Democracy Video Challenge: Your Voice, Your Video

Posted by Ben Harper
September 15, 2009
Democracy Video Challenge Image 2009

About the Author: Ben Harper serves as a Multimedia Specialist at the U.S. Department of State.

We’re back! And we’re very excited to launch the second annual Democracy Video Challenge competition. After a successful first year with more than 900 submissions from around the world, we can’t wait to see what kinds of video entries we get this year.

We’re calling for anyone from international filmmakers to people who’ve never picked up a camera before to create short videos that complete the phrase, “Democracy is…” From the videos that were submitted last year, we know how many different ideas about democracy everyone has—and we know how important it is to share those ideas with the rest of the world.

Last year’s entries were everything from animations and cartoons to webcam videos to High Definition movies. But it doesn’t matter what you submit, because just like last year, six regional winners will be selected by an online vote in the spring of 2010. (That’s right, even the competition is democratic.) Those winners get an all-expense paid trip to the United States to meet with film directors and democracy advocates and to tour film and television sets. For rules and more details, check out



Pennsylvania, USA
September 16, 2009

Asahi in Pennsylvania writes:

What if your too poor to have the methodolgy and technology to HAVE YOUR VOICE HEARD?

Can we go somewhere to use the equipment necessary or get a loan to purchase it somehow?

Not everyone has the money for a computer or services at home, nor can you do this at public is this limited to only those who can afford to be heard?

Do you have any suggestions?

Massachusetts, USA
September 16, 2009

Quan in Massachusetts writes:

Dear Secretary,

Please don't sent more troops to Iraq. It is a never ending story. It is obvious a tactic of Qaeda to trap our troops in the war. If we attack, they will hide to avoid casualties. If we drawback, they show up again to pull us back. It is a famous tactic in Chinese-Japanese war for weaker to defeat stronger. They want to destroy our recovery.

Afghanistan war is similar. Routine war cannot win. This country can not be changed in decade. We will be exhausted, and they will complaint us destroying their country. The best way is taking intelligence action, which will avoid large casualties and costs. And I think that we should try to convert Taliban, use strategy to let them conflict with Qaeda, and then use their nationalism to defeat Qaeda.

Keep cool on our own recovery plan. If we cannot recover quickly, we have no status in the world. The situation in Iraq and Afghanistan will be more worse.


United States
September 16, 2009

Zharkov in U.S.A. writes:

Before you make a comedy video about democracy, you might want to learn that America is a republic and not a democracy.

The following documentaries already discuss America's version of democracy in practice (many are free on the internet):

1. Dark Secrets - Inside the Bohemian Grove
2. Terrorstorm;
3. End Game;
4. The Obama Deception;
5. Martial Law;
6. Police State Trilogy;
7. One Nation Under Seige;
8. Beyond Treason;
9. Fahrenheit 9/11;
10. Fabled Enemies.

Virginia, USA
September 16, 2009

Milan in Virginia writes:

democracy is priceless and take a huge effort and sacrifice to spread it ...


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