Tech Community Helps Find Persons in Haiti

Posted by Katie Dowd
January 15, 2010

Embed the Person Finder Tool on Your WebsiteAbout the Author: Katie Dowd serves as New Media Director at the U.S. Department of State.

Today, Secretary Clinton announced the launch of a new tool on, the “Person Finder,” to allow people to find and share information on missing persons in Haiti. In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake on January 12, one recurring theme was the need for people to find and report on their loved ones. As a result, a group of engineers from the private, public and NGO sectors came together to build the “Person Finder.”

The Person Finder is a tool to help individuals find their loved ones. If you are looking for someone, or have information about someone in Haiti, please visit the Person Finder on This tool is available in Creole, French and English, and can be embedded on any website. In addition, this tool will make the data accessible to NGOs, donor governments and civilians in an easily manageable and open format. Please note, all the data you enter will be available to the public and viewable and usable by anyone.

This is one of the many efforts the tech community is working on to help provide relief, recovery and assistance to Haiti. Other great efforts underway include and

Anyone wishing to donate or provide assistance in Haiti following the devastating earthquake that struck near Port au Prince on Jan 12, 2010, is asked to contact the Center for International Disaster Information.

For those interested in helping immediately, simply text "HAITI" to "90999" and a donation of $10 will be given automatically to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts, charged to your cell phone bill. So far, one million people have donated $10 million in the largest mobile donation campaign to date.

How To Help:Center for International Disaster Information | Clinton Bush Haiti Fund | InterAction | Mercy Corps | Red Cross | Text DonationMore about the



R. M.
California, USA
May 3, 2010

R. Mullen in California writes:

Please change the name of this blog. It's disrespectful and silly.

Carrie P.
Indiana, USA
January 19, 2010

Carrie P. in Indiana writes:

SOS-Urgent! 1-16-10, US Citizens alive, trapped and not yet reached.
I have a case I am working on in Haiti. A girl Susan in Jacmel, Haiti is trapped their with the body of US Citizen Flow M. The US body she needs to bring home to Flo's parents who have been contact about the death or their beautiful son. She dug the body out herself after 30 hours. There are more trapped in the hotel and still alive. I need to get word on the ground to the Virginia task force to dig out the road to Jacmel or air lift help to them asap. I know this is dire everywhere, but these are US citizen no one knows about. Here are the details, I have gotten word to the State Department and the UN World Food Programe people but I need Help!!! Most important thing:


Victims need to be rescued. Do not know how many.

You will find Susan at the Peace of Mind hotel during daylight hours. After that time, she will be at Flo's apartment not far from the hotel in Meyer.

Flo's Mother has been in contact with Pastor L. who is headed to Haiti.

Below is the information she sent to him.

Flora R. M.

died in collapse of PEACE OF MIND HOTEL

Flo was director of the FOSAJ (FONDATION STE-ANNE DE JACMEL). Her friend

Susan M F.

had been teaching a workshop in woodworking at FOSAJ. She survived the quake but has been severely traumatized and has been searching for Flo's body in the rubble of the collapsed hotel ever since the quake.

Susan goes by Sue F. with her friends. So it would be best to ask for SUE F.
The Haitians knew & loved Flo and will be easy to ask most people information re: Flo.

Arrangements are already made for cremation at the funeral home.

Susan says the US government needs to supply heavy equipment in Jacmel immediately. US citizens need to be rescued.

A generous woman allowed Susan to use her satellite phone. Susan did not know the woman. However, she will not have any additional information for you.

Carrie P.

C. W.
New York, USA
January 17, 2010

C. Whiting in New York writes:

Along with xlean water and food, all these displaced and dead people need respect and the ability to document their experiences and attempt to pass on history in a meaningful way. Before dumping into mass graves, empower people with digital cameras and phones to document the known and unknown, and with time and space, allow the living to connect and give respect to the dead.

Karen J.
Minnesota, USA
January 17, 2010

Karen J. in Minnesota writes:

The ongoing povery - year after year, does anybody ever promote family planning. I hear that they feed the children mud pies and continue to make more babies - many with AIDS & nothing done to stop the procreation. Why? Does that sound like the first solution to their problems???

David A.
Pennsylvania, USA
January 17, 2010

David A. in Pennsylvania writes:

I was in Port au Prince during the earthquake. I was evacuated to Santo Domingo. I want to know if other Americans we met there were evacuated. I cannot even find my own name on your person finder. Please help. Thank you.

Jennie A.
Ohio, USA
January 18, 2010

Jennie A. in Ohio writes:

I was given this site to find a missing person in the Haiti earthquake. So far, I see NOTHING about missing persons on this site! I have done everything to find Nathan D. and have been led NO WHERE to even be encouraged to try to find him. I have no idea if he survived the quake. Is this a site to fine missing persons from the quake or not?

Neale K.
Virginia, USA
January 19, 2010

Neale K. in Virginia writes:

It is not appropriate for an agency of the US goverment to be advertising for Google. Why not Amazon? Why not Yahoo? Why not Microsoft? All of them have similar assets and are helping out in Haiti. This looks very much like an endorsement of a single vendor, which is highly improper for a government agency to do. If Congress turns Republican, there should be an investigation of the shady dealings between Google and the Obama administration. This is just as bad as Cheney's energy task force.

