Travel Diary: Secretary Clinton Meets With the Taoiseach

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October 12, 2009
Secretary Clinton Greeted By Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen and Foreign Minister Michael Martin

Interactive Travel Map | Text the Secretary AnswersToday, Secretary Clinton met with Irish Prime Minister, or Taoiseach, Brian Cowen at Farmleigh House in Dublin. The Secretary said:"Taoiseach, thank you so much. And it’s wonderful to be back here in Dublin. I wish to congratulate your government on the resounding vote in the Lisbon treaty referendum, and also to thank you for the kind words about President Obama. I know our commitment to working with like-minded friends, such as Ireland, means that we’ll be seeing a lot of each other and consulting often about what more we can do to provide the conditions for peace, security, and prosperity.

I just came, of course, from a day yesterday in Geneva where the hard work of diplomacy and multilateral engagement was on display to try to work on another difficult conflict, but I think that’s what diplomacy and international relations calls for today. But there is no greater joy than to come back to Ireland to be in Dublin today. I said to Brian, I wish we could just sort of take a day off, wander around this beautiful park and enjoy some of the hospitality that I have experienced before. Bill and I feel such a special connection to Ireland and, of course, we are not alone – millions of Americans feel the same.

But it’s not only ties of family and culture and history and heritage. It is because we have built a strong partnership. Our diplomats and our aid workers collaborate together to resolve conflicts, fight hunger, poverty and disease, our businesses invest in trade to create new jobs and wider prosperity, education, innovation, and productivity have made Ireland a great place to do business, and Americans have leapt at the opportunity. At the end of last year, U.S. foreign direct investment in Ireland ran into the tens of billions of dollars per year.

Now, we know that we’ve had some challenging economic times. That has been apparent, both here in Ireland, the United States, and really around the globe. As we grapple with this global economic downturn, we are aware of the difficulties that people are suffering, people who are losing jobs, people who are unable to pursue their dreams. But Ireland has moved aggressively to stabilize its financial markets, to jumpstart its economy. And we will continue to work with our Irish friends because they understand that we live in an interconnected and interdependent world. It has been a hallmark of Ireland’s history. The Irish may have gone into the world as exiles and immigrants, but they also (inaudible) poets and speechmakers as entrepreneurs and innovators, and we see that still today.

I want to thank the Government of Ireland for your pledge to commit 20 percent of your foreign assistance by 2012 to eradicating hunger around the world, with the aim of cutting that number of hungry in half by 2015. As a people whose history is scarred by famine, the Irish understand that this is an extraordinary global challenge that requires a commitment of that measure.

I was very pleased that Minister Power participated in our hunger summit at the UN during the United Nations General Assembly in New York. Ireland, truly does, punch above its weight on the big issues of the day from climate change to nonproliferation. Irish peacekeepers have saved lives and provided crucial stability in troubled lands from Kosovo to Liberia to East Timor. And we are grateful for their service and their sacrifice.

Here in Phoenix Park, whose name symbolizes renewal, I am absolutely in accord with former President Kennedy, that Irish future is as promising as your past is proud. And it is a future that we will share together. I will leave here to go to Belfast to continue work that our countries have done together, that I have been very committed to for a number of years, in which the people of the north, as well as the entire island, have made so much progress on together.

So thank you again, for welcoming me here."

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October 13, 2009

Solomon in Madagascar writes:

Mr President of the U.S.A
Mr Prime Ministre of the U.S.A
Mm Secretary Clinton
Mr the all commder of the Army defence of peace and the all People U.S.A

Mr President to be the Security defence and politic and diplomacy International for the U.S.A are enssure and stabilize total. The gestion of base give order for the United Hard Defence of the World are not problem and cofurme and there is remove on high Inteligence and above Prudent for Deliver Peace and Development and for protect the Democracy and Right of man in the five Contunent. To be the us system plan with high gestion diplomacy and Politic for iself total the all Programe and center and Armament Nucler in Iran and Irak are walking good and not problem.

We need confurme the all protection for me and the Madagascar and the United States of the Israel on Inter Mussil and Anti Mussil for we can contunie us mission as far as we are winner for stabilize the World people Generation on Peace and Development ane environment. To be I'm and Mr Shimon peress President of the U.S.I on time prepare settled point strategy Inter Mussil high pontetial and Inter Anti mussil have large high speed for we can Against the all atack on Inter Mussil Nucler the Iran and Irak.

Mr President for the us mission Against terrorism in Afganistan and in the world we never accept let us Soldier to kill the terrorism for dead not revenge,Also we need prepare new mssion for destroy and ravage total the all point strategy and base inter terrorism Defence in Afganistan and in the World ,but we not can use us US009 Startegy of war because the terrorism enemy of the us United hard defence of the World are not heavy and not hard,and us U.H. defence is the Number one Strong defence in the World ,Also we must send new soldier with all material new tecnology for renforcement the us troup USA Army in Afgan for execution us mission Against Hard terrorism international with not mercy and not comments in Afganistan when the USA Defence in Afgan need us support and Help.

To be I'm confurme for the we are the next President legale in Madagascar Nation and the United States of the Africa is must building for renforcement the U.S.A on of the base Economic and Defence and for we can iself total the all system gestion Peace and development for the World.

Also I'm and the Defence of Unite africa of Peace not stop Desire us mission for Unit the Africa and Deliver us true peace and development for us People United africa ,and to be I'm have programe for Ansembly the U.N defence of peace and us U.A defence use for we can confurme us stabilize the gestion of base diplomacy and politic in Africa and in the world and I'm not stop contunie negocie in the all defence E.U and RFA and R.U and for the all Defence around of us Continent Africa for we must winner for building the us Union Inter United States of the World ,but I'm need your protection and renforcement on the Defence USA -Air Force and USA -Spacial force and on Satelite Armour and Inter mussil when I'm need your support and help.

We must Confurme us Confidence and us Unit on politic and diplomacy and security defence. We never lost We must winner

Use for Development and remove the two country U.S.America and the U.S.Africa in the one number Strong Defence and Economic in the World and for we can must Ansembly the all United States of the world to became Unit and Unic United States of the World. I'm on time confirme the all Black list of the terrorism Inter in Madagascar and I'm confurme for the I'm not send message one after 48h eache monday your not wait give order and not need autorized for to beging us Hard war Inter Terrorism for in the all states and Nation list Black terrorism already I'm give your and we need not stop as far as there is to Destroy and to masacre total use for rescue and for revenge me.

thank very much
The God us Protege
Your coperation and friend


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