Hutúz Festival Celebrates Brazilian Hip Hop

Posted by Tina Huang
December 11, 2009
Spectators Dance During Brazil Night in Montreux

U.S. and Western Hemisphere: Partnership and Shared ResponsibilityAbout the Author: Tina Huang serves in the Office of Public Diplomacy for the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs.

What does the U.S. Mission in Brazil and hip hop have in common? The U.S. Mission in Brazil recently participated in the tenth Hutúz Festival in Rio de Janeiro, an annual event bringing together Afro-Brazilian artists, special guests and Brazilian citizens across the country. The festival is the largest hip hop event in Latin America. Hutúz has become an annual celebration of the Brazilian hip hop movement, which has played a major role in the political and social fight for inclusion of underprivileged Afro-Brazilian urban populations. During this year's festival, the U.S. Mission in Brazil produced and screened a 30-second video clip about the Mission's in-country partnerships and programs engaging over 20,000 Brazilians in attendance. The festival also brought back the best and most popular artists for the "Academy Award" of Brazil hip hop, the traditional Hutúz Award Ceremony at Canecão concert hall.

The U.S. Mission in Brazil has been a sponsor for the Hutúz Festival since 2002. As the top forum for hip hop, the festival receives major national media coverage. Leading personalities of the Brazilian society have participated in previous editions of Hutúz, including Brazilian Ministers of Culture and Sports as well as artists such as Caetano Velloso, Gilberto Gil and filmmaker Cacá Diegues.

Watch the 30 second video on the U.S. Mission in Brazil here.

For more information about the Hutúz Festival, visit the official site.

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New York, USA
March 11, 2010

Melissa in New York writes:

That is great!!!

Fernanda Q.
March 11, 2010

Fernanda Q. in Brazil writes:

Festival Hutuz d act is the biggest prize of Hip Hop in America Altia. is very nice to see that other countries like the United States recognize that


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