Dr. Shah's Statement

December 2, 2009
Rajiv J. Shah Testifies Before Senate Foreign Relations Committee

About the Author: Barbara Feinstein serves as senior policy adviser in the Office of the Administrator, USAID.

As USAID Mission Directors gathered in Lansdowne, Virginia for the Worldwide Mission Directors Conference this morning, Dr. Rajiv Shah, the President's nominee for USAID Administrator, appeared before Members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for his confirmation hearing. (You can read Dr. Shah’s testimony here.)

Dr. Shah's hearing was extremely well attended. Present were Chairman Kerry, Ranking Member Lugar, and Senators Casey, Cardin, Feingold, Isakson, Kauffman, Menendez, Shaheen, and Webb.

The Senators' questions covered a wide range of topics, including: Dr. Shah's vision for the Agency; the shared goal of USAID communicating better both with the American people and the international community in which it works; creating a more transparent and accountable USAID; the Agency’s role in Afghanistan and Pakistan; food security and the global health initiative; education; policy and budget capacity; global engagement; and the importance of coordination of U.S. foreign assistance across agencies.

Please a take a moment to read Dr. Shah’s Statement for the Record here.



New York, USA
December 2, 2009

Ron in New York writes:

USAID....Back to the Future....

Congrats to Dr. Shah....Please restore the USIA Cultural Exchange Program....The world is hungry for the best of American music, art, poetry, drama, comedy....development starts in the heart...share the American beat with the world.


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