never cease to be.

Nations do their part, still to determine what role they play, uncertainty lingers in the minds of many.

In passing she said,

"We can do this, so long as we remember out joy." -Linda Miale

Have a nice week folks,


Tennessee, USA
February 24, 2010

Joe in Tennessee writes:

Saying the US or any government feeds people for no reason is like trying to eat a meal at a shelter without saying a prayer…

And Bush’s team went through every country who did not comply...I believe that is what was said. South Korea has been providing less and less and nothing in comparison to the money provided in Clintons administration. They used the emergency funds to make missiles for resale. They simply do not want to be overtaken with refugees or AIDS, which is why they sent all the hand cleaner…LOL! Read past and more than Wikipedia. China takes in Refugees to some extent, but refuses to give them citizenship, therefore they cannot work. How the WFB distributes food is a separate issue.

Have you ever even been to Korea, North or South at any time in your life or even eaten Kimchi jjigae with a ROC? Everything is quite different from a distance.

As far as peace goes: Have no job, no money, and no family and live in the USA and tell me you are at peace. Have a family lose your home and no job in the USA and tell me you have peace. Have a checkered past and more than abundant skill levels and no means of support and tell me your at peace...Peace is much more than some idealistic state of bliss or mindset, humility turns into humiliation and that is not peace. If you do not get credit or reward for your work and others do, you do not have peace. If a just system is unjust and you suffer, you do not have peace...blah get the drift: PEACE IS MUCH,MUCH, MORE THEN NO WAR and very dependent on perspective and premiss.

The Olympics: THE US ROCKS!

New Mexico, USA
February 24, 2010

Eric in New Mexico writes:

@Joe in Tennesse,

Joe Stack don't speak for me.

I say again and you can quote me,

"Joe Stack don't speak for me."

Maybe he speaks for you there Joe in Tennesse, but I can't presume that.

So I'd like to hear a second from you, if you please,

"Joe Stack don't speak for me."

Yeah I'm an American. I was born with a genetic dispensation to question authority, I qualify for citizenship,

But Joe Stack don't speak for me.

All you Olympians listen up!

Carry this torch in word and deed, and hearts and minds together now,

"Joe Stack don't speak for me."

Wheras it concerns the state my government it has a love/hate relationship on a highly bi-polar level of political enmity,

We hang together or hang seperately.

So come along all ye faithful,

"Joe Stack don't speak for me."

To all those coming to America seeking the dream I say this with absolute clarity,

Joe Stack don't speak for you apparently.

When I say attitude is everything,

"Joe Stack don't speak for me."

All those roving diplomats dedicated to democracy, and those all in the same boat searching for the meaning of life.

Come all ye faithful, and those in harm's way,

"Joe Stack don't speak for me."

He said no one listened, knew no hope, saw no change and could't find justice if it hit him like a brick upside the head.

So he made his family homeless instead.

An ode to hypocracy I speak in his memory,

"Joe Stack don't speak for me."

I say again, and I'd like to hear it from you,

"Joe Stack don't speak for me."

Thanks for listening there Dipnote Bloggers...

even though I may be radicly mindful of the status quo till I'm blue in the face,

I actually can articulate the "storm in my head" and be at peace with myself,

"Joe stack don't speak for me."

Talkin' monkeys, whores and thieves...Banksters all in harmony.

Lend us your public trust and your money all you idiots of the legal tender...'cause budski...

All is well in the land of plenty when attitude is everything.

Even the homeless agree,

"Joe Stack don't speak for me."

Thanks for listening to my gripe, ain't no complaint without absolution for stupidity.

Take personal responsibility.

That's why Congress must join with us in this vote of confidence,

"Joe Stack don't speak for me."

Niether does Joe in Tennesse for that matter, and bugger the negativity bro-

"Joe Stack don't speak for me.""In war, resolution; in defeat, defiance; in victory, magnanimity; in peace, good will.
-Winston Churchill

So either you're with me or just not getting a grip properly,

"Joe Stack don't speak for me."

Losers never will.

It's just a "victim" spin...into the abyss. Much amis over nothing so important as this.

