COP-15: U.S. Committed To Investment in Clean Energy Economy

Posted by Susan Elbow
December 18, 2009

Watch events live from the U.S. Center in Copenhagen. Follow the U.S. Center on YouTube and Flickr.About the Author: Susan Elbow serves at the U.S. Mission to the European Union. She is currently on assignment at the U.S. Center in Copenhagen."This is Susan Elbow, with the State Department at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen. It is now early evening in Denmark, and this is supposed to be the last day of the negotiations, but the parties are still hard at work and the outcome is still unknown. So you can imagine the intensity in the hall here.

This was the atmosphere that President Obama encountered when he arrived here this morning. He spoke to the plenary session and he said the protracted negotiations were putting in doubt the world's ability to take collective action. But it needn't be the case. He said the pieces of an accord are already there, based on the principle that embraced common but differentiated responses, taking into account the countries' different capabilities. He said that every person in the hall had the chance to be part of an historic accord which will make our children's lives and grandchildren's lives better.

No matter what the outcome of the negotiation, the President said that the U.S. is committed to continuing the course of reducing our own carbon emissions, our dependence on foreign oil, and continuing to invest in a clean energy economy. That's simply in our national interest as well as in the world's interest. I saw that commitment demonstrated live here at the U.S. Center by all the presentations these past two weeks by Cabinet officials, Under Secretaries, scientists, energy experts, governors, mayors, students and representatives of NGOs, all who made this very, very strong case for everything the United States is doing to address climate change.

I now return to Brussels where I am currently posted, but I leave here really heartened by everything the U.S. is doing and American citizens are doing to address climate change. I thank you for following along with me and I wanted to leave you with some of my favorite images from the last two weeks."



Virginia, USA
December 22, 2009

Donald in Virginia writes:


Subject: How can the United States and the world save billions of dollars in oil or gas?

1. My simple theory I came up with, has to do with the Hundreds of thousands of vehicles on the road, boats, ships even aircraft.

2. Every single gas/diesel/green energy that burns in a vehicle already produces energy. What I want people to think about, every single car on the road produces power to operate, has a alternater which generates power inside the vehicle to operate power windows, power brakes, radio, a/c, heater etc.

3. Harness the power from every vehicle on the road today, and the cost savings would be in the billions of dollars.

4. How to harness this power? It's a matter of thinking in reverse when it comes to trollies. The vehicle is alreayd produce power just like a mini power plant? A connection off the alternater which generates the existing power, then have a conductor on the road which receives the charge.

4. The Millions of vehicles on highways, roads, city driving, all could be providing a resource of collecting power from the mini plants = cars, trucks, tractor trailers, boats, ships and aircraft.

5. A vehicle and people are driving down the road, the engine runs as the power is being produced, dispatching this power to a grid along the highways, collecting dc voltage.

This would work, just a matter of harnessing the power from every vehicle, and storing it on the an electric grid then turning that power around and operating lights, railroad stations, etc.

Donald w, MacIver

Maryland, USA
December 23, 2009

Patrick in Maryland writes:

Hi, Susan Elbow & States Dep. People :)

I liked the videos and information you posted about the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. I hope some new green technologys will come from the Copenhagen meetings. It's good to hear that we are working on our countries Carbon emissions .

Thanks for writing-in with updates..Cya..Susan


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