Northern Ireland Takes Important Step Toward Lasting Peace

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February 8, 2010

On February 5, Secretary Clinton spoke about the situation in Northern Ireland. The Secretary said:

"Today is a very positive day for Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland has taken another important step toward a full and lasting peace. Its political leaders have agreed on a roadmap and timeline for the devolution of policing and justice powers, and they've taken other productive steps as well. The accord they announced today will help consolidate the hard-won gains of the past decade.

"Now, this has not been an easy road. There were plenty of bumps along the way. I have been in regular contact with the parties during the past year and, especially since my trip to Belfast in October, and I know that the way forward was far from clear. So I really want to applaud all of the parties for ultimately choosing negotiations over confrontation. In finalizing this deal, Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness and their teams displayed the kind of leadership that the people of Northern Ireland deserve.

"I want to recognize the leadership and the patient resolve of Prime Minister Brown and Taoiseach Cowen, as well as Northern Ireland Secretary Shaun Woodward and Irish Foreign Minister Micheal Martin. They have resolutely focused on moving this process forward, forging common ground, and reaching an outcome that will keep Northern Ireland on the path of peace and stability."

Secretary Clinton continued, "[W]e join the world in looking to the leaders of Northern Ireland to build upon their efforts by promoting a new spirit of cooperation among all of the parties. As they do, the United States will help. Our Economic Envoy, Declan Kelly, will continue working to help Northern Ireland reap the dividends of peace, including economic growth, international investment, and other new opportunities. In the near future, Declan and I will host First Minister Robinson and Deputy First Minister McGuinness here in Washington to discuss further investment in Northern Ireland and ways to build on this agreement."

Secretary Clinton concluded her remarks by saying, "We recognize that a new chapter of partnership among Northern Ireland's political leadership and people can now begin. And I am confident that the people of Northern Ireland will make the most of this moment. I want to reaffirm the commitment of the United States, and my personal commitment to support them in every way we can as they continue on this very positive path into the future."

Read the Secretary's full remarks here.



California, USA
February 13, 2010

Brian in California writes:

When President Bill Clinton was in the White House, relations with Ireleand started to bloom with peace. It has taken along time, but it is well worth mentioning it started with President Bill Clinton and the progress still continues.

Secretary of State Clinton, again, has proved to be a steadfast leader shinning with brilliance. I am proud to be an American! Thank you, Secretary of State Clinton.


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