National Strategy for Countering Biological Threats

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December 9, 2009
Under Secretary Tauscher Speaks on Countering Biological Threats

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Today, in Geneva, Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security Ellen Tauscher spoke to the annual meeting of the States Parties to the Biological Weapons Convention. Under Secretary Tauscher shared President Obama’s new National Strategy for Countering Biological Threats and outlined the broad goals of the strategy. The Under Secretary said:

"First, we will work with the international community to promote the peaceful and beneficial use of life sciences, in accordance with the BWC’s Article Ten, to combat infectious diseases regardless of their cause. We will work to promote global health security by increasing the availability of and access to knowledge and products of the life sciences to help reduce the impact from outbreaks of infectious disease whether of natural, accidental or deliberate origin.

Second, we will work toward establishing and reinforcing norms against the misuse of the life sciences. We need to ensure a culture of responsibility, awareness, and vigilance among all who use and benefit from the life sciences to ensure that they are not diverted to harmful purpose.

Third, we will implement a coordinated approach to influence, identify, inhibit, and interdict those who seek to misuse scientific progress to harm innocent people. We will seek to obtain timely and accurate information on the full spectrum of threats and challenges. This information will allow us to take appropriate actions to manage the evolving risk.

Finally, and most relevant to this body, we want to reinvigorate the Biological Weapons Convention as the premier forum for global outreach and coordination. The Biological Weapons Convention embodies the international community’s determination to prevent the misuse of biological materials as weapons. But it takes the active efforts of its States Parties – individually, and collectively – to uphold these commitments that continue to bolster the BWC as a key international norm.

The United States wants to work to ensure that this is the principal forum dedicated to these issues. We appreciate and applaud this forum’s past efforts, and commit to engaging fully as we work together towards our common goals."Full Text



Virginia, USA
December 23, 2009

Donald in Virginia writes:

The most important or critical part about this situation is "How to educate the Public if or when a Nuclear Device is activated, and how will the Governors of States handle the emergency crisis and have plans on hand to evacuate the public at large?

1. CHARCOAL = This black substance is very useful during a Chemical or Biological attack. It can filter air, water, and even if poisoned check with your parametics and Doctor before taking but liquid charcoal can be admitted to help save a life, just add water to charcoal and drink. not very tasty but it just might help.

2. Always remember your whole body, head to toes, should be covered using rubber suites or whatever you can find to prevent the radiation or biological agent from burning your skin. You should also use face masks which have charcoal filters to filter out the bad chemicals. This would allow you the ability to breath air through your mask. You can also improvise if needed. Duct tape, with a respirator and a can just punch holes in a can, fill with charcoal.

3. Thinking when Hurricane Katrina happened the State of Louisiana was not prepared and blamed their own tragedies on the Federal Government. They have the nerve to place blame when they themselves had the time, a budget to put a plan in effect to help their own people. The politicans of the State of Louisiana let their own people down by not arming themselves with a plan to properly evacuate the public. This mistake costs lives. Did the Federal Government make mistakes as well, sure but State Law Makers are suppose to have the interest of the public safety for there people in minds.

Whether you live in Virginia or United Kingdom every country in the world should have an evacuation plan in place to help the public survive any major emergency situations. Remember always think about shelters, hospitals and even most of your military bases have a means to help people during emergencies. Personally, if one of these things goes off, I plan on finding the biggest cave and having a BBQ.

Godbless and Merry Christmas, Happy New Years to everyone!!!

December 27, 2009

John in Greece writes:

@ Donald in Virginia -- I absolutely agree with your strategy of thinking. Before the rain… before the rain!

When the “hurricane” arrives, no umbrella can save you.

[concerning this cave/BBQ concept- I’ll bring the beers (CHUCKLE)]


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