A Promising Time for the Americas

January 11, 2010
Sun Shines Over Woman Walking in Buenos Aires

About the Author: Arturo A. Valenzuela serves as Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs.

I recently highlighted some of the areas where we were particularly engaged last year in the Western Hemisphere. In coming weeks, I'd like to use my blog entries to look ahead to some of the most important issues we'll be working on in 2010 and beyond.

Despite all the challenges of the global economic crisis, and other big transnational issues, this is a promising time in the Americas. In fact, I don't know that there has ever been a greater degree of consensus among our societies about what our highest priorities should be. They include, first and foremost, getting back to sustainable economic growth. We need dynamic, trading economies that generate opportunities for all our citizens.

Achieving more effective and responsive democratic governance is also a goal that unites people all through the Americas. This is critical to building modern and resilient institutions that can ensure justice, and protect fundamental rights, for all. These institutions are vital to providing physical safety to our citizens, and reducing the very localized violence that is driven by increasingly transnational crime. They are also necessary to channel and meet the enormous expectation for positive change of so many relatively new participants in political systems. These include whole populations that have long been excluded or marginalized based on economic, racial, or ethnic status.

We're going to pursue these important goals -- these widely shared goals -- through a diplomacy of social and economic inclusion and a diplomacy that prioritizes the safety of our citizens. We are already doing so through a number of new partnerships, and work to expand these into networks of cooperation that can really leverage the extraordinary talent and energy of the Americas to make big progress.

None of this means that we won't have differences sometimes with other nations, even on important issues. When we do, we want to address them honestly and directly, and find common ground with governments and other stakeholders whenever we can. But, we never want to let inevitable differences obscure the much broader, historic, and much more important, common purpose that exists in the Americas today.

I want to close by noting that this is a very important moment, symbolically, for all the Americas. 2010 is the start of a cycle of bicentennial celebrations all over the region. This year Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico mark 200 years of national independence. This is a fitting tie to reflect on the extraordinary strides all our nations have made in two centuries toward building the strong, inclusive, democratic societies our founders envisioned. It hasn't been a smooth ride for any of us. In truth, it will always probably be a work in progress forever. This is yet another common experience that unites us -- and one that that gives good reason for optimism at the start of a new decade.

Read Assistant Secretary Valenzuela's previous entry and stay tuned @WHAAsstSecty.



Tennessee, USA
January 11, 2010

Joe in Tennessee writes:

While anyone can see the necessity of the economic values regarding Latin America; it appears that the investments made into their democracy and other infrastructures are not proportionately redirected back to US companies or democratic support.

Herewith: http://www.thecuttingedgenews.com/index.php?article=11902



None of the above even reflects the Military Hardware investments by Latin American countries, nor the pacts made as well as the outside support of their new banking system.

I am simply stating that too many people, who have had oversight of these economic developments, have simply neglected the fact we are being surrounded by non democratic economic investments into our allies and now have little to stand on to turn it around. Hopefully this will change and it is not too late.

Tom D.
New Jersey, USA
January 14, 2010

Tom D. in New Jersey writes:

Honorable Secretary Valenzuela, your opening statement shows good intentions:

"...I’d like to use my blog entries to look ahead to some of the most important issues we’ll be working on in 2010 and beyond."

The general subject of human rights has been mentioned many times, rightfully so.

I respectfully submit that one of the most important issues for your office is international child abduction and the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. The recent return of 9 yr old Sean Goldman from Brazil where he was unlawfully retained for 5 1/2 years has exposed a real problem that had largely remained hidden for a number of reasons. One reason is that the US government had little motivation and inadequate tools to take effective action. There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of other abducted American children in other Western Hemisphere countries who need the help of our government. With concerted effort by our legislators (passing HR3240 and HR2702) and Dept of State, this problem can be remedied. That is the hopeful part; it can be done. I hope to see some indication that you have a serious concern about this issue and a willingness to keep it moving toward a solution as soon as possible.

South Korea
January 21, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

A Promising Time for the Americas(and World)

Dear to Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The political ground is weak(?) Mr. President Barack Obama, thinks that in the National Assembly appears as ever again with evil indication.

By the way, Sec(?) Hillary Clinton powers anyone know and they are but does not experience the people thinks does not understand a wavelength the thing from the National Assembly. Only Secretary(?).
Is not also the fact that comes to make one day in morning who is this world which gives, to understand and, the person who appropriately will use the force well thinks that is not.
That the shame which comes out from a head count is similar the support layer is same and boils and does not think. Is a public opinion and hangs and when, thinks that is dangerous.

