Cooperation Among Haiti, U.S. and UN in Relief Efforts

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January 20, 2010
UN Peacekeepers Distribute Water in Haiti

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Yesterday, Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs Esther Brimmer spoke about cooperation among Haiti, the United States and the United Nations in relief efforts to Haiti. Assistant Secretary Brimmer said,

“[T]he United States is consulting and coordinating closely with the Haitian authorities and the United Nations, and working hand-in-hand with many international partners and organizations on the ground. These efforts are making a difference in what is taking shape as among the largest urban search-and-recovery effort ever in history. As of this morning [January 19], more than 70 individuals had been rescued, and the flow of aid to those most in need is accelerating rapidly.

“The security situation in Haiti remains generally good with communication and cooperation among Haitian, UN, and U.S. uniformed personnel. In fact, it is the events such as this terrible earthquake that illuminate the crucial role of the United Nations in mobilizing and coordinating not just its own activities, but also those of the larger international community, because at just such a moment, that’s when we become truly a community.”

Assistant Secretary Brimmer continued:

“[T]he Security Council held emergency consultations on the situation in Haiti. The United States joined other members of the UN Security Council in expressing their deep sympathy and condolences to the government and people of Haiti and reaffirmed the Council’s strong support. The Council also took the opportunity to express its support for the proposal of the Secretary General to increase the overall level of UN peacekeeping to support immediate recovery and stability efforts.

“And today, the United States and its partners at the Security Council acted to authorize an increase with Resolution 1908 to the military component – is now as high as 8,940 personnel in troops of all ranks and increase the authorized level of the police component to over 3,700. This action taken by consensus should be a clear indication of the international community’s determination to respond with speed and energy.”

Read Assistant Secretary Brimmer’s full remarks here.



Tyler K.
January 22, 2010

Tyler S. K. in Canada writes:

Becomming A F.B.I Agent Is My dream/ and i support this Administration with all my respect and honour ill fight for freedom and for the people of Canada and The United States Of America! Thank-you
Tyler S. K.


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