Happy New Year

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January 1, 2010
Fireworks Flash Over Sydney Harbor During New Year Celebrations

All of us at DipNote – Daniel Schaub, Eric Jones, Tamika Johnson, Jeff Jackson, David Helfenbein, Luke Forgerson, Katie Dowd, and all of the DipNote bloggers – wish you a happy and healthy new year!



Susan C.
Florida, USA
January 1, 2010

Susan C. in Florida writes:

@ All the DipNote staff...Happy New Year to all of you! And, again, I would like to say that you are doing a great job "engaging and informing" all of us out here. As an educator in the art field, I am especially impressed with the photo choices. Absolutely beautiful. Every posting is enhanced by the photo you put with it. Your hard work is evident. Thank you.

Virginia, USA
January 1, 2010

Donald in Virginia writes:


From our family to yours, we all wish for a safe and secure New Year ahead. We might not always agree, but we certainly can discuss it and write it freely, that is what Freedom is all about! Thank-You for allowing us this forum to talk-about the issues fair and balanced.

2010 a year for future Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Man/Womankind

1. Joy and Happiness celebrating the New Year
2. Praying for people less fortunate in life
3. Hoping the economy will shift and get better for the people
4. Jobs and Health Care Reform
5. Manufacturing and building future refineries and Nuclear Power Plants for clean energy
6. Going Green and creating new jobs!
7. Learn to love thy neighbor NOT destroy thy neighbor (tolerance)
8. Advance in technology at Hospitals to allow future Computer Doctors to automate the process of patients and cutdown on the expenses each patient pays on the bill
9. Have the CEO's, Bosses, Managers of businesses go directly to the employment office and visit with the people that are trying to get jobs.

10. I hope that our United States money can go back to the original standards of having Gold to back up the currency. Then introduce more mining capabilities and start mining more for the GOLD, SILVER, PLATNIUM, and ORE.

11. Find ways to pay off China and other Nations United States owes a debt and place taxes on the goods coming into the United States and above all means, "BAN NAFTA" before all of our jobs go South of the Border!

12. Build and design new aircraft that runs on batteries state-of-art engineering systems that will fly quietly and require less fuel. Hybird Jets and Helicopters of the future.


Donald W. M.

California, USA
January 1, 2010

Normita in California writes:

Thank you for all the wonderful news, information and images you shared with us during the year on Secretary Clinton's travels. I always look forward to receiving your dipnotes.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

California, USA
January 2, 2010

Saeed in California writes:

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!


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