Text “Haiti” to “90999” Passes $25 Million

Posted by Katie Dowd
January 20, 2010
Child Holds Baby Outside Damaged House in Port-au-Prince

More about the crisis and how you can help:state.gov/haitiquakeAbout the Author: Katie Dowd serves as New Media Director at the U.S. Department of State.

On January 20, 2010, the text “Haiti” to “90999” campaign passed the $25 million mark. This is the largest mobile donation campaign to date and a true testament of the generosity of the American people. On behalf of everyone at the State Department, we thank you for your contributions.

Within hours of the earthquake, the Department helped launch this mobile fund-raising initiative in partnership with the American Red Cross, Mobile Accord and the mGive Foundation. Donations will appear on customers' monthly bills or be debited from a prepaid account balance, and 100 percent of the proceeds from this campaign support Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti.

As a friend, a partner, and a supporter, the United States will continue to assist the people and government of Haiti in every way we can. This is a long-term commitment that will extend beyond the current emergency.

For those who have a significant in-kind contribution to make – such as a plane, a cargo ship, a team of doctors, portable generators, or large-scale water purification equipment – please log onto the website of the Center for International Disaster Information at www.cidi.org.

You also can send your message to helphaiti@state.gov. Be certain to include in the subject line “Donation of” followed by the products you are willing to donate. A staffer will share the information with relief and development agencies that have the ability to transport collected items to the affected region.

More ways you can help: Clinton Bush Haiti Fund



District Of Columbia, USA
January 21, 2010

Anna in Washington, DC writes:

What an amazing fund-raising model, and for such a worthy cause. Great photo.

South Korea
January 22, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

About American entry into a country nonpermission policy of sufferer,

The decision to drop and becoming the announcement in press and being reversed, is thought that is difficult.

With different solution in military base circumference (the island or the basin) establishment Haeju will hang a sufferer camp in the same place and? That to U.N. establishment eagle base is possible the same formation tent is same to exists inside 1 hour, listened. The maintenance of public peace the U.S. army or peace keep the essential goods thinks that appropriation is possible with the fact that the relief organization to send.
Gives back but is a situation which is not the countermeasure which is special, thinks that later the possibility becoming the problem which is political is.

france e.
United States
February 12, 2010

France in U.S.A. writes:

God Bless you both, President Bush and Clinton


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