Secretary Clinton in Haiti

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January 17, 2010

Joint Communique of the Governments of the United States and Haiti

Today, Secretary Clinton met with Haitian President Preval in Port-au-Prince. Following their meeting, Secretary Clinton said, "We had a very good meeting about all the priorities of his government. We are focused on prioritizing humanitarian assistance - water, food, medical help -- those who are suffering.... We discussed the priorities of restoring communications and electricity. We agreed we would be coordinating together achieve these goals."

Secretary concluded, "I want to speak directly to the Haitian people through the Haitian media. We are here at the invitation of your government to help the Haitian people. Speaking personally, I know the great resilience of the haitian people I believe Haiti will come back stronger and better."Full Text

Anyone wishing to donate or provide assistance in Haiti following the devastating earthquake that struck near Port au Prince on Jan 12, 2010, is asked to contact the Center for International Disaster Information.

For those interested in helping immediately, simply text "HAITI" to "90999" and a donation of $10 will be given automatically to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts, charged to your cell phone bill.

More about the To Help:Center for International Disaster Information | Clinton Bush Haiti Fund | InterAction | Mercy Corps | Red Cross | Text Donation



Michael B.
Florida, USA
January 17, 2010

Michael B. in Florida writes:

The efforts of the State Department and Secretary Clinton make me proud of America again on the world stage. My sincere hope is that you will continue to set priorities that are in our Nation's and the world's best interests. Sincere thanks from Florida!!!

Gabriel M.
January 17, 2010

Gabriel M. in Greece writes:

It is a very devastating situation. So many people are still dying under the ruins of the collapse buildings. It might take longer time to overcome and restore this situation. But it is a real bless that America was near and geographically to help in such a fast mode. Aloud me to say that, this kind of invasion of compassion and support to Haiti is something that I will always remember. The World too.

New York, USA
January 17, 2010

Ron in New York writes:

Thank you Secretary Hillary and UN Envoy Bill!

South Korea
January 17, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Rehabilitation of network and road

Thinks that with maintenance of public peace must make the temporary road with help of the company building. Now expense payment without.

Expense payment later substitutes with the fact that gives the chance which will participate to the benefit enterprise which will occur thinks that must make the temporary road. The place where the benefit enterprise will occur thinks that is many. In world-wide here and there… Is who to recommend and wants, me, there is not a place which is interest, ㅠㅠㅠ..

Road in base field mess and check point (?)Establishes and thinks that must establish the hospital and a social base facility in that side. And, the broadcasting facility rehabilitation is difficult and uses the broadcasting vehicle or the airplane, Public information does the news and method etc. of rehabilitation and closes the restlessness of the citizens and thinks that must do to make the interim government establish.

(The photograph which shakes hands sometimes thinks that displays a large effect.The aircraft carrier and the hospital ship, the warehouse which the food kicks full, features etc. doctors and nurses who work cleanly eagerly is substantial)

And to the feed about under new is adapted the citizens to a method and process with one place and to after one re-disperses must do to participate to a rehabilitation again and thinks that from.

-Who the lichen is problem must recover does not think a trust the problem which is the possibility I saying.

Is unhappy but thinks chance. Is sorry.

(The secret intention character original is like this.)


Ueremia A.
United States
January 17, 2010

Ueremia Y. in U.S.A. writes:

The food distribution work is very slow and it is very disturbing. Please make food and water available to the survivors.

Judy L.
Connecticut, USA
January 17, 2010

Judy L. in Connecticut writes:

Dear Secretary Hillary Clinton,

I just saw your interview with Sanjay Gupta of CNN, and your humanity and considered good judgement are blindingly evident.

Thank you so much!

Karl C.
Florida, USA
January 17, 2010

Karl C. in Florida writes:

Secretary Clinton has done a commendable job in projecting America's concern,compassion for, and the will to assist the people of Haiti. Thank you for speaking for us. Thanks also to those State Department personnel directly involved in the herculean effort in disasteer recovery. God bless you all.

Massachusetts, USA
January 17, 2010

Stacy in Massachusetts writes:

Secretary Clinton really did a great job speaking directly to the Haitian people and Haitian press. I'm sure her trip there was a source of inspiration and hope for not only the people of Haiti but also the humanitarian workers and military.

