Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton Arrives in Berlin

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November 8, 2009
Secretary Clinton Arrives in Berlin

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Secretary Clinton arrived at Tegel airport in Berlin, Germany today to take part in the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. During the course of this trip, Secretary Clinton will continue on to Singapore November 10-12 for meetings of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum. While there, she will attend the APEC Ministerial Meetings and will hold bilateral meetings with her counterparts from the region. After the first of two stops to Singapore, the Secretary travels to Manila November 12-13 to hold consultations with senior Filipino officials, highlighting the U.S.-Philippines treaty alliance. The Secretary then returns to Singapore, joining U.S. President Barack Obama for the APEC Leaders Meeting.



November 8, 2009

Luiz in Brazil writes:

Best wishes for you. Far from where you are now, I assure my believe on what yu and ex-president Clinton represent for liberty during these days. Brazilian people are confident on Obama staff to keep world free from radicals and fanatics.

Oregon, USA
November 8, 2009

Deborah in Oregon writes:

Dear Madam Secy Clinton, The women of Honduras are being tortured and killed by the illegal govt. there. Could you look into the crimes against women in Honduras? thank you.

Puerto Rico
November 8, 2009

Ilia in Puerto Rico writes:


Madame Secretary you are an excellent diplomat. You are doing a great job improving international relations among peoples and nations. Your earnest efforts to assure the fundamental human rights and freedoms are remarkable.

Your friendly and open nature makes you welcome everywhere!

November 8, 2009

Sam in Honduras writes:

@ Deborah in Oregon -- You're absolutely misinformed. Or you are intentionally spreading misinformation.

The current government is not "illegal"; our own U.S. Library of Congress determined that there was no "coup", and that the government acted within the Honduran constitution in deposing the ex-President. The only misstep by the gov't was to subsequently exile him from the country, and the gov't agreed to prosecute those responsible.

You are absolutely misrepresenting events in Honduras. The only group committing acts of violence is the mob of degenerates who want to put ex-President Zelaya back in power so he can finish establishing the dictatorship he was prevented from putting in place. They have attacked peacekeepers with bricks, set restaurants, cars and buses on fire, planted explosives all over the capital city, and even kidnapped and/or killed family members of government officials.

Since the constitutional succession in June, there have been three deaths during riots. And I do mean riots, not peaceful demonstrations. Since some of the rioters were firing guns, as well, it's difficult to determine who caused the deaths. Ultimately, however, the rioters would not have been shot if they hadn't been committing acts of violence against peacekeepers, as well as damaging public and private property and threatening the populace.

The only report I've heard of violence against women was the rumored beating Zelaya gave his estranged wife the other day, prompting her to leave the Brazilian embassy where he has entrapped himself.

By the way, the agreement Zelaya and Micheletti signed the other day states explicitly that the Honduran congress will vote on whether OR NOT to reinstate Zelaya. It looks like he will not be reinstated, and that is NOT a violation of the agreement. The U.S. has agreed to support the upcoming elections in November, and it must do so, because this interim government has followed the agreement to the letter, no matter how uncomfortable Ian Kelly is with that fact.


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