A New Year for Sudan

Posted by Scott Gration
January 1, 2010
Sudanese Youth Flies a Kite

About the Author: Major General (Ret) Scott Gration serves as the President's Special Envoy to Sudan.

We've reached a new year, a time for reflection but, most of all, a time for looking forward, for making resolutions we intend to keep. It's clear that 2010 will be a critical year in securing a peaceful future for Sudan. National elections are scheduled for April 2010, and registration for the referenda on self-determination for Southern Sudan and Abyei will begin in July with the vote taking place in January 2011. In between, popular consultations in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile, demarcation of the Abyei and North-South borders, reviews of wealth-sharing arrangements, and negotiations on post-CPA issues must be finalized. Direct talks between the Government of Sudan and Darfur armed movements are scheduled to begin in Doha in late January and a negotiated political settlement is still urgently needed to achieve a lasting and just peace in Darfur.

We will continue to work diligently with all parties throughout Sudan in pursuit of peace and stability in Darfur, for full implementation of the North-South Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), and to prepare for what happens after the CPA expires in July 2011. At the same time, and in accordance with our strategic objectives, we will be monitoring the actions taken by the parties in Sudan and will hold them accountable for their accomplishments and their shortcomings. Make no mistake, failure to make progress and a continuation of the unacceptable status quo by any party will be met by credible pressures from the United States and our partners in the international community.

The road ahead will be tough and beset by numerous and seemingly insurmountable challenges. But in the face of these trials, we will work with steadfast determination with the parties to reach positive agreements followed up by verifiable implementation. The ultimate passage this week of the Southern Sudan Referendum Law is a positive step towards CPA implementation, allowing critical preparations for the referendum to begin in earnest. In this last month of 2009, we have also seen major progress in Chad-Sudan relations, with high-level visits and encouraging steps toward normalization of relations between these two countries. This is a necessary step for advancing the Darfur peace process and achieving lasting changes on the ground for the people of Darfur. I hope that the parties in Sudan will build on these acts of progress and resolve to move forward on the critical issues facing Sudan in the new year. With positive action and political will, the parties in Sudan have an opportunity to work together to bring the Sudanese people the peace, stability, and prosperity they deserve.

Thank you for your continued interest, and have a happy new year, Scott.



Scott P.
January 9, 2010

Scott P. in Sudan writes:

As we bring in thousands of courses of open course ware and college study material (all in electronic form) we need the electronic devices that permit the Guang people and the learners in Southern Sudan to use these materials?

Please bring Amb Bost and visit our campus.

Jack S.
January 19, 2010

Dr. Jack S. in Italy writes:

Dear General Scott G.:

I was lucky to see and hear you on the Riz show. I think President Obama should learn from your successes in Sudan.

By Making a General into a special envoy!
>>>>>That is the key to success, as a General all the respect and importance you get makes warring factions respect you more and will listen to you more which gives you a much better chance of making peace between them.

The fact that you like no other Special Envoy that I know of brings 32 years of USAF Military Experience and prestige to your work was so very important to your successes.

You have the title of General which gets that immediate respect that your do deserve very much which helps you and President Obama get results. Congratulation and the best of lucky in your work.

I myself started on Active Duty as a Capt. in USAF also in 1970. the funny thing about me on my second day of active duty; at Sheppard AFB; 2 officers came to present me with my military ID and said to me; You are what we call a lifer in the USAF, and I looked down and was shocked to see my Military ID card - which I have carried ever day of my life for an expiration date on it was printed Indefinite. "forever as they smiled" With the large military commitment we have in the Iraqi, Afghanistan and the Middle East. You General know better then me from your personal experience

I would be willing that the USAF would also consider making me a Special Envoy to ãThe Palestiniansã about my level of friendship and respect example just a few days ago the ãTender for the Mother & Children Societyã presented me with a certificate of Appreciation ãin recognition for my great efforts and generous aspirations in providing humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people in Gaza they appointed me as the honorary President for the Tender for Mother & Children Society. On 12/01/2010 signed by their President Nada Meqdad and Salah Hawass their Director. I also have worked in the 1997,8,9 in PLO camps as a dentist in Jordan and have another letter of thanks and appreciation from the head of the PLO Refugee Department and memeber of the PLO committee.

I recently stated that for President Obama to criticize our understaffed American Intelligence for not connecting the dots has given our American Intel Agency a historic new low in Moral, our Intel community urgently needs so to speak a hero and we need a person like myself who because I have contacts with both Hamas and Fatha as a ãSpecial Envoy to Palestineã to get these 2 groups back to together.

Until we have peace between Israel and Palestine- America will never be safe and our war on terrorism can never be won.

With about 1 in 6 people in the world being Muslims (military we can not even hope to win a conventional war with them. especialy because most are sympatric to the plight of the Palestinian people.

Without peace with Israel and the creation of Palestine the environment will only get worst and the death of our brave Military personnel more severing in the Iraqi and Afghanistan and elsewhere.

I work for dialogue between warring groups and counties but I need to represent our country not just work as I presently do as the founder of People for Peace Group to get results that will make peace in the Middle East a real possibility. Which will save lives in our 2 major Middle East wars and make peace possible.

You tell me, you know the environment out here is boiling over with hate ãmostly based and coming from the fact of the suffering of the Palestinian people which makes the recruiting of terrorist so easy (all wishing to be suicide bomber willing to die to kill you and me) and that the creation of Palestine would greatly lower the boiling point and take the most important recruiting tool away from the terrorists.

So I would like first to get Hamas and Fatha together then Special Envoy Mitchell will have a chance on getting a Middle East peace, the way it is now everyday more American troops are dying with no end insight.

Email me; I would love an interview with anyone here at our Rome Embassy.

With my special skills even if I am 63 years old; you could not recreate another person like Dr. Jack S. to immediate serve his country in this time of 2 major wars.
Shalom, we need everyone and every trick in the book to get the Middle East to make peace and have stability. For the first time in 60 years.

I hope I could serve my country and immediately start working to make America safe!

Just so you will bettter understand, this has happened before in my favorite movie is "Flags of our Fathers" Those boys served our country at a time when they were urgently needed!

I hope to served my country at a time when I am urgently needed!

Dr. Jack S.

California, USA
February 2, 2010

M2G4U in California writes:





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