U.S. Embassy Uses New Media to Reach Chinese Netizens

Posted by Athena Kwey
November 16, 2009
Internet Cafe in Beijing

About the Author: Athena Kwey is a Foreign Service Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.

On November 13, the U.S. Embassy in Beijing launched pages on KaixinWang and QQ, two leading social networking portals in China. Our collaboration with these sites uses local platforms in Chinese to communicate directly with the Chinese people. We hope that this outreach will facilitate our ability to share information and promote a dialogue at the grassroots level. The launch is part of our comprehensive new media effort to support President Obama’s first visit to the region.

Our blog page on QQ will provide details about the President’s events during his visit. In addition, we will share ground-level perspectives from embassy personnel as events unfold.

Our Kaixin page (similar to Facebook) will strike a more informal tone, catering to a core demographic of educated white collar workers. Our goal is to keep content fresh to meet the demands of a young Chinese audience accustomed to accessing meaningful information online. Following the visit, the embassy will continue to use these new outreach tools to connect with the Chinese online community and share both formal and informal sides of our Mission in China. KaixinWang and QQ reach a combined daily online audience in the hundreds of millions.

Follow the President's trip to Asia on WhiteHouse.gov.



Washington, USA
November 20, 2009

Terry in Washington writes:

Dear Madam Secretary:

I have been a supporter of yours for many years, I am proud to say. I just read the nytimes article about your relationship with Pres. Karzai and i liked what the article said. thank you for mentioning the increased opportunity for women in the educational system in afganistan. thank you for your untiring effort to make this a better world. best wishes. terry dale.


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