Alberto G.
January 21, 2010

Alberto G. in Italy writes:

Padova-Italy Non E' stoto possibile inviare dall'Italia tramite celldirettamente i 10$ tramite sms ma ci stiamo abilitando presso la Croce Rossa Italiana e continuo a informare da Facebook tutti i miei contatti Sinceramente Alberto G.

Donald M.
Virginia, USA
January 17, 2010

Donald M. in Virginia writes:

Preparing for an Earthquake

1. Anytime an Earthquake happens, the ground trembles. Which means you have to find adequate shelter, and use what we call the shock method. "Brace for shock by leaning up against a wall or I beam, steel or wood, and bend your knees" this way your whole body will roll with the shock waves.

2. Food and water reserves - Once again adequate evacuation routes, the Governments around the world need to have an effective evacuation plan in place for their people. Waiting until disaster strikes, and having a multitude of casualities, when plans could be implemented in time before any natural disaster happens.

3. 267 Countries in the world, I can only hope and pray that the Government Leaders of all Nations will form an evacuation plan for it's people, "Plan for the worst, hope for the best" Have some kind of make shift Hospitals, or emergency care for the wounded.

4. Always remember to ask the what if's... because once it happens, its too late, this is the difference between surviving a major earthquake or dying. Put yourself into a positon, where the big earthquake hits, identify the best possible shelters, that would shield you from the debris. We lost over 3,000 people in the world trade center, and some just didn't think about what they could of done, or didn't react in time. Well during emergencies, you have to learn to react to the situation, be prepared to move very quickly. Waiting on someone to assist may come, it might not come.

5. Always remember to use the back of your hands to feel your way out of a building, NEVER the open part of your hands, because you might grab onto a power cable and get zapped and stick to the power. Learn how to properly egress out of a space, building, ship, or whatever your in at the time. Have a trainer place a blindfold over your eyes, and see if you can evacuate safely without your eyes seeing. The trainer is present for safety reasons, going up or down stairs, or once you have evacuated, you can take the blind fold off. In a fire always remember to stay low, walk like a duck. There is more oxygen lower than when your standing. Heat and smoke rises.

The proper basic First Aid methods, treating wounds, using DIRECT PRESSURE to stop the bleeding. Enusre the bandages are clean.

The use of Charcoal will help filter water.

What Haiti could use is what the Army has for desalting the water, and filtering it for potable water drinking. They have mobile units that can suppor the mission.

I still think my idea regarding having ONE Aircraft Carrier, USS Enterprise to be stocked, and the ability to carry all emergency supplies, emergency equipment, doziers, cranes, fire trucks, ambulances, and mobile radar systems, food, water, tents, and plenty of generators, along with a good stock of batteries, plenty of lights, turning one section of the carrier for Medical dealing with emergency casualties. It would help in the USAID package when or if the next Earthquake/Tsamani/Flood/Hurricanes/ happens. A carrier ship designed to carry all emergency equipment to deal with any catastrophic situation around the world. Include helicopter units, and fire fighters, EMT'S, Doctors, Nurses, and even have a military unit attached for providing the police in a foreign country.

Debi M.
District Of Columbia, USA
January 17, 2010

Debi M. in Washington writes:

Hello Ms. Clinton, I was most surprise and very upset yesterday, when I saw you step off the plane wearing that necklace around your neck. It actually made me feel ashamed of our countries representive. Why would you wear such an indulgent piece of glitter to a earthquake torn country like Haiti? What do you think these few poor people must of thought of us? So rich, we can do anything? How about just loving and caring people, like we are. Why did you stay just a few hours? Was this to much for you? Why did you not bring back children that were dying? I love my country, I love our new President, but you did not do us justice yesterday, IMO. Please next time give your attire a once over and appeal to your own good taste on what is appropriate. Remember it is us, the good people of the USA, you are reflecting.

Florida, USA
January 17, 2010

Marie in Florida writes:

Thank God for America! America you are the best, America you have great Leaders. God bless all three Presidents & their Families. God bless America for ever Thanks!


Washington, USA
January 17, 2010

Debi in Washington writes:

A baby was born on the USS CARL VINSON..where does this baby go and who will protect it?

This baby is now a USA citizen. We have saved one baby now!

Alfred N.
Maryland, USA
January 19, 2010

Alfred A.N. in Maryland writes:

Congratulations for Hillary for going to Haiti to give that beleaquered President of Haiti the support and respect of America. Note that she was working to help the truly helpless while Obama was off in Boston campaigning to ruin our health care by electing a rubber stamp senator.


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