Human Rights Day

Posted by Esther Brimmer
December 10, 2009

About the Author: Dr. Esther Brimmer serves as Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs.

December 10th marks Human Rights Day, a day that affords us all the opportunity to reflect on human rights conditions in our own countries and across the globe in the context of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. That Declaration, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948, outlined the equal and inalienable rights of all people, and has since served as the benchmark for the extension and protection of fundamental rights and liberties.

The United States is a leading voice in this continuing effort, and earlier this year amplified that voice by seeking and winning a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council – the body charged with promoting the ideals embodied in the Universal Declaration. Joining the Human Rights Council underscores our determination to engage in a collaborative spirit on these core issues.

The United States does not underestimate the challenge – the world has made great strides in the last six decades, but too many around the world remain subject to human rights abuses and restricted freedoms and liberties. Traveling the remaining distance to a world without such abuses will require us to heed President Obama’s call to action – that all nations should work together to confront the common challenges of the 21st century. As we mark Human Rights Day, the United States is dedicated to that approach, and will aspire with all like-minded nations toward a world in which the Universal Declaration is universally upheld.



Florida, USA
December 10, 2009

Mark in Florida writes:

This is a good day to reflect on the proposed intolerable persecution of gays in Uganda, among many things. I am disapointed that our President, while receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, is ignoring this issue.

Virginia, USA
December 10, 2009

Alice in Virginia writes:

As I prepare to journey to GAZA, it reminds me of how a people's human right are ignore everyday, by US and Israel. I believe that Israel has and should have the right to exist, but not by the inhuman actions Israel commits on a daily basis. If we as a Country said we believe in Human Rights, then we must demand Israel to end the Apartheid Occupation in the West Bank and GAZA. I think Jefferson has written so well and many that we should all live in dignity. We sold arms that was used during the attach on GAZA last December and January and this use was illegal by our own law.

I love my country but sometimes I am ashamed of it also. We can do better than this.

When I am ask why I am so passionate about ending the Apartheid Occupation, it is because my tax dollars is used to kill, mutilate and torture these Palestinians who have as much right to be on this land as dose the Jewish people. The people who this area are not all Muslims, many are Christians. We call ourselves a Christian country and there Christian children and women killed in GAZA last year.

I am just a person who cares so deeply and my thoughts are not important to you people, but hopefully I will be able to share my experience from visit and move other to come to call of this problem.

Let there be peace next all around world, that my Christmas wish for everyone, everywhere.


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