Clean Energy Forum Engages Youth in Advance of COP-15

Posted by Billie Gross
December 3, 2009
Screenshot of Youth Forum on Clean Energy

About the Author: Billie Gross serves as Public Affairs Specialist for the Bureau of Oceans, International Environmental and Scientific Affairs.

Soon I will be heading to Copenhagen for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP-15), which begins on December 7, but the whirlwind of activity has already started. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a Clean Energy Economy Forum hosted by the White House for youth leaders from around the country. You can watch video of the forum here.

The purpose of this event was to engage youth on the Administration’s initiatives on energy and climate change and to share the Administration’s progress in the area and our commitment to developing clean energy and climate legislation that facilitate innovation and ensure future generations’ enjoyment of the environment. In addition, this event was designed as a forum to discuss ideas for continuing engagement.

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, Labor Secretary Hilda L. Solis, Energy Secretary Steven Chu and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson as well as other Administration officials spoke about the need for a comprehensive energy plan that puts America back in control of its energy future. Transitioning to clean energy will create jobs, enhance national security and help protect our environment for generations to come.

During the forum, the Cabinet members also participated in a dialogue with attendees on the benefits of a clean energy economy for younger generations and the role young Americans have in creating and sharing those opportunities.

I was asked to talk to the group about the exciting events planned in the U.S. Center at COP-15 in Copenhagen and invite them to engage with us via the COP-15 website, Facebook, Twitter and COP-15 on DipNote. Many of the young leaders attending the forum will be a part of the youth delegation at COP-15, and they were very excited about the learning and engagement opportunities the U.S. Center will present. I am looking forward to seeing them and everyone else who wants to pay a visit to the U.S. Center in Copenhagen. For those who will be attending COP-15 in spirit, visit the COP-15 website and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and DipNote as I post updates from the conference. Stay Tuned!



Seyed k.
December 5, 2009

Khatami writes:

The name of God
My language is not English
My language is Persian
I translated with Google site
A sentence that accepts mentis
God ordered the world to rights: healthy life, all thing that people are law and regulations; together and shared their regulations to provide
The same if all other governments and nations to follow would not differ
Khatami, Tehran 1966 birth

California, USA
December 5, 2009

John in California writes:

Please instruct our youth to be skeptical, to challenge in a respectful way what they are told. Please inform them that a mountain of evidence was just exposed by a whistleblower that clearly indicates fraudulent science has been applied to global climate research.

Please instruct our youth that whistleblowing is a encouraged and protected by law when the whistleblower uncovers evidence of fraud and misconduct .

This is the case at the University in the United Kingdom where some of the most prominent international climate scientists have colluded to lie and decieve the public about global warming. An independent investigation must be conducted at once to verify if the climate science is valid or if it is a fraud. No action should be taken at Copenhagen until such investigation(s) have been completed and debated.

Even Einstiein's theories are being debated, 100 years after he hypothesized them! So should humanity's contribution to global warming.


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