Embassy Beijing Prepares for President Obama's Arrival

Posted by John Morgan
November 14, 2009
Air Force One Departs Haneda Airport in Japan

About the Author: John Morgan serves at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.

I come from an airline family.

My parents both worked for Pan American World Airways, and so ever since I was a little kid, I have been fascinated by planes. When we would go to visit family in Europe for vacations, nothing was more exciting to me than getting on that 747. Sometimes I was allowed to visit the cockpit and ask the pilots what all the instruments were for. We lived near the airport, and by the age of ten I could identify any aircraft flying overhead by its tail colors. As I child I had always dreamed of seeing Air Force One flying overhead, but never had the chance.

In some ways that fascination with airplanes has stayed with me. So when I was asked to be the airport site officer for President Obama’s visit to China, I jumped at the chance and look forward to seeing Air Force One land in Beijing for a two-day stop that will advance the relationship between the United States and China. The sweeping changes seen during my lifetime have been exciting, encouraging, and positive. I’ll get my dream fulfilled to see Air Force One. But I am even more enthusiastic about how this visit will bolster a diplomatic relationship that can achieve great things in the years to come.

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Daniel K.
Connecticut, USA
November 15, 2009

Daniel K. in Connecticut writes:

This is a monumental event for us as it is for china. Seeing my President land Air Force One there impresses me so much more that Seeing GW in his jacket saying Mission Accomplised. I am a Regan Democrat, but as many of my peers voted for Barrack, and worked for my congressman John Larson from Conneticut. My wife is from Thailand, and her country Thailand loves Barrack and the fact that he has opened up dialouge even with Burma, Chavez and Cuba... The Burmese government is a brutal regime that must change dramatically to become a friend of the U. S. Good Luck President Obama in Asia, you are greatly revered there by all Asians...


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