Even so, while in democracy's shadow,

"Joe Stack don't speak for me."

Castles made of sand drift into the sea eventually, as any bankster knows...very intimately the low spark of high-heeled boys, on a golden toilet seat.

No manifesto this, just the facts Madam Secretary if you have the time to speak the words,

"Joe Stack don't speak for me."

And the President too, and may your words grace the ages,

"Joe Stack don't speak for me."

As sure as the sun rise tommorrow on the fields of snowmaggeddon,

May those who brave adversity and dysfunctional government have no fear to tread lightly.

Lend me your hearts and your ears and your brains put to work.

If you don't mind, it's mind over manifesto.

Thus make it so oh humble public opinion,

"Joe Stack don't speak for me."

Rock on soldier, play on child, come on all ye faithful, oh say can you see,

"Joe Stack don't speak for me."

A wall of sound in a musical finale, wonders never cease to be...

All I ask is you take the war to the enemy, for we the people,

"Joe stack don't speak for me."

Put them in their place, irrelevent be, not as anyone worthy of humanity,

Dust to dust, into the dustbin of history,

"Joe Stack don't speak for me."

This ain't no poetry in motion, no epiphany.

Just a simple notion, a united nation on a roll while singing the blues.

"Joe Stack don't speak for me."

Please take note, this is not the end, just the beginning of realization.

A terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist,

You can quote me, Dipnote me, and agree to disagree with me.

I've just about had enough, said enough, and did enough to know what democracy means to me,

I'll leave that for another day, dysfunctional as it may dawn upon me.

Pinning one's hopes on rationality is the harbringer of catastrophe, yet

"Joe Stack don't speak for me."

And I'm betting he don't speak for Joe in Tennessee.

But the wonders never cease to be...

Life is good and then you get one.


Michael K.
February 25, 2010

Michael K. in Australia writes:

Eventually, the more personal contacts with other athletes-the bigger chance to attract on grass-root level.

Many people have never ever seen the Americans besides in TV.

The question remains how to make friends with foreigners not being allowed to communicate with outsiders?

Tennessee, USA
February 26, 2010

Joe in Tennessee writes:

@ Eric

Sounds like you missed you calling…LOL! Kurt Vonnegut would be impressed, I’m not. Your intellectual capacity would work well in poetry, but how about life?

What does that have to do with anything? You get cornered and then personalize? Last line of defense..

The Berlin Air lift was what? Nothing short of amazing; but, politically it was to create a BUFFER ZONE between Russian. Fed lots of people and rightfully so, but still had ulterior motives…it always does, its politics…LOL!

God willing, democracy will prevail…but not in false ideology. It takes hands who have dug the dirt, not manicured or sitting on the sidelines.

District Of Columbia, USA
February 26, 2010

Ralph in Washington, D.C. writes:

The olympics seem to be like everything else now, money rules. How many of the skiers had an eight million budget for training, for ONE SKIER? How many teams had fourty million? Money is what is being represented with few exceptions...its sad really.

@Eric you seem to have problems:

Did not a Politician talk of Joe Stack nonsense? and he LOST the election with this type of abstract mental disorentation? How about everyone sticking to the subject a bit more...its about the olympics not fish stew and prose....and more professional or educated in thought patterns.

South Korea
February 26, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Dear to..

i received this e-mail

palgye --

President Obama has released a new health reform proposal -- and our political director just sent me an overview that I wanted to share with you.

Here's the bottom line: It's a plan that puts Americans in charge of their own health care, bridges the gap between the Senate and House bills, and adds additional ideas from both parties to fight waste and abuse.

The plan will serve as a starting point for discussion at a major bipartisan meeting this Thursday between the President and congressional leaders to discuss Republican and Democratic ideas for improving our health care system. And if there are more areas of agreement, they'll be added to the plan.

Ultimately, we're going to move forward with a bill that lowers costs, increases competition, provides relief for families and small businesses, and covers the uninsured -- and we'll need your help to do it.

Please take a look at the details of the proposal so that you'll have all the info you'll need for the fight ahead, and send them on to anyone else you know who is fighting for reform.





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