G-20 Pittsburgh Summit Launches New Blog

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September 23, 2009
Screenshot of G-20 Pittsburgh Summit Blog

The G-20 Pittsburgh Summit launches a new blog.

This week, leaders of the G-20 will gather in Pittsburgh to discuss key issues in the global economy. President Obama called the gathering an important opportunity to continue the work of confronting the global economic crisis.

Colleagues from the White House, U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of the Treasury have already been blogging about the Pittsburgh Summit.

Brad Setser tells us that the G-20 countries will take stock of their efforts so far to address the crisis, where we are on the road to recovery, and review their efforts to deliver on the promises made at the London Summit in April.

Danny Stoian gives a behind the scenes look at the logistics of the summit, and Tiffany Smith provides a perspective on the many individuals coming together to make the summit happen. Elliot Repko tells us about what it is like to support a delegation at the summit.

Gordon Duguid updates us from the summit’s media center, and Jeffrey Jamison gives us a glossary of terms we might hear used during the summit’s proceedings.

Mark Sobel reminds us that the G-20 has made a lot of progress, but there is still much to do. With recovery in sight, the world community needs to begin laying a foundation for the 21st century global economy.

We encourage DipNote’s readers to take a look at these entries, join the conversation on the Pittsburgh Summit Blog and follow all the latest on Twitter.



Florida, USA
September 24, 2009

Susan in Florida writes:

Great site!! I went to it and it is very informative, and the photos are great, too. Thank you for creating this blog site. Definitely, well done!

Marãa Z.
September 25, 2009

Maria Evangelina in Spain writes:

More G 20

More are the poor that the rich ones. / More the hungry ones and of justice thirsty. / More we are with pain to give birth. / More we are dying at thirty. / More we are that we work and pay taxes. / More from which the wars steal ours. / More we are the cleared corpses. / More them without land turned into guerrillas or vagabonds. / More we are those that we do not have, bread, solidarity, hope./ More to joining the same cause terrible plot. / More are the ones who are not afraid to sleep and sleep forever. / Provided the executioner sleep in the same bed.


skin c.
October 10, 2009

S.C. writes:

Thanks for the heads-up. I will check it out.


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