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January 17, 2010
Presidents Obama, Clinton and Bush Announce Haiti Fund

Clinton Bush Haiti Fund | White House

At the request of President Obama, former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are partnering to lead a major fundraising effort for Haiti. Yesterday, President Obama said:

"In times of great challenge in our country and around the world, Americans have always come together to lend a hand and to serve others and to do what's right. That's what the American people have been doing in recent days with their extraordinary generosity and contributions to the Haitian people.

"At this moment, we're moving forward with one of the largest relief efforts in our history -- to save lives and to deliver relief that averts an even larger catastrophe. The two leaders with me today will ensure that this is matched by a historic effort that extends beyond our government, because America has no greater resource than the strength and the compassion of the American people.

"We just met in the Oval Office -- an office they both know well. And I'm pleased that President George W. Bush and President Bill Clinton have agreed to lead a major fundraising effort for relief: the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. On behalf of the American people, I want to thank both of you for returning to service and leading this urgent mission."

Underscoring the importance of sustained attention to the issue, President Obama continued:

"In any extraordinary catastrophe like this, the first several weeks are just going to involve getting immediate relief on the ground. And there are going to be some tough days over the next several days. People are still trying to figure out how to organize themselves. There's going to be fear, anxiety, a sense of desperation in some cases.

"I've been in contact with President Préval. I've been talking to the folks on the ground. We are going to be making slow and steady progress, and the key now is to -- for everybody in Haiti to understand that there is going to be sustained help on the way.

"But what these gentlemen are going to be able to do is when the news media starts seeing its attention drift to other things but there's still enormous needs on the ground, these two gentlemen of extraordinary stature I think are going to be able to help ensure that these efforts are sustained. And that's why it's so important and that's why I'm so grateful that they agreed to do it."

Text “QUAKE” to 20222 to charge a $10 donation to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund (the donation will be added to your cell phone bill).

More about the crisis and how to help:



January 18, 2010

Marc in Japan writes:

I praise the President in his efforts to rally every important figure to help Haiti after the disaster.I would also suggest that he release an order to allow native Haitians serving in different branches of the Military to join Army and Marine Units on the ground and provide assistance in language and intelligence. Many of us were born and raised in Haiti. Not only we are getting paid up to 12000 dollars a year for language proficiency but we also know the terrain. We can make a difference if receiving orders to go down there and help our people. It would also be an honor to take care of our brothers and sisters while wearing US Military Uniform and US Flag. We decided to join the Military after 9/11 as a payback of what America has done for our country.T he American people just proved how much they care for us.It is definitely an honor to serve.

South Korea
January 18, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Brazil joins in and Argentina and grows with leading influence of American economy will assist with promise transfers with participation influence to will be how?

and Uruguay. Brazil the present time economic development is thought and a little crisis situation, is picked up. External environment problem and, the unity which is internal is strong there is not an impression like that. Promises cooperation and a support and transfers to will be how does at the same side.

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Chuck S.
Minnesota, USA
January 18, 2010

Chuck S. in Minnesota writes:

URGENT! Please issue the clearance so the children can be evacuated from Haiti. The children all have parole visas in hand. However, in addition to the parole visas, the Department of State must give clearance and that has not been done.

Karen H.
Minnesota, USA
January 18, 2010

Karen H. in Minnesota writes:

Please PLEASE issue clearance for children in Haiti who have been "matched" with their adoptive parents to come home to the USA to their forever families as soon as possible. The situation in Haiti is dire and there is no purpose in making these kids suffer longer without drinking water and food when families who can provide for their every need wait for them here.

Michigan, USA
January 18, 2010

Bryon in Michigan writes:

It is time to help the children of Haiti, they already have their Visas in hand and need our help to tell the State Department it is the best decision to bring them to the States and be with their families. Please there are many adopted families here waiting for the children and they have been waiting years, this is the opportunity to bring them to their loved ones to be taken care of and nurtured after this horrible tragedy.

Susan Y.
Colorado, USA
January 18, 2010

Susan Y. in Colorado writes:

Please, please! Our children we are adopting in Haiti are ready to go! Please give your permission to let them go. It's ridiculous that our own government would be holding up getting them to safety!

Deborah C.
Oklahoma, USA
January 18, 2010

Deborah C. in Oklahoma writes:

I was so proud of Former President's Bush and Clinton. Now is NOT the time for partisan politics, and it seems at times like this we American's really pull together. I am so proud.

Pamela S.
South Carolina, USA
January 25, 2010

Pamela S. in South Carolina writes:

I am a medical professional who speaks french fairly well. I was supposed to go to haiti, but the arrangemnts fell through. If I had airfare and immunizations, I could offer my services to the Haitian people.

