Haiti: Next Steps

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January 26, 2010

More about the crisis and how you can help:state.gov/haitiquake

Today, Secretary Clinton participated in the Haiti Ministerial Preparatory Conference, hosted by the Canadian government in Montreal. Secretary Clinton said:

"Thank you very much, Minister Cannon, and thanks to you and Prime Minister Harper and your government for hosting this conference. The United States looks forward, working with everyone here and all of the other participants, to move toward a conference in New York in March.

"Today, we agreed on key principles that will guide our effort, including the leadership of the Government of Haiti and close cooperation among the international community. I’m very grateful to Prime Minister Bellerive and President Preval for their leadership and guidance as we commence this important effort. It is clear that the Government of Haiti has, under the most difficult circumstances, provided leadership. And we intend to support the government so that this is truly a Haitian-led effort, one that responds to the aspirations and the needs of the Haitian people.

"I especially want to thank the United Nations and particularly Brazil, who has contributed so generously to the work at the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti, MINUSTAH, and also to the other countries, some of whom are present today – Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, and others – who are making additional contributions to this UN mission.

"We know that the extent of this devastation is almost more than any of us can grasp, but day by day, we have to make progress. Relief workers continue to operate around the clock to distribute more aid to more people. The generosity of countless millions of citizens around the globe continues to be manifest and making a contribution to those relief efforts. Banks, shops, and markets are starting to reopen. So, today was better than yesterday, and I am hopeful that tomorrow will be better than today for the Haitian people.

"But as we plan for the transition from emergency assistance to long-term investment and reconstruction, it’s imperative that we maintain this spirit of not only cooperation, but coordination. And to that end, the statement that has been presented following this conference sets out the principles for our cooperation and coordination, strategic long-term objectives, and the beginning of a roadmap that can lead us where we intend to go.

"It’s important that we see ourselves as partners with Haiti – not patrons – that we work intensely together to produce results that can be seen and felt by the Haitians themselves. Our goal is a peaceful and prosperous future for the people of Haiti. Many of us have a great commitment to Haiti that precedes the tragedy of the earthquake, and the Obama Administration was committed to working with Haiti, and we stand ready to continue to do all that we can to help realize this better future for the Haitians. And I thank all of our partners in this effort. "

Read the Secretary's full remarks here.

Read the Secretary's remarks with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper here.



Ernst A.
Maryland, USA
January 27, 2010

Ernst A. in Maryland writes:

I'm a Haitian-American leaving in Laurel Maryland who currently not working and feeling powerless and would like to participate in t

David H.
California, USA
January 27, 2010

David H. in California writes:

Here is a possible cottage industry for Haiti's recovery: manufacture and development of prosthetics and bionics for world consumption. They need an industry, they're a motivated workforce, they benefit from training and employment opportunities, etc. Catastrophic injuries, and the price paid for them, because of the quake as well as other wars, are on the increase as never before. Haiti might become a world-class center for the manufacture and research of these devices: look for the label, MADE IN THE REPUBLIC OF HAITI, on a high-quality artificial limb. Talented people from all over the globe can participate.

Darrick C.
Hawaii, USA
January 27, 2010

Darrick C. in Hawaii writes:

I have 17 years of building and have no life i want to vaulinter to go rebuild for up to 2 years can you help get me were i need to be...

District Of Columbia, USA
February 1, 2010

Linda in Washington writes:

Is there an organization where one can adopt a family that still lives in Haiti like the group that has people adopt a child who lives in another country. I would rather contribute to teaching a family to fish and providing a means to fish rather giving a fish. How much would it cost to make a difference in a family unit for a lifetime?


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