Greg B.
Virginia, USA
January 19, 2010

Greg B. in Virginia writes:

Kate, I humbly submit that having more than one tool in which to track lost relatives hurts more than it helps. In our experience supporting the American Red Cross, they strongly prefer that everyone use their people finder tool at Would you be willing to put that info and the link in a new blog post?

California, USA
January 19, 2010

Anitaherreria in California writes:

My prayers are with all the people in haiti just keep the faith. This is when you really learn to appreciate what you have and give thanks for your family and friends, God Bless You All it is so sad when all you can do is watch from T.V. wishing you can just comfort all the injured and those who lost loved ones or cannot locate their loved ones.

patrick p.
Georgia, USA
January 19, 2010

Patrick P. in Georgia writes:

i am interested in going to haiti and helping in anyway i'm needed. i am a native speaker, emergency medical tech, and nurses aide.

Alan H.
Indiana, USA
January 19, 2010

Alan H. in Indiana writes:


Florida, USA
January 20, 2010

Latoya writes:

My name is Latoya and i have a friend that been wishing to see his kids for 7 years and he never had enough funds to go and visit them,the only thing that really matters to him is his kids and now he going throgh this casterphy about his children are missing in Haiti. All , I wish for is that one day they could come to America to see their dad ! I hope and pray that all things throgh crisis that these beloved people overcome all these terrible things that has happen to them for all of their lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheila L.
Minnesota, USA
January 21, 2010

Sheila L. in Minnesota writes:

Looking for a lost friend by the name of Laraque J. S. P. who has been seperated from his mother. If anyone has information please contact me via my email address. Thank you and may the angels and spirits of hope and comfort be with all touched by the Haiti disaster.

Vivian B.
Netherlands Antilles
January 22, 2010

Vivian L. B. in Netherlands Antilles writes:

Hi all of you. Strength to all, and may God protect you and guide you during these difficult days for the whole world. People from Haiti know that God loves you, no matter what, and all things work together for good.. I am looking for some family members of a friend sister in our church. If anyone knows anything or has heard please notify me on my mail. She has not heard from them since the quake and she lives in Curacao. Her name is Sabine J. (F.)
The family members' names are: Fernand R., Vjai D. J,. Earnst D., Moise L., Junior N.
Thank you!

Javier B.
January 25, 2010

Javier B. in Mexico writes:

Also on this site you can find people of Haiti:

Richard R.
Florida, USA
January 27, 2010

Richard R. in Florida writes:

MY Wife and I are despertly trying to first get medical help for my mother in law who is an american resident who went back to haiti to for an emergency with one of her daughters. she was soposed to return with them to Florida in Feb.We are in the Processs of getting residentcy statis for them. we have spoken with Senitor Forenso p.
county He said she has to got to the embesey in Haiti she went here last week it was closed she returned to her home wich collapesd. her name is Frieda B. she is 80 yrs she is very sick high blood pressure out of MEDICATION and has heart problems her daughters are Engurd And pasqual, my wifes mother has been trying to keep in touch by cell phone but it is low no way to recharge she spoke to my wife this morning she is very sick vomitting and dierear has not eaton in the past couple of days she is losing weight and is very week cannot walk she also told us no help in sight in her area since earthquake other people in same dellema trapped in homes or stranded out side Thy need help we learned from newws that rescue people are returning home but no help yet in her area she used to reside at in Christroi. I hope she does not be come one of the stupid deaths that was discussed on cnn. send problem how can we bring her back to Florida she wont leave with out her 2 daughters can the get humanitarain refugee states so we can bring them back to florida my mother in law is a widow she has no family left in haiti we need to get her back asp for medical help. Pleas help us who to call or email Thank you

Torrent f.
New York, USA
February 5, 2010

Torrent file in New York writes:

Get to know copulate information. It's an extraordinary article thanks for intercourse. I was undiagnosed to this thing. Expectation to get much from you superficial looking towards for your incoming article.

Bertie A.
Illinois, USA
July 26, 2010

Bertie B. in Illinois writes:

Missing Children is a VERY heartbreaking topic.
There are many worthy websites and website owners out in cyberspace that dedicates there time and effort in finding children.
My name is Bertie and it is my wish to continue the fight to find missing kids.

With this in mind, I want you to consider EVERY form of finding Missing Kids.
Although on the surface this idea looks to be self serving, please take note that this COULD WORK.
Many people are money motivated.So, with that in mind,i want people to consider using a vehicle called DATA NETWORK AFFILIATES.
There heart is certainly in the right place.

They have a Free program that allows people to enter random Licence Plate numbers into their database and they in turn process these tag numbers and GIVE (No Charge) the License Plate Numbers to the proper authorities that help find missing children.

I mentioned that people are motivated by money, well DNA will actually pay people to enter this data in order to find missing children. What a concept.

I hate to put a link here, but in order for you to check it out, I guess I have to.
It takes you to a video that explains what I am talking about.
Keep in mind that yes, this is a money making website, however it is FREE to Sign up and participate. This is 100% free. Your Name and Email is all they ask to get you started.

I think this is a worthwhile project and idea and wish to pass this idea on to you.
Here is the link to get started:

Don't get scared off by the Biz part. It just so happens that that was the only domain left for "DataNetwork"

I hope you like this idea.

Bertie B.


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