Joy B.
February 12, 2010

Joy B. in Canada writes:

A Green Haiti
My name is Joy B. I am an American citizen living in Ontario, Canada. I will outline a simple two-part plan that re-vamps Haiti from the ground up and creates an economy for Haitians to build on.
The amount of money given to help Haiti’s people is enough to rebuild the destroyed area and start anew. When money enters the equation and little oversight is given to the project the money slips thru the cracks. There is a simple way to prevent this from happening in Haiti. Plan first.

The plan should include two parts. First , the people who are suffering should be fed and sheltered away from the activities of the rebuilding. This humane effort should include health care, immunizations, grief counselors, child advocates, etc.Churches can be a help. Volunteers from around the world should start the education process even in this make shift state. Help the people to look forward.
Second the rebuilding efforts should start from the ground up. Infrastructure in Haiti is all but gone. Don’t try to fix the broken pieces. Start fresh with new insight into green living. Why can’t those in the green field use this fresh thinking to make a new green city. Why not use solar power, water saving innovations, along side other green projects. Recycled materials that would be bulldozed from the earthquake’s rubble onto a site could make building materials for roads and building blocks ( if there is not an humanitarian reason not to) . Some serious problems are expected when the rainy season starts. Let‘s address this problem by calling for the help of experts in the correction of erosion before it happens. What trees would grow in Haiti, what fruit? Trees stop erosion fruit is a crop. (That of course is just an example of how to fix two problems at once it may not fit the bill.)“Take a good look at Cuba’s organic, urban farming practices“. Hire Haitians to do the labor. While we are at it let experts start new industries through out Haiti always under the same regulations as in the rebuilding. Train the people to work and run these ventures. Design this new city to be a travel destination so that when the project is complete the economy won’t stop. Bring ideas, give grants to the people , create industry, create jobs, create prosperity. Regulations could insure that the outside world does not come to town, make all the money and take that money home to their respective countries leaving Haiti impoverished. For every outside contractor who brings a crew at least half of these workers must be Haitians currently living in Haiti. A number of these workers must be apprenticed and not just physical labor. Small companies could be started by outsiders who will benefit for a period of time 2-3 years then be turned over to the Haitian co-owners who have learned how to run it during this time. This will insure a new economy for Haiti and will leave the country with some skilled workers. There is so much work to be done in Haiti and there are plenty of Haitians who need work.
Jesse Jackson said that it would only work if all the money was placed in an account and under strict supervised allocation. There must be oversight. Let’s plan to make Haiti a success. No one plans to fail but if we don’t plan Hatti’s future we will fail.
It was just announced that the government of Haiti has ask former President Bill Clinton to over-see the entire project. Mr. Clinton, I think this is a wonderful idea. I am not aligned with your party. I am more independent with conservative views. That being said, I have seen your ability to get things done, to plan and execute. You are trustworthy in your actions. You are great at getting people to act on their convictions. The Haitian government could not have chosen a better candidate for the job at hand.
Mr. Clinton, I do not have any other interest in Haiti than human sensitivity. Why not bring the Haitians out of poverty and a denial to the most basic needs and show the world how to make silk from worms. This is a chance to enlist those who honestly think green living is the way of the future to showcase their views by turning Haiti into a green, renewable city. Now is the time to implement this idea, while the new infrastructure is being developed. “Come together green developers and do instead of talk. The whole world will be watching.” Green city, green houses, low water and power usage, new industry, agriculture to solve erosion problems, economy.
Enlist the Haitian people to do the labor. Pay them for their labor. This in itself will spawn economy.
Mr. Clinton, These people are no different than any other culture. They don’t want hand outs, they want a chance to live a good life. They are not afraid of hard work. It is harder to watch your people die of starvation than pick up a hammer and work.

Joy B.

chase e.
February 26, 2010

Chase E. writes:

this website does not provide great information at all.

Sheila r.
New York, USA
March 15, 2010

Sheila R. in New York writes:

I am thrilled and impressed by the work of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. I know that we all ache for the children and their families in Haiti. In an effort to pull alongside my own colleagues, I have been collaborating with an online educator’s group of the Carribean.

As yet, I have not found a way to provide verbal-oral/ textual-online support to our colleagues who have been as devasted as anyone. We have the tools here. I am seeking a way to confront this need and a way to capitalize on the willingness of colleagues to reach out. Without a route of access I am afraid we will not be able to capitalize on the peer to peer support that can be provided.

As a school psychologist, I know that a good listener is needed to reduce the complex issues of PTSD. The teachers are the children’s best ally outside the family. We need to capitalize on the support available and make each person who can help available even if it is at a distance.

Please assist me in locating a Haitian route for the support that is needed.


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