Deepening Cooperation With India

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November 24, 2009

Updated: Watch video of the State Dinner with India on

In honor of the arrival of His Excellency Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of the Republic of India, and his wife, Mrs. Gursharan Kaur, President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will hold the first official State Dinner of the Pesidency. Watch a full schedule of events leading up to the State Dinner on

Earlier today, Vice President Biden and Secretary Clinton hosted a luncheon at the State Department for Prime Minister Singh and Mrs. Kaur. Secretary Clinton said, "[T]he ability and the commitment of India and the United States to work together will be critical to our successes in both nations in addressing common challenges and achieving shared goals in the 21st century. As the world’s largest democracy and the world’s oldest democracy, we are poised to collaborate on a number of fronts, from strengthening our security and confronting the threat of violent extremism, to fostering breakthroughs in science and technology, to increasing political, economic, and social opportunities for the world’s women."Full Text

Read more about the Prime Minister's visit on the White House Blog.



Tennessee, USA
November 25, 2009

Joe in Tennessee writes:

While it is the largest democracy world wide by population and has made great gains on human rights, India has had the luxery of being protected, educated and given more than equal right here in the United States to its citizens, yet does not equally trade with us.

The total jobs lost to India vs the economic gain from American exports to India does not show equal support, from Oil competion, Gold and Military hardware, India has been more provisional to Russia and China than the U.S. How will that change?

New Mexico, USA
November 25, 2009

Joel in New Mexico writes:

Could someone please explain to me why any country, notably India, would trust the word of the United States after the farce that the United States has played out in Honduras?

Spain and Brazil and a number of other countries are telling us that the conditions to hold elections in Honduras simply do not exist. One of the two anti-coup candidates dropped out, saying the elections are not free and fair. The other has stayed in, but his party is dropping out: mayoral and congressional candidates are dropping out as fast as they can get out the exits.

Anyone who refuses to vote is threatened with arrest. All the opposition media has been threatened, much of it is closed and the rest is clearly not reporting what's going on. Honduras is like Saddam Hussein's Iraq, where you are free to vote for anyone as long as it's the dictatorship, but the State Department continues to pretend that the elections are free, fair and transparent.

Ian Kelly, in the press briefing today claimed that he had no idea that Brazil was concerned about the elections. There is a very broad and fuzzy line between dissembling and lying, but Ian Kelly drifted quite a ways across the median today.

And so back to the question of this thread: why should India not believe that we are going to shaft them when it's convenient? The president went first to China, because this country is in hock to them. We have to pay court to Pakistan, because they have nukes and Islamic radicals in large numbers, separated only by the very corrupt Pakistani army. If I were the Indian PM, after any American visit, I'd be checking the silver to make sure we hadn't pinched some to sell to the Chinese or bribe the Pakistani army.

We told the world that there had been a coup in Honduras, which would make the present government a dictatorship. And now we are trying to tell the world that an election held under a dictatorship is going to be free and fair because the six person electoral commission was installed (by the same people running the coup) before the election. It's all delusional happy chatter, which almost every nation in the OAS has told us is delusional happy chatter.

It seems to me that trust is a valuable quantity, and we have squandered most of what we inherited on the Honduran dictatorship. Can someone please tell me what I am not seeing?

November 25, 2009

Solomon in Madagascar writes:

Mr President of the USA
Mr Prime Ministre of the USA
Mm Secretary Cliton

In Generality the Security World Nation are on time go to the arrange and stalbilize.and the Security nation and politic and diplomacy of the USA are enssure and stabilize total.


The fund of the base not stability peace and not development in Somalia are the Hamas leader of Section Alquaeda International terrorism have point startegy Economic and Armament terrorism in Somalia,Also we must and need renforcement the coperation U.A and UN Defence in Africa use for the us Peace World can deliver us true peace and Development in Africa.


We must wait us confurmation Autorized ,but we need send us United defence of the World for protect the all People not victim and the all jobs of the UN Staff have mission in Afganistan.


For the problem Programe Nucleaer in Korea there is alreadfy send message for ask copeartion with us I.U.U.Organization Peace World and the United Hard Defence of the World and there is already accept the all displine and load International for iself the World programe Nuclear.But every time we must and never quite on us position ready for protect the securitry World Generation World as far as there is Execution he promise .

Irak and Iran
To be I'm on building the new system for iself total the war on international hamas and the Programe Nuclear in Iran and Irak,but we must confurme the Protection for the U.S.I and me on Inter Mussil and on satelite Armour use for we ca settled point strategy Inter Mussil In U.S.I for against the Programe Inter Mussil in Irak and Iran.

For the US coperation in the world we can and have right ,but we must need have limit and never give confidence anothere Nation ;because there is acompany and have copeartion security defence with of the us Enemy Against USA and he all acompany.


We are already buil ud for we can remove the rate economic for the two nation U.S.A and U.S.Africa on above place and number one strong economic in the World.


We must and need confurme and contunie us World programe Spacial Force for we can enssure us iself total the gestion of base stability peace and development in the five contu nent and for confurme the us winner on defence and Economic progress .

Thank very much
the God us protege
Your Coperation
President Executive

New Jersey, USA
November 25, 2009

Rosemary in New Jersey writes:

How is it that there are NO pictures of the beautiful Secretary of State attending the much-hyped State Dinner last night? Does no one at the State Department get it YET! We want to see pictures of Hillary!

United States
November 25, 2009

Zharkov in U.S.A. writes:

It may help to remember that reliable information is highly compartmentalized within the pyramidal structure of our government. Even State Department officials who consider themselves "in the loop" are often so far out of it they can only react to some mysterious comment or decision from higher up. They may know what the agenda is but never why.

There are always at least two explanations for government policy and action, the public explanation -- and the actual agenda.

We are part of something and we don't know what it is because our government tells us only what it wants us to know. We rarely told the real reasons behind anything.

One can't blame people for remaining confused.


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