U.S., Egypt: Working Together Through Great Challenges

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August 18, 2009
President Obama With President Mubarak

Today, President Obama met with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak at the White House. President Obama said:"The United States and Egypt have worked together closely for many years, and for many of those years President Mubarak has been a leader and a counselor and a friend to the United States. We obviously have a lot of great challenges that have to be dealt with and we are continuing to work together to find those areas where we can find common ground and to work in concert to bring peace and security to the region.

The Arab-Israeli situation is something that has been of ongoing interest and we had an extensive conversation about how we could help to jumpstart an effective process on all sides to move away from a status quo that is not working for the Israeli people, the Palestinian people, or, I think, the region as a whole.

We discussed our common concerns about the potential proliferation of nuclear weapons in the region, including the development of nuclear weapons by Iran, and how we could work together on those fronts. We discussed Iraq -- and I want to thank the government of Egypt for being an Arab country that has moved forward to try to strengthen Iraq as it emerges from a wartime footing and a transition to a more stable democracy.

And we continued to talk about how we can work together on economic development issues, education issues, health issues, that can promote the interests of both the American people as well as the Egyptian people. Just to take one example, we have agreed to work together with the Organization of Islamic States to eradicate polio, something that we've been able to successfully deal with here in the United States but still has impact on populations throughout the Muslim communities around the world.

And so these are the kinds of partnerships that we want to continue to build. There are some areas where we still have disagreements, and where we do have disagreements we have a frank and honest exchange."

Read the President's full remarks with Egyptian President Mubarak here or view video of Secretary Clinton's meeting with President Mubarak.



Illinois, USA
August 19, 2009

Melvin in Illinois writes:

united states and egypt have worked together and i hope we will continue to work together for peace in the middle east.

Maryland, USA
August 20, 2009

Patrick in Maryland writes:

Hi, My Netizen Friends at the Department OF States.

Well i think it's great that President Hosni Mubarak and the administration of Egypt is working with the U.S.,and most of the worlds governments .To solve some of the Problems and disagreements that we face in our future.

I thought President Obama's and President Hosni matching Suits was a nice way of saying they're working together as partners on these issue's . Nice :)

Anyways i hope our Presidents had a good meeting.

...Cya ...:)

syrian P.
August 20, 2009

SNP in Syria writes:

What is disturbing in President Mubarak comments made in Washington is his total denial of the reasons why the Middle East is going to explode soon. No Mr. Mubarak, it is not because of ISRAEL, Middle East Peace, Two States, Negotiation Progress, Stopping Settlements, Lifting Siege and the whole dictionary of Cliche words and slogans Arab and Moslem Rulers shell out daily for 60 years to the oppressed and deceived citizenries.

It is because of: No jobs, horrific deprivation and poverty of the masses, inequality, administrative corruption, poor governance, housing prices, cost of living, social barriers, lack of services, poor planning, lack of growth, non existence of opportunities and upward mobility for the youth, and that is not all, but it can be summed up to NO FUTURE, and that is the real pressure cooker in the Middle East as well as Egypt. The Middle East is going to Explode soon you are right, but the blame is fair and square to large extent on the rulers and their corrupt, dull and grossly under-educated or under-qualified administrations and to lesser extent on the people and the obsolete belief and tradition they cling to.

Israel is viably good State that cares about the Jewish people, and despite the extraordinary circumstances faced with, it still managed to have the most powerful army and in SNP opinion one of the best representative Democracy ever ruled. One that allows even a small Party to join in coalition Government and that same can bring down one. Israel did allow Arabs to serve in the Knesset, while in other countries like Syria or Egypt, a whole swath of population denied representation and opportunity to lead, or be part of a nation leadership, not even can voice an opinion.

Israel has built strong industrial and educational sectors that can produce real world sellable brains and products. For decades Egypt was a single product and a single educational system that produced no viable brains and no marketable product: Nasserism. Just as Syria today still a one man brain and one product country, Baathism, and it comes in PHD brand, everyone in the Government or out of it got one. Not only unmarketable product anywhere even in Syria, but it is toxic and unwanted. Anyone with a brain have left the country or desperately trying to get out, more than 15 millions have left and about 17 millions remains, most under the age of 25, so they are in desperate need for quick exit or Syria will for sure explodes as it already on the way.

Israel makes available land and homes to citizens, in Syria they rob you from it and sell it to Qataris. Most of Egypt 80 million populations live under poverty level on agri- subsistance basis, just as it was in the Days of the Pharos.

There is only one place I like to visit and no other, The 450,000 years old Atlantian (native humans- not the multitude of Hawassian Enki Apes) built Pyramid. So I got to be careful in my language here and not offend your Excellency or the Excellency of the next Egyptian ruler Mr. Jamal Mubarak.


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