The sand characteristic which comes to get with support of the many people and the amount of material and press same support helps and is different, the patron admitting voluntarily, reveals and sacrifices oneself and the person who has the people who has the influence which supports thinks that almost is not.
There will not be compensation and will hang to know,
The who does not compensate their effort, and will hang knows, but when supports, will make this society paste a little and moving rises will hang and the people who knows to being many.

The beginnig came to be long too.

Frankly, I think at the degree where the political life will become dangerously difficult situation. Does not know, or, there is not a will, knows, there is not a back influence and there was not a surplus which is monetary and thinks again became dangerously. Like this thing as capability and ability the low hour cotton, will recognize as it is.
but, the medical insurance reform thinks that must be continued. And, reform of different field .....

Palin leads clearly and continuously bites(?) from after, Uses freely an operation and thinks that the operation which promotes an internal trouble will can be accomplished. The frame phosphorus hangs and thinks that. The sense of value which pursues to be different the support class comes out and is different different talk the something else the strategy understands.

But result of now repelling and react, with being afraid, evades a sense of responsibility currently as rebellion of generation sees about future.
Tries to close like this dereliction of duty pulls down an effort to once and cannot hang and thinks one. The internal situation probably is how, the power structure probably is how, does not know entirely.

But, there will not be a sprout to help once again and peels? Thinks the problem which is the possibility only the person who has the support influence which is a work and a national from the National Assembly assisting.
If press or the enterprise, the laboratory, the specific groups endeavor no matter how, will move the Nationals Assembly and the citizens simultaneously and the person thinks that still is not.
I when stops a reform and think that until the now all efforts crumble. The crisis is overcome barely and the new system catching, the place thinks the process which is transition period for.
Is personal, is a thought which is personal who is will receive a help and will forget and will throw away, or, the person whom will betray knows and experienced.
When does not overcome the situation of now, thinks that there is not also promise about afterwords. There will not be a lip and to afterwords Kitan where the tooth will break will hang and anyone knows. As like situation of now….

Thinks that the help is necessary. This problem makes an alternative, or, endeavors, roll-model for an overcome presents and the problem will be able to present a solution knows thinks.

Thinks the problem where who is the help earnestly is demanded as it is.

In case, when betrays, I to hit with the fist.

Frankly speech will give and there is not a valence which will seek a method. Thinks that there is not also a no other option or method. To except Hillary Rodham Clinton,…

Was sorry recently,which will not talk like this did but, sense of honor does without again. Will believe as it is and will follow.

South Korea
January 25, 2010

Palgye in South Korea writes:

Daer to ....

for Mr. President Barack Obama.

The thing to be being a person where most the help is necessary now from the world appears the thought holds. The inside which is one in the part which worries most is violent and to tides over a resistance and the experience lacks, that there was an enemy whom says, but thinks became actuality. The citizens come out and raises money and from this world which signs the problem which is solved knows thinks about decisive direction of what kind of meeting problem. In case system comes out and that proposes what kind of direction, from chart actuality and disregards throws away and thinks that ends. Is stuffy plentifully. The result becoming how, there is not a possibility anything which knows doing to.

There is like that experience to former times and will hang with knows. Also that time knows to actual Iran overcomes to for some reason, thought and that does to accept as it is, passed over as it is. When but, I become the adult and like that work not again repeated and stands. Thinks that me is unfair. By the way, doesn't the thought the truth do well a work? With the man charm is.

Kindly entrusting gives. The help needs.

As the thing which will have the crisis of three times forecast.

The first time is stability of economic crisis, thinks solved well.

The second time is attack from the inside, frankly, tiding over, the most difficult part thought will not be.
By the way, thinks that thought facing each other is too obstinate. The boxer the counter punch before throwing pulls down a facing each other little by little by jab, thinks that distinguishes a winning hit.
Thinks five second transfer distinguishing a winning hit. Before five seconds,

From will pay or the problem will be able to solve with alternative knows thinks that heads with the direction which the atmosphere the inside already comes to decide. To increase the equity the inside, the intention which will help the song which is not? Thinks that there is a possibility two parturitions becoming near to the solution of problem.

Third thinks 45th presidential elections.
Until 2011 overcomes a economic crisis with secret intention calculation and is a stabilization phase which leads the reorganization of the economic structure and world order. In situation of now thinks that there is not a possibility the who being promised victory. Is sorry. The human being thinks the existence which omits too in temptation of power. Until here secret intention is foolish analysis. The different problem a little the sterile field (?)From the enemy knew will be solved will decrease as it is, but

When this situation is continued, there is not a method which is the possibility of being closed.
Democratic completion or human rights the talk which is same theoretical knows, minimum he thinks in own oneself and the support people the person who is frank.

Will come tomorrow again. Is stuffy. The part in middle of the adherents when the themselves will come out and as the thing where all problems will be solved appears to be misunderstanding.
Will come tomorrow again.


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