Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton Meets With Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi

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October 28, 2009

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Secretary Clinton is currently traveling in Pakistan. During a meeting with Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Secretary Clinton remarked, "...For me, this is a personal privilege, as well as a high honor, representing President Obama and our government, because today, the people of Pakistan and the United States face shared challenges. And we are poised to benefit from shared opportunities. This is a critical moment. And the United States seeks to turn the page to a new partnership with not only the government, but the people of a democratic Pakistan.

We hope to build a strong relationship based on mutual respect and mutual shared responsibility. I am confident that if we listen to one another, we consult, we work closely together, we will succeed. Because while we may disagree from time to time, as friends and partners do, we are bound together by common interests and common values that are stronger than any of our differences. There are many areas where our nations already work together. Now, we seek to deepen those efforts and find additional opportunities for partnership. Again, not just government to government, but in the private sector, in universities, in nongovernmental organizations, civil society groups, religious institutions, and of course, and most importantly, people to people, which is the kind of diplomacy that I think has the longest benefit."



October 29, 2009

Rose writes:

Secretary Hillary Clinton's Dialogue is transparent and her genuine intentions that are shared by the President are clear! This is indeed her seeing and following the Rose Prophecy and Global Peace and Reform Program of Dialogue for peace but not at the cost of Responsible Freedom toward advancement of Prevention, Health & Excellence! I am glad she shareds my philosophy that bullyism and martyrdom are cowardly and have no room in politics of the new age while inviting all to the table to have a voice in creating their own destiny and sharing the promise of equal rights and dignity in Global harmoney! I also share with her the fact that these governments can do more than they are doing in capturing the source of terrorism and that they are eighter not courageous enough and are threatened and intimidated or they & shareholders of that philosophy and are a part of it which must be investigated and braugth to the light!

New York, USA
October 29, 2009

Ron in New York writes:

Oxymoronic Alliances: Pakistan's Constitution outlaws non-Muslim NGO's and religious expression....Afghanistan promotes Narco-Terrorism....Isn't it clear by now, that these are terror-genic partners?

Oregon, USA
October 29, 2009

Robert in Oregon writes:

It's a true honor to have such a well-versed and intelligent person as our Secretary of State.

California, USA
October 30, 2009

Masood in California writes:

Secretary Clinton, excellent work in Pakistan! The work you have done to improve public opinion should have been done by Pakistani leadership.


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