Thanksgiving in Kabul

Posted by Anne Frej
November 30, 2009
Afghan Man Leads Sheep Ahead of Eid Festival

About the Author: Anne Frej serves in the Public Affairs Section at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul.

Here in Kabul we recently celebrated two holidays: Thanksgiving and Eid e Qurban, the Muslim days of sacrifice.

Americans at the U.S. Embassy could celebrate Thanksgiving with a traditional American meal at the “DFAC” (dining facility). Or, for those wishing to cook themselves, a truckload of frozen Butterball turkeys arrived earlier in the week. You should have seen us trying to fit the turkeys in our tiny ovens! And the holiday wouldn’t have felt complete without football, so we held a flag football game here at the Embassy.

In preparation for Eid, whole areas of Kabul became holding corrals for the sheep and goats to be sacrificed. I saw small boys herding the animals down the street and young men trying to coax them onto the back of pick up trucks. Families will soon be eating kebabs and other Afghan delicacies.

Whether it was turkey or mutton we ate, all of us, American and Afghan, are thankful that the earlier elections and the recent inauguration of President Karzai went smoothly and there was limited disruption to life in Kabul. I am thankful to have the privilege of serving here and honored to be getting to know some of the brave Afghans who have struggled during the past three decades of war and strife.



District Of Columbia, USA
December 2, 2009

Anna in Washington, DC writes:

Thanks to all who are serving in Afghanistan. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.


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